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"Am I going crazy?"

The question is so unexpected that Hayner jerks his head up immediately. He has a strange look on his face, and for once his tough shield (all put on) seems to disappear. He's disarmed as she looks expectantly at him.

"'Course not." he scoffs, trying not to betray his lingering doubts that they're all nuts. "Or if you are, we all are."
Olette seems satisfied, and she sits back slightly. "I guess so. But...who is that boy? What's been going on?"

Hayner puts his head on his hands. Pence has gone to visit his grandmother in the city, and so only two members of their group are sitting in the "usual spot". Olette is swinging her legs from atop her perch, her brown hair hanging over her shoulders, her green eyes wide with worry. Hayner himself is sitting at a different place than usual, in the absence of Pence (and that other kid, who he's sure is supposed to be here)

"Why did I feel like I knew him?" Olette muses, and Hayner doesn't have to ask to know that she's talking about Sora. The spiky-haired kid just seems so...familiar, to all three of them, and Hayner figures it's better to just let it be, but Olette, being herself, has to try and tackle it. It's a problem, a mystery. Hayner identifies with problems, having often been called one himself, and doesn't feel like fighting his fellows.

Hayner's only response is to shrug, and Olette gives him a look that clearly reads, "You're a lot of help." Hayner just shrugs again, helplessly.

Olette stares off into space. "Who's missing? It's not is..."

He tries to understand this for a minute, just for her sake, but then gives up. "I don't know," he offers. "But he looked really sad when he had to leave."

She gives him a hopeful look. "Did you feel it, too?"
Hayner stares. "What?"

"I know we must have met him before!" Olette says, exasperated.

He blinks and puts his hands behind his head. A picture flashes into his mind but then it's gone – just like that. Whoever is missing will always be missing, he feels, but he does not express this. "Yeah," he says half-heartedly.

"Am I going crazy?" she asks again, but this time Hayner has no answer.