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A Demon's Past Part 2

Galor woke up find herself being carried by her father figure Zideo. Seeing that she was being carried bridal style, she turned her head to his and wondered what he was doing, moving her head up a bit. She was about to state the fact that he was carrying her in what appeared to be night, until Zideo raised his hand and placed it over her mouth.

"Do not speak... I'm merely taking you to begin our training." Zideo stated, not many people were out during this time in the morning. though it appeared as though she would have to begin at an early time. She had no idea what time it was, but figured it was somewhere around 3:00 A.M. Checking her surroundings, she noticed that they were in the city of Azarath.

Looking down to his daughter like child. The old council member took her to the top of the stair way that old to the council main meeting room, once they reached the top, the two huge doors opened before them. Zideo walked through it and seemed to be searching around the room with his eyes, near the end of the hallway to the main room, stood two Azarathian monks.

"Is the child ready...?" one asked, who was a very wrinkly old monk. He appeared kind and caring, as for the other. He seemed old and nasty, the kind that would have people think he wanted them off his lawn.

The man carrying Galor nodded his head and stepped passed the wrinkly old monk. Zideo felt that he should float over there instead, walking up that much so early in the day would only be a bother to him. Once they reached the top of he flight of stairs, the two large doors opened up slowly. As if they were the doors that lead to a higher meaning in life, which was sort of the case in this matter. Walking into the dark room of the supposedly nocturnal council members. The two family member like characters made their way to the middle of the room, which was the only visible thing in the entire room.

Once they had entered the circle of light, both looked around. Then came several other lights, that revealed the other members from the previous day. The council leader stood up from his seat and stared at the two for a moment.

Zideo and Galor merely gawked at his presence, since they should show great respect to the man that was allowing Galor to exist and not be killed off in an instant. Not to mention he was extremely mysterious in many ways, some said that he would never reveal his face... others say it's actually Azar in disguise. None of those things could be confirmed unfortunately. All they know was that where ever he was, there was going to be something big.

"We've all gathered here to begin Galor's training... she'll become Azarath's project, this project will be called...," he said, lowering his head and considering all the possible names for their project.

The room waited for him to say, though they would have to keep this project a secret... so, it would only be amongst themselves and Galor and Zideo of course. "... Military Child." Stated the head council member. The other weren't too happy about this, though they knew better than to question their leaders words, since they usual turned out to be right... but Galor could be another entirely different thing, she could up and kill them one day. Was the head council member actually doing this? That's what some of the other members would ask, of course they wouldn't receive an answer for that until she had actually gone through the training.

"Any objections...?" asked the head council member, looking towards the others from his sides. All of them exchanged glances before shaking their heads, agreeing with what he had to say.

"Shall we refer to this and 'Project MC'?" asked one of the members.

"That sounds good... we don't want word of this getting out to the people of Azarath, there would be too much controversy." another member said.

"Yes, those are excellent ideas... now about your level of training." said the head council member. Even his voice was cloaked in mystery, it was sort of deep and not really a voice that would sound similar to any ones in Azarath. That must have made him very unique and strange, not to mention it was a wonder he was the head council member. Some figured he had relations with Azar or something.

The mention of their level of training, had Galor and Zideo nervous. Zideo was hoping that she wouldn't receive too high a level to begin with, and have to push herself beyond her limits at too early a time. Galor had a nervous feeling about just flat out training... if anything she wanted to live a peaceful life with Zideo and make him proud by other means, rather than training and becoming a government weapon.

"You're level will be at advanced spell caster... you'll skip every small task and be given technique's that require pure strength and speed." The member said, some of the smirked and chuckled quietly to themselves, doing that would be like torture to a beginners body, just the immense strain it would put on someone must have been extraordinary.

"That sort of training is for dedicated students that have gone through tons of classes and earned their way, the damage it could cause would be too much on her!" Zideo shouted, almost too afraid to even imagine the strain it'd cause Galor. There was even a mental strain it could put on her, who knew how she'd end up after the training!

"SILENCE!" the head council member demanded.

Zideo lowered his head as he held onto Galor. Galor looked towards Zideo and knew he wasn't into her doing this advanced training... but some part of her wanted to make him proud, she wanted to be able to defend Azarath and Zideo... remember everything Zideo just said a few seconds ago. She weighted everything out... the people of Azarath came first and her mental and physical health came second.

"I'll do it!" Galor shouted, adjusting herself in Zideo's hands and moving away from him to stand on her own two feet. "I'll do whatever it takes to defend Azarath and it doesn't bother me if I'm risking my body, as long as I can defend everyone of this planet!" she exclaimed, crying a bit. From this day forward, her life would no longer be hanging around with her father like figure and playing with some kids sometimes, this would be her life from now on. She would be the government of Azarath's military project, known as 'Project MC'.

