T-T as much as I'd hate to, I have to postpone the chapters for "Who the Hell said babies were a bundle of joy" because I can't think of anything, writer's block is just like the FLU man, it's contagious (got it from Athalia XD) and everytime you get rid of it, it comes BACK stronger T-T. I am still writing the sleepover story and the random bleach story incase you want something to keep you occupied gah I'm sooooooo sorryWaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh DAMN YOU WRITER'S BLOCK,SCHOOL AND GOD (thunder cracks) uh…I mean….SHE DID IT!!!!! (goes and hides behind Itachi) WELL DAT'S THE PROBLEM, I'M SORRY IF YOU WERE EXPECTING A CHAPTER BUT…argggggghhhh I feel so sad now T-T