Should Have Kissed Him

by CharmingSlayer

Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who and gain nothing from the creation of this story

Rose Tyler sighed and leaned her chin on her fist as the professor droned on at the front of the lecture hall. Boring university classes gave her more time than she wanted to think of a certain someone, a certain alien. She only had one regret: she should have kissed him. She, Rose Tyler, should have snogged the Doctor good at least once, as herself and not the bitchy trampoline.

Tapping her pencil quietly, Rose glanced at the clock as she wondered when she would have kissed him. Maybe after they survived Downing Street being blown up, she could have hugged him and kissed him, just to celebrate surviving. She absolutely should have kissed him when they were trapped by Jamie before Jack teleported them out of the room and onto his ship. Rose smiled at the thought of kissing him then; that would have thrown his old self. Or she could have kissed him on Women's Wept when he caught her after she slipped on the ice; that would have been a good time to snog the Doctor. Another good time would have been right after he rescued her from the Dalek Fleet; that would have been a great time to snog him.

The clock had barely moved, still five minutes until freedom and then she could return to her part time job at Torchwood. Working as a consultant was fun but it was still lacking. What would have been real fun would have been kissing the Doctor after Cassandra left her. She could have snogged him good as herself and if he had been upset by it, she could have blamed it on traces of Cassandra. Of course she could have kissed that new pretty boy form of his at almost anytime and then died happy.

Rose glanced at the clock again, trying to decide when the best time would have been to kiss him. There had been so many moments when they held each other, happy to be alive, any of them would have done. Or she could have given him a comforting kiss after they encountered Sarah Jane. After the Wire when he swung her around or when they reunited after the Beast. She should have kissed him and told him rather than being a coward.

She filed out of the hall with the rest of her class and headed for her nearby apartment on foot. Passing through a park, Rose couldn't help but wonder what would have happened if she had kissed the Doctor. Suddenly a strong wind came up, forcing her to turn away, but she gasped as a familiar whirling sound filled the air. Spinning on her heel, she watched in shock as the TARDIS materialized right in front of her. Unable to move, Rose just gaped at the TARDIS as the door swung open.

Grinning, the Doctor stepped out of the TARDIS and his eyes fell on Rose. Seeing that she was in shock, the Doctor shrugged and walked up to her. His grin widened for a moment and his eyes glinted, a look that should have warned Rose but her brain had shut down. Leaning down the Doctor kissed her firmly, holding her to him. It lasted just a moment and then he released her and laughed,

"Sorry Rose, but I kept thinking that I should have kissed you." Then with a huge smile, the Doctor kissed Rose Tyler again and this time she got her head in the game.