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In a beautiful field of grass there was an oak tree,and under this oak tree lay a small green boy who had pointy ears, green hair, and was wearing a Doom Patrol uniform. And next to him a very pale girl with violet hair and eyes; she was wearing a black leotard with a blue cloak. Both appeared content in the other's presence,when the green boy turned his head, and looked at the pale girl with a sad expression on his face,then said.

"Raven, do you hate me?", He said in almost a whisper. The pale girl turned her head, with a calm expression on her face. She then said

"No, Beast boy I don't. It's just that you get on my nerves sometimes. But no, I don't hate you." Still with the calm appearance on her face she
let out a sigh. Then she made eye contact with Beast Boy.

She felt her heart skip a beat or three as the gazed within the others irises, her breath caught in her throat as she
contemplated whether or not to tell him.

She eventually decided to tell him what she had been meaning to say for awhile. "Actually, you're a very nice guy. You're funny, cute, and very brave when you need to be." Raven said with a soft expression on her face.

As she said that Beast boy face lit up,with a small grin on his face he said. "Hey Rae, remember when I said I would never hurt you, ya know, during
the whole 'Beast incident'. I meant it." He said this with a slight blush on his face. "And, I think that you're smart, strong, independent, and you are simply
beautiful." There was a slightly shocked appearance on Raven's face. After a while she smiled and said

"You...you think, I'm Beautiful!?" She asked completely surprised with what he said.

"Of course I do. And I'll always protect you." He smirked with his trade mark toothy grin.

They leaned towards each other gradually, their eyes never leaving the others as their lips slowly grazed the others. Suddenly Beast Boy sensed something. As inner 'vibe' got stronger the the sky turned black, the trees withered,and Raven had disappeared. Beast Boy panicked as he watched the whole landscape change, but mostly from Raven's disappearance. Then he heard a very familiar growl.

Slowly he then turned towards the direction of the sound. There in the shadows lay a huge figure. A figure that appeared constantly in the nightmares of all Titans. An apparent monster, waiting to pounce on it's prey. But it suddenly leapt out of the shadows. This is where, for the first time in his life as a person, Beast boy saw "The Beast".

"You cannot protect Raven,you are weak. She needs me! Once I have control. I will protect her!". The Beast growled with malice in his eyes

"No, Dude I won't let you!". Said Beast Boy with the same expression on his face. "I WON'T LET YOU!" Beast Boy scream pierced the night sky


Beast Boy jolted awake. Wiping the sweat from his brow, he looked around his room to see if the Beast was there, but the monster was no where in sight

"Dude I hate nightmare's!"

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