Some council members were smirking and glad that she had accepted this. Others felt touched by her little speech, though the head of the council of Azarath's expression was un-determinable, due to his cloak and odd voice.

"Wise choice... today you shall begin." The head said, turning his head to Zideo. "Go near the end of the temple where Azarath's monks are and begin her training there. Start her on regeneration spells, from there she'll begin other lessons from more of the monks there, I've already sent them a letter telling them of Galor's attendance." The head council member finished.

"Thank you head of the council..." Galor said, wiping away another tear from her eyes.

Still the other members of the council snickered and chuckled at Galor's suffering. If anything it made them glad they had to agree to train her, they would push her greatly for the next decade or so. They would keep doing it until it was time for the arrival of Trigon or the child of Trigon, it wasn't all that important at the moment, what was, was the single fact that the child of an evil demon would suffer like they did when her father attacked them.

"Go... the day withers away as you speak." The head member finished, making the lights that showed their faces vanish. Some of them continued to laugh at the misfortune of Galor as they faded into the darkness that surrounded them.

The light around Zideo and Galor remained. The young demon child turned her head to Zideo and ran over to him, embracing him in a tight hug, she hadn't wanted this, but it was either this or they'd most likely kill her.

That was a horrible thing to Zideo, which was strange cause back then he probably would have been alright with her being exterminated... though she had gotten closer to him and had proved to him that not all demons were as awful as many depicted. Her kind ways and almost child like innocence had convinced him that not everything that was of demons was true or that everything was as it appeared, though she didn't seem like a demon monster, even if her heritage is from a horrible demon monster.

Right now the moment was for them, that's how it was supposed to be. "I hope you're okay after all this, it'll be long... but know that you are always in my thoughts my dear child." Zideo said.

Galor's eyes widened the second he uttered those words. Pulling back she stared at him with teary eyes of joy and hugged him with a smile. "Thank you... father." she said, glad to call someone a father, instead of refer to them as a father figure. Maybe that would ease her heavy heart, since anything that was in advance training was usually very time consuming. It was just that now she had something to look forward to, she would have a father to wanna' be around.

"We have to go... but don't worry, I'll be teaching you, just try your very best." Zideo said, pulling back and holding his arm out to her.

She gently reached out and took his hand in hers, holding it firmly. "Okay father..." she replied.

After that had happened, they both went off to the monks temple and began their training from there. Much of their training resorted in Galor passing out from shear exhaustion, as if that mattered to the monks training her.

Countless of times did she train and train and train... days had gone by, but all the moments she could spend with her father Zideo made some of it worth wild. It was as if she was going to make Zideo very proud of her skills, if she would probably stop passing out from all her spells and enhancement spells. The days went by and she continued to pass out, some had tried to convince the head council member to make her training even harder, for a possible chance of killing her through exhaustion.

The head of course didn't listen. A few months had gone by and she started to show improvement in her spells, even if she appeared half dead, but that was because of her lack of sleep, since it was all training each and every day. When sleeping, she would get six hours at most or sometimes even less, depending on the lesson. This process continued even longer and longer than she could imagine. Galor stayed strong through it all, pushing way beyond her limits until she got even better and better than the others, to the point where she reached amazing heights, after four more years of training. Other students had to have at least 9-12 years of training to get to Galors level of strength, though she had gone through much and through tons of mental pains and physical pains and times where she would break down and cry because she couldn't do anything other than training.

It had only come at a price, she was no longer smiling anymore... unless it was Zideo. Any time she could spend with him would cause her to smile, since he was always her begining teacher for each day. When they trained, he would tell her about he missed her presence at the house, cause she would sleep in a room at the monks temple.

Now she had gotten up from her room and woke up. Instinctively knowing that this was the time, following the same schedule for around four years would do that to someone, she'd better get her morning meal or have to starve through the entire day, again. Getting changed and putting on her light brown robe, she sighed with tired eyes and made her way out. Once she had gotten to the dinning hall of the monks temple, she was greeted by a kind monk.

"Oh... morning Galor. How are you on this fine day?" he asked.

"The same..." she shrugged, averting her eyes from him and going to the table to get her self. "I'll have to put this conversation on hold." she said, getting her food and going outside of the temple, from there she sat at the beginning of the flight of stairs. From the exiting beginning of course... her tray consisted of something that appeared to be cow meat and another thing that looked like a weird piece of broccoli, next to her odd piece of broccoli was a wooden cup of water.

Slowly eating it, she stared off at the city of Azarath. Watching all of them go on about their days not having to concern themselves way too much or have to keep on working at something to defend them all.

Finishing her meal, she wiped her mouth with her forearm and sighed.

"You know... it's not very good manners to wipe with your sleeve, right?" Zideo asked.

