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I Hate To Love You

Chapter 1 -

We had always dreamed of being best friends for the rest of our lives. Eventually in those dreams we'd fall in love, get married, and live in a big, beautiful house. Looking back on those dreams I wonder what would have happened if they had actually come true.

Luke and I used to be best friends. Inseparable since day one. We spent our whole lives growing up next door to one another and our parents always arranged play dates for the two of us. He'd been there to help me through everything. Everything. From when I fell and broke my arm in the first grade to when my mom found out that my dad was cheating on her with our maid and kicked his sorry ass out of the house. We were in the fifth grade and I remember it perfectly. Lucas stayed on the phone with me until three in the morning that day.

He was the best friend I could have ever asked for. Of course I still have Peyton, Haley, and Nathan. But he, I guess, just made me feel differently.

I know it's kinda cliche, the whole two best friends falling in love. But as cheesy as it sounds he just made me feel like a different person. He was the only person that really understood me. And besides, it's not like my fairy tale got its happy ending anyway.

We all entered middle school and everything seemed to be going just as it had been. But then seventh grade rolled along. And things changed. A lot.

It's not that me and my friends were the least popular of the grade, we just weren't popular. So when Luke got asked by one of the so-called jocks to join the junior basketball team we were all shocked.

"Me and my friends saw you play the other day. You're pretty good. Come by tomorrow and talk to the coach if you're interested."

I remember the tall, slender, seventh grader said as he appeared our lunch table.

"I don't know, Brooke. We don't really socialize with that crowd."

"Well it seems to me that you're intimidated by them." I remember teasing him.

"I'm not, I'm not."

"Then go. Prove to them that you've got what it takes."

If only I'd know what would happen next. Then I wouldn't have urged him so much to try out for the team. I knew he was good at basketball. He always had been. In third grade I cried myself to sleep one night because all the kids in my class laughed at me. Just because I wasn't able to shoot a hoop. The next day happened to be a Saturday and Luke took his time and taught me how to play. We spent the whole day in his backyard. It was January and it was cold. But he did it for me.

"Hey, Luke."

"Oh, hey."

"So, you're still comin' over tomorrow night, right? It's Nate's turn to pick the movie. Hopefully he won't pick anything that has to do with sports again, I nearly fell asleep last time..."

"Yeah, Brooke, about that..."


"I sorta can't make it."

"What do you mean? We've had this tradition for like four years. You can't not make it."

"Well I sorta made plans with the boys."

"The boys?"

"Yeah. You know, from the team."


"Yeah. I'm sorry, but hey? It's only one time, right?"


"Well I'll see you at the game later?"

"Of course. Wouldn't miss it for the world."

I showed up at that game later that day. I waited for him as the whole gymnasium cleared out. He walked right past me with his new friends.


"Ugh that English project Mr. Connors assigned yesterday is such a pain the ass." I say to Haley as we get our books for our next class out of our lockers. We got lucky this year, our lockers are right next to each other for some reason. Last year, junior year, I was right next to Lucas. It was a nightmare.

"I know. Didya finish it?"

"Hell no. I didn't even start. Lemme guess, you finished it?"

"Not only that but I was able to revise it, too." She smirked as I rolled my eyes.

"Hey guys." Nathan and Peyton walk up to us as Nathan puts an arm around Haley and kisses her cheek. At least some of us were able to get our happy ending, right?


"So, what's first on this wonderful day?" Peyton asks sarcastically.

"Hmm...Social Studies. Great."


"So, I'll be handing out the papers later this period and you and your partner will choose a topic from the list and make a research report on it. And don't get your hopes up because your partners are already chosen." Ms. Dayle goes on and on about this new project she's assigned. Great. Just what I need, to be stuck with someone I don't like for my project.

"So let's see. I'll start from the front of the room. Peyton you'll be with Nathan." They both sigh of relief. Last time they both got stuck with horrible people. I think Nathan's person last time didn't shower...Ew.

"Haley, you will be with...Josh." Oh, poor Haley. She sure got stuck with a loser.

"Let's see...Brooke, you will be with...hmmm...Lucas." Oh my god did I just hear her correctly? Lucas? As in Lucas Eugene Scott? This could not be happening.


The bell rang and the class was dismissed. Lucas walks up to me.

"Look, this sucks for me as much as it sucks for you. So maybe we should get this thing over with as soon as possible."


"But I can't work on it tonight 'cause I have a game. And tomorrow I'm hanging with my friends...and-."

"Okay, I really don't need to hear your whole busy schedule. When you're ready to work, you know where I live." I cut him off. As soon as I finish, I turn on my heel and walk away from the ass I used to call my best friend.

"What was that about?" Peyton asked.

"Was that jerk bothering you?" Nathan says in my defense.

"No, no. It was nothing. Let's just get to class."


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