Don't Stand So Close To Me



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Summary: aka: TEACH ME. AU fic. He's dangerous and he knows it. But then so does she. She can't help herself, even when she knows it's wrong. Neither can he. They try and fight it, but it only gets them deeper and deeper into something they can't get out of. A fascination turns to obsession; obsession to lust and some say love. When the object of your affection is someone you can't have or shouldn't, what do you do? You don't fight it. You give in. Hey, it worked for them, didn't it? Or did it?


-Jude Harrison: a student, a senior about to graduate

-Tom Quincy: a teacher, starting a new year at a new school

Isn't that all you really need for a good story. :D

Well, some other IS characters do come into play, but they aren't major, so when they do show up, you'll know.

Disclaimer: I don't anything from this fan fic, I think? If I do, I'll let you know.

VERY LOOSELY Based on [kinda, sorta: The Police's "Don't Stand So Close To Me" and the YA novel by R.A. Nelson, "Teach Me." I recommend you listen to the song (because it's the Police and they are flippin' amazing) and read the book, if you can (because it's addictive, it made me look at relationships like this differently and the connection between the two main characters is borderline insane, but in a good way.)

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He pulled the glossy notebook out from underneath a large stack of papers he had been given from the new teacher orientation he had missed two weeks previous. He had better things to do than sit around a large conference table talking to other newbies who were anxiously waiting to meet their kids. He didn't really care who the kids were; he never did.

He didn't really care about anything, except that one thing. The one thing that kept the world turning for him. Most wouldn't have even guessed as to what that one thing was, but like everything else, he didn't care. It was his one and only love and that's all that mattered.

He opened the notebook finally, having placed it in front of himself moments before. He glanced at the faceless names on the roster, muttering to himself at the "unique" names some of the kids had been forced with. Mostly he just thought that they were stupid. Chastity, he thought. Yeah, like she'll be a virgin when she graduates.

He thumbed down the rest of the list and stopped again. He read the name out loud and smirked. My favorite Beatles song, he thought. Finally, someone with good taste. Immediately, his outlook on the new school year brightened tremendously, all from one look at her name. And he had yet to meet her, but he had high hopes that she'd live up to his imaginary standards.

Silently, he thanked God for giving him the gift of teaching so that he could "work" with students like her. He glanced at the rest of the names on the list, consciously not paying any attention to them. He closed the notebook and tossed it lightly to the side.

Staring out into the sea of empty desks in front of him, he leaned back in his leather swivel chair, placing his hands behind his head, locking his fingers together. He breathed heavily and smelt the change in the air; it was anticipation. He knew that the room sensed the change in not only him, but in the year to come. He closed his eyes and smiled devilishly.

It was time to meet this Jude Harrison.


She put her thumb and index finger to her forehead and massaged it gently. The clattering and loud conversations from the mall's food court were starting to give her a headache and she honestly didn't want to deal with that one bit. She closed her eyes, hoping that one small movement would lessen the pounding that vibrated in her head and would shut up the boy sitting in front of her. She didn't want to be a bitch today. She really didn't, but when she was forced by her absentee mother to go back-to-school clothes shopping with her two best friends, she couldn't help herself.

She took a deep breath and opened her eyes again, looking up. The scene hadn't changed. He was still talking and she was still hanging on every word. That's how it always was. He would talk and talk and she would listen and listen. Why? Because it was him. The man, or rather boy, of her dreams. No, not her; her best friend. Kat. The boy? Her other best friend. Jamie. They had been inseparable since grade school and were a week away from starting the final year of their public school career; their senior year.

She looked down and took in the fatty, fried smell from her lunch. She pushed it away, feeling slightly nauseated; from the food itself, or something else all together, she didn't know. She leaned back against the hard plastic booth she was sitting in and daydreamed. She had nothing better to do at the moment. It would be awhile before her best friends talked to her again.

A few minutes passed and she grew even more restless. She grabbed the purse sitting next to her and opened it. She pulled the white envelope out from one of the pockets and placed the bag back down, holding the envelope tightly. It held her future; no, not that kind of a future. It was her senior schedule. She opened the envelope again, having already memorized its contents. She just wanted to see the name again. His name. It rolled off her tongue, like the lyrics to her favorite song.

She unfolded the letter and out fell the small pink slip of paper. She almost dropped it, but caught it on time. She had excellent reflexes, despite the many bruises she magically acquired over night. She placed the letter on top of her purse and studied the pink sheet.

Glancing at her fifth period, she felt her stomach do small somersaults. Ever since she read his name the first time, she always had that feeling. That anxious, nervous feeling. But it was a good nervous, not a bad nervous.

When she first received the letter, she had asked her sister about his name, thinking maybe she had had him before, but she hadn't. He must be new, she had said. She had heard around from other people that he skipped out on the new teacher orientation two weeks earlier, citing he would be on vacation still.

Despite his excuse, she instantly felt connected to him. It was his rebellious nature that had caught her; even if he was only skipping out on orientation. She knew he would probably be in trouble. Her principal didn't take missing out on mandatory events lightly. She had learned that last year when she skipped one of the student forums and was given a week's worth of detention.

She was a rebel, what could she do? Nothing. Nothing but stare at his name until her fantasies of meeting him were cut short by a hand waving in front of her smiling face.

"Hey Jude!"

She regrouped before answering, slightly stunned she had got lost in her daydreams so quickly.

I guess that's a sign, she thought. He makes me lose my mind. And I haven't even met him.

She cleared her throat, thinking it would clear her mind, but it didn't. It only yielded two very impatient best friends.


"Come on, we want to hit Forever 21 before going to Abercrombie," Kat reminded her, getting up with her tray, walking away. Jamie followed her, carrying his own, leaving Jude to fend for herself, something she was an expert at. She tossed her letter and schedule in her purse, placed it on her arm and got up from the booth.

She picked up the tray, walked to the trash can her friends were waiting for her at, and tossed her unfinished lunch away. She placed the tray on top of the trash can, creating a slight crash which went unnoticed. Silently, she begged for patience in order to finish her day of shopping in peace. Walking behind her best friends, who had resumed talking and listening, Jude thought about her schedule and the name next the fifth period class title. Tom Quincy.

He was about to make her senior year more memorable than she ever thought possible.

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