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I pressed my face against the window and blew on the cold glass. A small portion of it fogged over and I leaned back to draw a heart in the cloud before it evaporated. The inside of my father's trailblazer was warm enough, compared to the snow beginning to fall outside of it.

"Well what do you know. Kiddo, I do believe we are in Forks. Only a little ways left until La Push." My father, Ron, turned, taking his eyes off the road for a brief moment to beam hopefully at me.

"Yeah, Dad. It looks great." I forced a smile back, trying not to wince as my cheek muscles strained in protest. This was homecoming for him after seventeen long years, working and living in the slums of New Jersey.

"What do you think, Tommy?" I saw Ron's eyes travel up to the rear view mirror in order to look at my little brother, who had been unceremoniously kicked into the back seat the last time we stopped for gas. Being the oldest had its advantages.

"Awesome." Tommy nodded, bouncing in his seat.

I shook my head at his childish actions. He was only thirteen, of course he was excited to move to Forks. His best friend was only going to be a few minutes walk away from us now.

"I promised Seth yesterday I would call as soon as we got there." Tommy stopped bouncing for a half of a second. "When are we gonna get there?" The bouncing started again.

"Chill out, Squirt. We'll get there soon enough." Ron laughed, slowing down to keep inside the towns speed limits. I turned back towards my window and cringed as a sign flew by, welcoming us to Forks, Washington.

The shutters that hung on the tiny house were an off-beat gray that resembled the constant color of the sky in this town a little too much for my personal comfort. I planned to slap some sort of bright, cheerful color on them as soon as I could scrounge up the right kind of paint.

The house itself might have been white or beige once, but the time and constant rain of Forks had worn the paint dull. Flower boxes hung under each window, empty since the previous owner had moved out. I scrutinized them from where I was standing and winced. Perhaps they had been empty long before.

"Aidyn?" I spun around, startled by the voice of Ron behind me. "Well?" He flung his arms out, awaiting my answer with baited breath. I winced again, knowing the pain I had caused him before when I told him there was no way in hell I would move to Forks.

"It's great, Dad." I wrapped my skinny arms around him, ignoring the rough shell of his coat rubbing against my face. "We have roots here. I feel like I'm home already."

"You're sure?" He asked, looking over me like I had looked over the house moments before.

"Positive." I untangled my arms and picked up the duffel bag I had set on the ground to hug him. "Let's get inside before it starts snowing again." I suggested, hoping the sudden change of topic would hide my lie. "Maybe Tommy has figured out how to connect the phone by now." I started towards the door.

"Aidyn," I stopped, turning back to look at my dad,.The hopefulness in his face made me want to run back to him like I was a little girl, throw my arms around him and hug him until my muscles were sore and my bones creaked.

"I'm fine. This is all gonna work out." I gave him a lousy half smile. It was the best I could manage. "Hey, who knows, right? Maybe Tommy will turn out normal, I'll get a steady boyfriend, you'll flourish at your job... We can be one of those sickeningly normal families Aunt Amelia likes to watch sitcoms about." I saw him open his mouth, ready to rebut my little speech. "We can even get a dog."

I saw Ron shake his head slightly, looking at me warily. "No dog." He said, walking towards the house. When he opened the door it creaked dangerously in protest. "Have to fix that..." He muttered under his breath, shuffling into the kitchen to begin unpacking one of the few boxes we had brought with us.

"What dog? We're getting a dog?" Tommy stumbled into the bare living room, a fistful of wires in one hand.

"No dog!" Ron yelled from the kitchen, making both of us grin. "Thomas Oliver Williams! What the hell have you done to this phone?"