The young spell caster turned her head around and smiled brightly, getting up and embracing her father with all her might. "It's so good to see you father!" she exclaimed, nuzzling her head into his shoulder.

Zideo chuckled, nodding his head and pushing her away a bit. "I see you every day... it should come as no surprise." he replied.

"It's still good to see you father..." Galor stated, bringing him into another hug. Pulling back, she smiled at him once more, it seemed like so long since they had a pleasant little conversation.

"Tis good to see you too my child... today we'll work on something more simple, but still along the lines of difficult, are you alright with that?" he asked, gesturing towards the temples training grounds, which was just sort of a field with grass and targets for spell casting, etc. There had also been an area to meditate, but that wasn't allowed for Galor, not like they wouldn't use it anyways.

Galor smiled when it came to meditating with Zideo, of course each session would have to be quick, but it provided some stability in her life, that was much needed. Sad fact was that she had close to nothing of stability and if it wasn't for these moments, she'd probably have gone insane within the first year.

"Thank you father..." she said, turning towards him and following him.

Galor had to admit in her time of coming to the council and telling them about his plan. He noticed that Galor had grown once again, she had gained the body of a twenty year old girl, the strange fact was that she had only been seven years old. If anything that was a good thing, cause if she had still kept her friends back when she was younger or more to be precise... her acquaintances that she hung out with as a child. suspicions would have risen about her aging and of her origins.

"Well... let us begin." he said, smiling and leading them to the meditating area. It wasn't allowed for her to meditate, since they believed that demons couldn't have a tranquil state of mind at this time of Azarath's history, although a recent one. It would prove to have consequences at one point, that was a given when it came to magic.

Both sat down and took their meditative stances, which was lotus style for both of them. "Azar, Xion, Fortus... Azar, Xion, Fortus..." Zideo chanted, with his eyes closed.

"Azar, Xion, Fortus... Azar, Xion, Fortus..." Galor chanted. Although the mantra wasn't hers and she was told to make her own one day, she still wanted to say the same one as her fathers; or the man she considered her father.

Throughout their session Galor's mind would often wonder things, when it was nearly time to end. She had a sort of sense when it came to time, it's as if she had a clock built inside her. Though the thoughts inside her head mostly consisted of what she could do next time Zideo would be around, of course she enjoyed his company, but she wanted to do more family orientated things with him. Like read together out in a field or walk around and talk about topic's that would grasp both of their interests, or even just sit next to each other and lean on each other or even just watch the day go by together with something to drink or nothing to drink, it didn't matter. Playing around would even be on that list of things for them to do.

She opened her eyes and realized that their time was almost entirely up... taking a deep intake of air, she smiled at him, a bit tired from their session. "That was relaxing father..."

"I agree... doesn't that bring a peaceful state of mind?" he asked.

"Yes, it did." she said, getting up and stretching her stiff joints.

Zideo stood up, also flexing his stiff joints. "I think it's about time for you to begin your lesson with Salfrious..." Zideo said, holding his arms out for another embrace.

Of course when he did that she responded with her own hug and held him tightly. "I know... I can't wait for the next time we have a lesson."

"As do I." he replied, then pulling back and smiling. "Now you should pretend to be mildly exhausted... or they'll start to suspect something." Zideo advised, offering a gentle smile.

"Of course father..." she said, slumping her shoulders and making her eyes seem a bit heavy.

"Good... I'll see you tomorrow my child." he said, walking off. He had to go and do some important things that were related to Galor anyways, it seemed that a passing would come... that would involve Galor's demon blood.

Galor waved Zideo away, a bit timidly of course... but it was still a wave. From there she went off to beginning her lessons that would consume the entire day for her, it was something she had gotten used to, at least that's what she reminded her self of.

The day had gone by relatively smooth and usual. Soon day became night... and Galor was still training under another monk, this one was named Baston, he didn't say much to her and when she'd fail, he get really angry and sometimes hit her over the head, on occasions he'd hit her for the sake of hitting her. It seemed that the only people that were kind enough not to hurt her were Zideo and the kind monk that would greet her each morning.

Holding two huge glowing orbs in her hands, Galor watched as Baston glared at her. "Fine... you've done well." he said, almost hating just saying that compliment.

The demonic girl sighed and took a deep breath, finally he small time of relaxation had come at last. She turned her head to see her teacher and noticed that he was shoeing her away with his hand.

Galor didn't reject to this and made her way inside the temple, one in there she traveled down the corridors down to her room. Until something caught her eye, she just swore she saw the back of Zideo's head. Curiosity had gotten the better of her, so, she went over slowly and heard one of them talk, it was no one other than the head council member. The fact that he was even outside of the room and anywhere other than the main meeting room was surprising, since he never seemed to go anywhere else.

