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I Hate To Love You

Chapter 8 -

I remember when I was in the third grade. There was one day that my mom had taken me on a shopping spree and I had come across a beautiful dress. I absolutely loved it. Only problem was, I also wanted something else. A doll, I think it was. My mom had said that I had to choose one or the other since she had already bought me tons of stuff that day.

I remember thinking that was a very big decision to make. To choose the dress or the toy?

Now that I think about that, I laugh at how juvenile it seems. Because now I have to make a much bigger decision. A decision that if I choose the wrong choice, will forever change my life...for the worse.

No longer are dolls and dresses an option for me...if only things were so simple.

Now it's on to bigger, more important things.

My best friends who've never let me down...or Lucas?

When said out loud, the answer seems so obvious. Anybody would choose the best friends over some asshole.

But he's not just some asshole to me. He's Lucas Scott. My Luke. The Luke that had once told me he'd marry me, —we were only five, but still!—,but then he left me to become popular.

I knew what I was getting myself into when I agreed to become friends with Lucas again. Obviously I knew Haley, Nathan, and Peyton wouldn't approve. They never were as close to Lucas as I had been.

But, the whole concept of becoming friends with Lucas I just couldn't resist. Ever since we had our falling out, I always wished for this to happen. I just didn't wish for it to be this complicated.

I didn't realize how loud I had been crying until my mother turned on the kitchen light and asked me what was wrong.

"Sweetheart, what's wrong?" She comes rushing to my side and wipes my tears away with her hand.

"It's nothing. Really. I should get back to bed. Sorry to wake you up." I quickly push her hands away and try to get up.

"Brooke. Sit down and talk to me." My mother says in a stern voice. "You can't cry in the middle of the night and then say nothing's wrong. Did something happen between you and Lucas?"

That's my mother for you, always right on target.

I nod my head and dare not to look in her eyes.

"I thought you guys were finally starting to get on well together...you were hanging out tonight, weren't you?"

"It's Peyton, Haley, and Nathan, too." I manage to mutter through my tears. I don't know why, but suddenly I feel as though I want to talk to my mom. These past for weeks, months even, I felt I couldn't stand to be in the same room as her. But maybe this is just what I need, to let her know how I'm feeling.

"Aw, what happened to you guys? Whatever it is I'm sure the four of you will work it out. You always do."

"They don't want me to be friends with Lucas. Or even hang out with him."

"What? I'm sure you misunderstood them."

"No. Mom, you don't understand. They think I'm choosing him over them. I'm not, really, I just...god, I don't even know anymore."

"Brooke, if they're your true friends, which I'm positive they are, then just talk to them. They'll understand. Trust me on this. Okay?" I wiped my eyes once more and nodded while my mom continued. "Now you should go get some sleep, it's getting pretty late."

"Okay." I get off the chair and start heading out of the kitchen. I only hope that Lucas is asleep. I think he is, though. After all, it is like two in the morning. "Oh, and mom?" My mom looks up from her seat. "Thanks. And sorry for waking you up. I know you have to leave for work early."

"It's fine, Brooke. Really. Goodnight."



"How can he do this to us?"

"What? Blow us off? Ignore us in the hallways?" Haley said with an attitude I rarely see come out of her.

"Yes!" I said, outraged. "Something's up. I just know it. He's not acting like the normal Lucas Scott we all know."

"Brooke." Peyton tried calming me down. "He's changed. He's now in the popular crowd."

"But I just don't understand how he can do this. How could he do this to us?" I asked rhetorically. "Nathan, you should go talk to him."

"Me?" Nathan said shocked, for once taking his eyes off of the NBA Live game he had been playing since we got to his house. "No way. I'm not dealing with that jerk." He said as he pressed some combination of buttons on the controller.

"Fine." I rolled my eyes at my three friends. Haley was reading a book, Nathan was playing on the game console, and Peyton was sketching some weird picture as always. From the way her pencil made dark, heavy marks, I could tell she was mad at what happened with Lucas and all of us. She just didn't want to show it."If none of you want to find, then I will." With that, I left Nathan's house and headed to Lucas's. There was no way a ten-year friendship was going down the drain. Not if I had anything to say about it...


The bell rang and I sighed as I closed my Chem. book. One more period to go. Thank god.

After world history class, I plan to have a little talk with Haley. Peyton and Nathan are ignoring me, but I know Haley. And she can never stay mad at anybody for too long.

And then I had the whole situation with Lucas to deal with. You see, this morning I came off sort of cold to him and ignored him each time he tried to talk to me.

I feel horrible for doing so, especially since he and I finally have a stable friendship again. But I feel that I need to put my problems with Haley, Peyton, and Nathan before him because they've been there for me through a lot more than he has these past few years.


"Haley, wait up!" I call off to her, adjusting my bag on my shoulder.

"Brooke." She says, not too enthused. But hey, at least she stopped and acknowledged me, right?

"Look, can we talk, Hales."

"I have to meet Nathan and Peyton soon."

"Please, Haley. I'm sorry that I ditched you guys yesterday, but please, just let me explain."

Haley sighs and looks at me. "Fine. But make it quick."

"Look, Haley, you know I love you, Peyt, and Nathan to death. But you also know that I have always had a different relationship with Lucas than you all had. We were always closer. And I now have a chance to be his friend again, and I'm willing to forgive him for everything's he's done to me in the past. I mean, I can't speak for you, but that's how I feel. And I know that you guys think I'm choosing him over you, but I'm not. Really. Yesterday, I felt you guys were being extremely unfair, though. I mean, making me choose between you and him? C'mon, Haley, think about it. You know it's wrong."


"No, let me finish. Do you remember when we were in second grade and Nathan came into our class? And we all didn't like him but you thought he was nice —and cute, I may add—, so we allowed him into our so-called group. And he turned out to be an amazing person. Well maybe Lucas is like that, too. Maybe he's changed and you just need to give him a chance again. But, if you guys really feel that strongly about him, then I guess I won't be friends with him. Because you guys have been here for me practically forever and never have let me down and our friendship means the world to me."

"Brooke, I'm sorry. We overreacted. If we're really your friends, which we are, then we shouldn't care about what we feel about him. We should put our feelings aside and support you. I just don't want to see you get hurt again, like last time."

"Trust me, Hales. If I thought he would hurt me again, I wouldn't even give him another chance. Thanks for understanding, but Nathan and Peyton are still mad at me."

"Crap, I promised to meet them." Haley says as she is reminded of them, glancing at her watch. "I'll go talk to them. You should try talking to Lucas. I saw the way you were ignoring him today. I'm sorry if I had anything to do with that."

"It's okay. So am I forgiven?"

"Of course." Haley hugs me. "But I gotta go. I'll call you later."

As Haley walks off, I smile a bit to myself.

Now to make things right with Lucas...


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