"Must be important..." Galor thought to herself. Galor masked her pressence, a techiqnue that the monks forced her to learn incase she needed to hide from an attack or toy with the enemy, which ever one came first.

"I understand what you're saying... but I don't think it should concern you too much about Galor meditating... if she doesn't become more stable her true powers could emerge and threaten us all!" Zideo exclaimed.

"You've brought that demon child here... she's the daughter of 'Galieion The Soul Devourer', she deserves to go through all of this, if anything it gives her strength! Have you noticed that when using her powers her pupils change into a crimson red. She must not have her training stopped at this point, the prophets had told me of Trigon's child... soon, that child will come, she must be ready with all her strength." The head council member said.

"That could be for another few decades or so, it shouldn't mean that Galor has to suffer through so much training!" Zideo exclaimed.

"Isn't it you who said that demons should be used as weapons and should be killed off when they begin to think for themselves...?" the head asked. "Wasn't it you who suggested that he harvest every weak demon we could and train them to become our weapons and kill them if they disobey?"

Galor was still masking her presence, she couldn't believe what she was hearing about Zideo and herself. First of all she couldn't believe that she was a demon and couldn't believe that Zideo would have probably killed her off the moment that he felt his plan wouldn't work, that's what she concluded after all. She didn't want to even hear Zideo say what she thought he was going to say.

"Y-yes..." he sighed, lowering his head in shame for his previous ignorant thoughts.

Saying that shocked Galor and caused her to run away from the site and return to her room. Though if only she had stuck around long enough to listen to the rest of the conversation, she'd probably know the rest.

"Though that was before Galor... she taught me that not all things that were different could posses wicked souls, that not everything was as it seemed... I'm thankful for her, and her training her was her choice... I wish I hadn't told any of you about her, then maybe she would have lived a peaceful life..."

"We would have found out sooner or later." replied the head council member.

"At least she would have been happy for the time that we could have spent."

"Then you would have been executed for harboring a demon...," The head member said, before turning and making his way out of there, though he stopped and turned his head. "... her training will continue as usual, don't fail me." he finished, right after he was taken by the shadows of the night.

That left Zideo to stand there, stunned. None sure of what to think anymore or anything he ever did in his life was worth anything.

The Next Day...

This time Galor had stayed up the entire night contemplating everything that had happened up until now. Why hadn't he killed her? Why didn't he just follow his arrogant ways and finish her off? It made no sense to her... was she just used by him to become Azarath's military weapon? Was his kindness a lie like her becoming the hero of Azarath by being trained to defeat Trigon? All of this was too much for her to handle... it was as if she had been given the burden of the world and the balance of everything was entrusted to her. It actually was! She was given the weight of all of Azarath on her shoulders! She could fail and lose evrything and everyone, which was Zideo, who probably just wanted her as a weapon...

The moment that thought passed in her head, she cried tires of sorrow. Maybe she had never been loved to begin with...? Were they even good enough to call themselves decent by how they handled things!?

"No... t-they don't deserve anything or any mercy." Galor whispered to herself. Soon she felt her internal clock tell her it was morning, and it indeed was. She had stayed up the entire night just thinking about everything...

Going to the dinning hall, she passed the kind monk that would usually greet her. Though she'd already do that, except she didn't even say anything to him... once she had finished eating, she waited on the steps for her supposed father figure.

"Aw... Galor how are you?" Zideo asked, standing behind her. Zideo had been expecting her to get up and greet him with a hug, though she was taller than him, he still enjoyed her embraces.

"When were you going to tell me..." she whispered.

"W-what...?" he asked.

"When were you going to tell me!?" she exclaimed, getting and glaring at him. "You knew I was a demon... you knew they'd probably kill you for harboring me and trying to make me a weapon! You probably would have killed me the second you got the chance, right!?" she shouted, lucky for them they were left alone there. Being one of the commands of the head council member.

"WHAT!? NO!" Zideo shouted. "I realized tha--" Zideo never got to finish the second that his throat was being clenched tightly by Galor.

"No more lies!" she shouted, her eyes glowing and dark aura starting to surround her. That aura became a dark crimson red, that seemed to leak out like blood around her, that demonic aura was easily felt by nearly everyone at the temple. The monks ran outside to see that one of their members was being choked and seemed to be struggling in a very painful manner, worse than just being regularly strangled.

"Stop her!" One monk shouted, launching a blast of white energy towards Galor, the blast vanished when it even came close to Galor. They tried to get close enough, but it seemed too late when Zideo had slowly turned into light and vanished into Galor's hands.

The monks gasped at what they had just seen. "S-she's killed Zideo..." none believed it, but it was true. The one that she had always referred to for strength and the one she looked forward to seeing the most, was killed by her own hand.

No one said anything nor did anything as they saw that she was saying nothing and lowering her hand. Slowly she raised her head and turned to the others, her hair turning into a bright white color and her eyes becoming completely red. Though tears rolled down from her eyes while she held a sadistic smile.

"More power..." she shouted, feeling an immense amount of power radiating off her body. Throwing her arms out to her sides, she disappeared before any of the blasts from the monks managed to hit her.

From there she had began moving around the temple and avoiding being caught by the monks and stopped, since when she absorbed someone, she would gain their knowledge and abilities, even tricky moves that allowed her to evade their sight. When she had absorbed Zideo, she had also gained one of the secrets of Azarath. With her powers she found an ancient armor with symbols of Azarathian warriors. The symbols coursed even more power inside her body, once outside again, she decided to kill the monks for her own pleasure.

Once outside she was shoot at several times and had many spells and curses casted on her, but her skills from the ones she had absorbed allowed her to counter them and not even get scratched.

"None of you can hold your own against me!" She shouted, having been corrupted by the power of the armor and of her heritage, because she had allowed it to.

"Everyone except me..." The head council member said, appearing before her. That was really unexpected, he did usually only appear when their was meetings and that one other time, it must have reached such an intense level of danger that the head member had to step in.

"I'd like to absorb you!" she exclaimed, but before she could even get close. The head council member raised his hands and made hand signs, causing Galor's armor to react and make her stop.

"The moment you've placed that armor on... was the moment you've sealed your fate." The head council member said, before pulling out a strange golden out, that matched the symbols on the armor.

"N-no...! You bastard I swear I'll come back!" She shouted, fighting against the armor's control.

The head member shook his head and held the golden sphere out in front of him, the ball shined brightly and sucked her in. "That was a secret I had not even told Zideo..." he said, going off to store the ball in storage forever.

Decades Later...

Azarath remained in ruin's, demon ran a monk all over the flame covered land that was once known as Azarath. Though underneath a secret storage room, was a golden sphere that had laid dormant for so long... though the energy and life power of Azarath had died, that was what the armor and sphere were connected to. The life energy of the monks and the planets life energy, when that had died off. So did the spheres power... which caused a crack to appear on it's side, from there the ball exploded and stood from it was Galor, smirking.

"I'm free!" she shouted, throwing her arms out. "Now to gain more power..." she said, then sensed the area around her. She felt faint traces of demonic life, but all gone, as if something destroyed the thing that had taken down Azarath. Later she discovered that Trigon had been there and had been brought back to rule over planets.

"W-who did this!? I was going to drain Trigon's power and control everything!" Later during her quest for power, she learned that Raven of planet earth had taken away her prize of taking Trigons power, but if Raven had that sort of power, that meant she was an even greater prize.

"Once I've gained enough strength... Raven's power shall be mine." Galor said, leaving the planet that had given her the information.

Jump City

Still people crowded around the strange new comer, she must have been something if she wore strange golden armor and she was defiantly tall, which must have meant she worked out or was just born naturally strong.

"Miss... please tell us what class of hero are you?" asked a reporter.

Though she continued to ignore them, just letting them gather around her. Not like they'd have long before the titans would figure out that she was there, it must have been some sort of hero there, when they'd get there. The Titans would learn the truth.

"Still she hasn't really said that much... my guess is she's the strong silent type." One reporter said. Still others gathered around her and continued to try and ask questions.

Though during the news, the mayor of Jump City sat in his office, staring at the scene on the screen. "I believe the Titans should handle this... I'm not sure if this women is actually a hero... even if one man said that she said you could say that... why would she even need to say that?" The Mayor asked himself, then picked up the phone to the Titans Tower.

Common Room...

Each Titan... excluding Raven and Beast Boy. Were mind their own business, doing whatever they usually did at this hour and at this time in the day. Though it was already 11:00 AM. So, that meant that no one would have to suffer through Starfire's morning breakfast terror meals.

Robin was busy trying to defeat Cyborg in a futuristic racing game, except Robin had a chance against Cyborg and that was proving to be frustrating to Cyborg. Both leaned against each other as they grunted and shoved at one another, the other trying to get ahead of the other titan.

"Face it Bird Boy, ya' ain't gonna' win!" Cyborg proclaimed, grinning as he had gained the lead.

"Ya' wanna' bet, Tin Can!?" Robin countered. Smiling as he hit the turbo booster in his car and gaining the lead once more. Cyborg's eyes widened when he saw that he was about to lose the game he was supposedly the best player at.

"No!!!" Cyborg screamed, watching as Robin was near the end. But Cyborg had caught up and Robin was barely a bit ahead of his.

"Yeah!" Robin cheered, smirking widely.

That was until the screen changed and cancelled their game, since the symbol of a phone appeared over the Titans main screen. Cyborg sighed contently and ran up to the screen and turned off the game.

"We better take this y'all!" Cyborg stated.

Robin stared dumbstruck, unable to believe that he was so close to finally beating Cyborg at his own game, that he owned. Sometimes he really hated emergencies, but would never ask them to stop coming, cause that meant that people were in danger and that's what he was here for. So, he closed his eyes and took his leadership position and stood up, with his arms to his sides.

"What could this be about...?" Robin asked, then crossed his arms and walked to the monitor and stared at it. "Pick up call computer..." Robin demanded, glad that he had gotten voice command for the Titans mainframe, also because Cyborg was the one to give him the idea.

The main frame did as Robin ordered, changing the screen to the image of the Mayor. The mayor looked around and saw that Starfire was currently dressing what appeared to be a worm in some girl dresses, it seemed as torture because the worm like creature tried to escape from her.

"Greetings Mayor!" Starfire waved. Then turned back to her pet Silky, only to see that he had mysterious disappeared.

"Hello Titans... I've got some news, there has been some buzz out in the street about a new super hero." The Mayor said.

The Titans leader raised a brow, a new hero usually had to go through registering. Was this someone applying? Maybe this one was new or something. "Hm... where is this new super hero and are you even sure he or she is a possible super hero?" Robin asked, placing his hand under his chin.

"I believe Robin is correct... could we be possibly sure?" she asked.

"That's what I was thinking... you better check this out Titans, we have to know for sure." The mayor said, then signed off. Leaving the screen empty, and everyone; minus Beast Boy and Raven, with a concerned look on their faces, not because they were concerned about this new villain or hero, but because if it had turned out to be a villain, Beast Boy might lose control again.

"Hm... it makes me wonder if we should take the little grass stain, might be a bad guy and things could ugly if he loses his cool." Cyborg announced, turning towards their leader, waiting for his decision.

Starfire stared at the floor for a moment to consider what could happen, hopefully this new warrior wouldn't cause them any problems and it could come in use, than again... they could suffer damages similar to the first time they saw Beast Boy's more destructive side. "I believe we should take friend Beast Boy... though it migt seem like an intelligent move, we shouldn't abandon our friend in his time of need!" she exclaimed, making big hopeful eyes at Robin.

Robin began to get weak in the knee's and tried to keep his serious look, but the stare of those amazing light green eyes were too much for him. "F-fine...! He can come, just stop looking at me like that!" Robin said, and took a deep breath.

"Ohhh Robin!" Starfire cheered, embracing him in a tight hug. Though it would have been more pleasant if she wasn't squeezing him to death. noticing that her boyfriend Robin was starting to change colors a bit, she stopped hugging him and dropped him to the floor, chuckling nervously.

"But Beast Boy doesn't fight... alright?" he asked, standing up a bit dizzy from the whole passionate hug experience.

"Alright, sounds like a plan." Cyborg commented.

"I'm most please Robin... I do not wish for our friend to wait as we continue the fight without him." Starfire said, giving Robin a dreamy look that could kill with those beautiful green eyes.

"Let's just go..." Robin said, picking up his communicator and calling Beast Boy. The Titans leader stood their, waiting as the signal reached the green teen.

During the time that the president had been talking to the rest. The shape shifter and the empath had been relaxing in the room, though after they had made out, which was caused by Beast Boy asking Raven to prove that she was a better kisser than her emotional counter part, Rude. The green teen and the gothic Titan had to admit that they were both pretty good at lip contact, even though they had only really kissed each other, it was just something they presumed.

The moment they had stopped, Raven had been laying on the bed with her head to the back of the bed and to that thing that looked like Raven's cloak, of course Beast Boy made a comment about getting into a girls head. Suddenly the communicator in Beast Boy's pocket went off and that's when Beast Boy knew that duty called. So, he turned his head to Raven and picked up the call from the leader.

"Um... what is it Robin?"

"Beast Boy... we have something going down in the city, we need you and Raven to come with us and check it out."

"But I thought I wasn't allowed to go on any missions?"

"I've changed my mind... but you can't fight anyone, alright?"

"Dude... what am I gonna' do!?"

"I don't know! Just don't fight, you know what can happen!"

"O-Oh alright..." Beast Boy sighed.

"I'm guessing that wasn't very good news..." Raven pointed out, raising a brow. Her dull tone as dull as usual, sort of.

"Nah... I just can't fight." Beast Boy pouted, feeling as though he'd be a nuisance during this whole, whatever Robin wanted. If it had been just a plain emergency, then the alarm would have gone off.

Raven rolled her at how childish her green boy could be, he knew that he wouldn't be able to fight for awhile now. The fact that Robin was even letting Beast Boy go was a miracle within it's self. "Be glad that you can even go... I doubt that the tower would still be in one piece when we get back." Raven smirked.

The shape shifting jokiest crossed his arms. "I almost burn down the tower once and the whole world has to keep remind me! I'm sorry!" he exclaimed, throwing his arms out.

"Well... once was enough." Raven stated.

"You're my girlfriend... shouldn't you be on my side?" he pleaded.

"I like you... but I'm not gonna' lie, we're together because we like each other, not because we lie to each other, not to mention would you even really like me if I wasn't being myself?" she asked.

"No..." Beast Boy said, looking away and blushing. "Can I get a kiss after all this is done...?"

"I'll see if I can schedule something like that." she said, actually managing to make herself laugh.

"That's so not funny Rae!" Beast Boy whined.

"Let's just go... I think we've wasted enough time here." Raven said, moving away from the bed and getting off. The green boy behind her moved away from the bed and became a kitten, once he hopped off the bed, he morphed back to his original form.

"Kay." said Beast Boy, the two went off and ran to the garage, where they would meet up with Cyborg and he would take them to the new threat or alley. When they got there, they would be in for one heck of a surprise.

Still the people continued to crowd around the possible super hero. That didn't make sense cause she had never actually stated that she was a hero, since her reply was slightly very vague at best. Some of the people in the area still continued to gawk in amazement at how power and intimidating she looked, not to mention she was pretty hot, which was a bonus when it came to the males of Jump City, though not along the lines of super hot. The kind of beauty that would attract an honest guy, if he didn't have a height complex, but that wasn't going to happen anytime soon, because she had a plan of absorbing Raven and destroying the planet when she was done.

Only moments later did the Titans arrive at the landing site. Cyborg pulled up in the T-car with Beast Boy and Raven in the back, and Cyborg driving, no doubt. Behind them came Robin in his are cycle; including Starfire, all they need was the A-van and they could have the R.A.T mobile combine. Though that was another story for another time.

At that very second, Galor's eye's had widened. "My prey's arrived..." she smirked, then noticed as the people backed away. Her energy was surging through her body, this was the moment she had been waiting for.

Once the R-cycle stopped, Robin took of his helmet and Starfire took hers off as well. Robin held the helmet in his hands and noticed that the women that had been claimed to be a hero, was staring at them with a evil villainous intent. Her glare was even threatening, to someone like Robin.

Starfire had also noticed the strange feeling in the air. The women before them was huge and her presence gave the alien girl a nervous feeling, this was no hero.

When the T-cat pulled over close to R-cycle. Cyborg opened the door, as did Raven and Beast Boy, the two stood one one side of the car and Cyborg was in front of Beast Boy, since he had been behind the passenger seat.

Both Raven and Beast Boy wondered who this person could be, she seemed to be scaring everyone off. The people were obvious not really fans of this newcomer.

In fact people got an even more nervous feeling, since Galor appeared to be smirking evilly and Starfire seemed nervous at just the sight of her.

Some reporters even stopped talking, the people got further away from the scene and couldn't believe how scary the girl had gotten, not to say that her height wasn't somewhat intimidating, but now she just plain frightened the people to slowly back away. Robin decided to address her first.

"Who are you...?" Robin asked, cautiously stepping up towards her.

"Yeah... we hear you might be a new hero." Cyborg said, staring at her closely, wanting to figure out this new hero or villain, the data would be nice to know if she got out of jail or anything or they could have a way of identifying her power signature.

"That's something I used to draw you out... I prefer my prey to come to me, I'm here to destroy Raven, and claim her powers as mine. Prepare yourselves... this is the beginning of the end."

"WHAT!?" Beast Boy shouted, glaring and clenching his fist. "No way are you killing my Rae!" Shouting that caused the people that were still around to whisper among themselves, and some of the RobXRae fans lost hope and left the area, running away. Knowing it wouldn't happen with him and her anymore... apparently they hadn't gotten the message about Robin and Starfire being together, which had been advertised all over the news and the whole world, though they continued to ignore it, until this moment right now.

"W-what... why me?" Raven asked, a bit stunned to see that someone she didn't even know wanted to finish her off and take her powers. Maybe that wasn't so surprising.

"Because... you're the one I have to claim to become the ultimate being, I was also destined to destroy you... I was supposed to be 'The Hero Of Azarath' but I decided I wanted to claim power in the name of my fathers power, for everyone to fear the name 'Galieion The Soul Devourer'! I'm his lineage... I'll claim the power I need, and that's from you Raven...!" she laughed, causing the people near by to flee and run for their lives.

"Get out of here!"

"I don't wanna' die!"

"Ah...! I stepped in dog poo! Oh... and she's a villain!"

Watching the people flee, she turned her head back to the Titans and smirked as they were in defensive position, Beast Boy had to step down or risk losing control, this wasn't good. The Titans were down by one and they had to fight a villain that wanted to kill Raven and take her powers.

"Beast Boy... don't let it out, she's probably not as strong as she seems... we'll just have to see if we can take her down, and if you do need to help us, don't let go of your control, I know you have the power in you to stop you know what, please... if not for the team, than for me." she said, whispering to him from the other side of the car.

The green boy turned his head and sighed, gritting g his teeth because he couldn't help, all because of his stupid beast from within. Clenching his fist, he reluctantly nodded his head and closed his eyes. "Okay, Rae...,"

"Just be carful." he whispered.

"If you're done talking... I'd like to begin now."

Robin took out his staff and twirled it around before leaving it out in front of him, pointing the point of the staff to Galor. "The only thing that's beginning is your butt kicking!" shouted the titans leader.

"Y'all yeah, that's what I'm talking about Robin, lets kick this physco chicks butt!" Cyborg exclaimed, charging his cannon and launching a blast towards her face.

"Yes, we shall not fail in defeating you!" Starfire screamed, her eyes glowing and launching several starbolts towards Galor, which caused dust and rable to from around her, since she had hit the ground with the starbolts, since she had flown up to the air.

Robin waited to see if their attacks had done anything, in an attempt of figuring out any sort of weakness to this women. Though he was sure it wasn't over, not by a long shoot, his training made it so he never underestimated any foe, no matter how they look. He had to learn that the hard way, and now it should be paying off, too bad for him.

Raven and knew that it wasn't over, she had only began to show her true powers, Raven could sense that the women was masking her true abilities, she just hoped they weren't way too above her abilities, after all, she was going against Azarath's military project, the training she must have received from them would make this difficult.

"Guys... she's not down!" Raven shouted, though it was too late.

"Azar, Xion, Fortus!" Galor shouted, causing crimson colored streams of energy to blast Cyborg and Starfire away.

Except the Titans leader wouldn't allow that. Pulling out two electric disks, Robin shoot them quickly to the streams of energy and blocked the paths of the energy with electrical explosives, though that still caused some harm to Cyborg and Starfire, it would prove to have saved them

"Sorry, it was the best I could do!"

Cyborg had covered his face the moment that energy had been coming at him, Starfire had done the same but by one forearm to shield her eyes from the light of the explosive collision.

"Dude! She's got powers like Rae!"

"She's just toying with us Beast Boy..." Raven said, narrowing her eyes. The reason Raven hadn't tried to stop the attack of Galor was because she couldn't really chant her magical words fast enough to defend them, not to mention Galor was much quicker at chanting magical words, also her mantra was much simpler to say in terms of pronunciation.

"R-really...? B-but how...?" he asked, then turned his head to Raven pointing towards the dust site.

Galor stood there, untouched by any of the attacks that had been sent against her. Her glowing armor showing her location in the dust cloud, smirking she waved her hand and caused the smoke around her to vanish.

"I want to see your true power... don't make me fight these weaklings." she stated, chuckling at how small Cyborg and Starfire seemed to her, the only ones she hadn't seen do anything were Robin and Beast Boy, seemed like they wouldn't even be fighting against her, it didn't matter. She'd prefer not waste her energy on them anyways.

"Who're you calling weak!?' Shouted Cyborg, glaring at her.

"We Tamarian's are strong beings that will fight till the end!"

"So be it..." Galor said.

"Who are you anyways!?" Beast Boy demanded, annoyed that she had basically damaged his friend without even trying at all. Not like it made impact, but what would have happened if Robin hadn't interrupted... Beast Boy didn't want to know.

"I'm Galor... the one who'll claim the universe as mine." She replied, lifting her hand and forming crimson energy in her hands once more.

Raven suspicions had been confirmed, and by the gasp she heard from Beast Boy. He already knew who this was, she just hoped they could take her down, this wasn't going to be easy, not by a long shot.

"B-but dude, I thought you were just a story!"

"Then let me make you all... history." she said, her eyes glowing a dark blood red.

"Not if we've got anything to say about it!"

"TITANS GO!" Robin shouted.

Beast Boy's Mind...

The creature that dowelled within Beast Boy stirred as he stayed in his cave, still injured from his last encounter to the real world. Though he smirked and chuckled as he saw that the pillar he had used to take over was dimly lite, meaning he need only to gather his strength and power to force his control again, but he had also heard what Galor said, which ticked him off.

"Hold her off fool... or you'll regret it, I'll claim Raven as my mate!" he shouted, feeling green energy gather around him. The energy flowed through his huge form and was giving him the strength to control Beast Boy, he just needed a certain amount to take this fight into his own hands.

"Prepare yourself Galor!!!" The Beast shouted, arching his head back and throwing his arms out to his sides, while he stood on top of his dead looking mountain.


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