Chapter 1: Someday

Someday--Nickelback. (song sorta describes them, but not really)

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I looked up at the great castle as people bustled around me. My eyes were violet now, a result of blue contacts, the sky a pale gray in the beautiful city of Volterra.

The weather reflected my mood—damp and unforgiving.

Matthias dropped my hand as if it had scorched him—which was completely impossible—and made his way swiftly up the steps. I followed him, unsure of what to do. My hand strayed to my locket, fingering the circular, topaz pendant there, where Jaime's hair was sealed. As Matthias reached gate, he turned and looked at me, crossing his arms, expression cold. He hadn't spoken a word to me since the midnight flight where he had muttered, "We will not speak until we arrive. Try to be quiet." At first I was angry, crossing my arms and glaring out the window. But then I realized what he meant. We would talk in privacy later.

So as he stared at me now, the others already inside, his face warmed the slightest bit. But he was only compared to the coldest piece of ice, slowly melting and warming to the sun, but not quite there yet. Still cold.

"You've made a horrible mistake," he told me quietly. I contemplated that for a moment.

"And what would that be?" I asked, matching his tone of ice.

"You'll figure it out soon enough," he muttered. I went to make my way into the courtyard, but as I brushed past him, he grabbed my left wrist—the banned one. He looked at me, red eyes boring into mine. Then he let me go, and I kept walking.

"Wait," he called, and the golden bracelet glowed, tightening around my hand. Against my will, I found my body lurch and come to a stop before turning to face him. When my task was done, the bracelet stopped glowing, and I could suddenly move again of my own free will. I looked down at the golden ornament, then back at my master.

He looked pointedly at my wrist, then he locked his eyes with mine again. His expression was carefully blank, but his eyes held an emotion that I couldn't place. All he said was, "That's while you'll regret it." I stared at him, but he prompted, "Leave."

My body turned again, and I felt myself walk into the courtyard, seething as my legs moved against my mind. I didn't regret saving Alex, but I did wish I could punch dear Matty.

Stupid vampire powers. I wanted one.


I realized after a little while I had stopped moving, and was more in control of my legs. I sat down in the nicely cropped green grass, extremely pissed. So basically, I had just sold my soul (if I had one) to a guy—no, creature—who could control my every move.

My hand hit my locket again. I could take it off, get help, let Alice see me. But… I wasn't the type of person who called for help. I walked alone, except now I was alone with a freak that controlled my life. Sucked, didn't it?

Was there anyway Matthias could speak to me without controlling me? If he gave me a command, then no. Maybe if he said please.

I grinned, but kept sitting there. Matthias would find me if he needed me. Or maybe he'd just say, "Come here boy!" and scratch my ears.

I laid there for God knows how long, gazing at the now dawning sky. A shadow fell over me in the starry, orange/blue setting and I hoisted myself onto my elbow.


"You missed dinner," he stated. His voice was emotionless, but not cold. I shrugged.

"I didn't know." Laying back down, I let my eyes reflect the few stars there. "What was on the menu?" I inquired softly. The question was so out of character for Cara Cullen, but I needed to be nice to Matthias now, especially if he could make me do anything.

When I looked back at his face, his expression was confused. "Um, Italians?"

My eyes flew open. I don't know why, but I hadn't anticipated that my new master wasn't a vegetarian. He looked at my expression with wary, intense eyes.

"Does that bother you?" he asked when I remained silent. "Out with it."

It was command. I felt my mouth open and the words tumble forth. "I don't… drink human blood." I had hoped to keep it a secret. He looked at me for a moment, surveying my reaction, then ran his hand over his face.

"I have to be careful with what I say around you," he groaned.

"What d'you mean?" I asked, getting up. He raised his read eyes to the heavens then back to mine.

"Nothing," he answered. "Let's go."

I followed him, this time of my own free will. He led me up four flights of stairs and down a corridor in the beautiful palace. He held open the elaborate, golden door for me. "Well?" he asked, gesturing me in. I went.

And immediately blanched.

The first thing I noticed was that there was only one bed. There wasn't even a mat on the floor beside it. Just one bed—and vampires didn't even sleep.

He saw my hesitation and added, "Some of us use the beds here to sort of… regenerate. Like sleeping, but you just get reenergized."

Regenerate? Reenergized?

I didn't move. I was still in my silent shock. When I had promised my service, I hadn't meant I wanted to become a concubine. My eyes wide, I gazed at him helplessly.

"We're both using… the bed?" I asked, my voice a terrified whisper. "Together?"

"That's the idea… or would you rather take the floor?" His voice was joking, but the floor was sounding really comfortable at the moment. When I didn't respond, his face lit with shock (and amusement) and understanding. "You're a virgin," he acknowledged, trying to hide his laughter.

"And why is that funny?" My voice was seething.

"Have you ever even kissed a man?" He was shaking now, no longer trying to hide his delight.

"No, and I'm very proud of it." I turned away from him, glaring at the wall. I felt his hand fall on my shoulder; I shrugged it off.

"I have patrol anyway," he said quietly, his cool breath on my shoulder I suppressed a shiver. "Try to rest."

I didn't respond, but as the door open and clicked shut, a let out a sigh of relief. As I turned to survey the room, though, I glared at Matthias. He was leaning on the door, brown hair falling in his eyes. A smirk playing at his lips. "Miss me?" he asked.

My eyes narrowed. "Not really."

His eyes lost all traces of his previous teasing. "Do you truly hate me that much?"

I looked away, "Yes."

His eyes hardened. "Are you sure?" he inquired. I had never noticed his voice before, so like silk as it washed over my ears. I tried not to shudder. "Tell me," he prompted, his perfect lips moved swiftly.

But his romantic spell on me broke as the golden band glowed again, persuading me to do his bidding. "No, I'm not 'sure'," I hissed angrily. "But you ran over me twice, and the second time I drowned. I don't think that puts you on my good list."

He pondered that. "No, it doesn't, does it?" He glanced at my face, his eyes glinting dangerously. "But maybe something else can."

I took a step back. "What are you implying?" If someone asked me whether Matthias scared me, I'd lie to them and swear that he didn't. But the truth was he did, very much.

He walked towards me, another smirk playing at his perfect, sculpted lips. I hit the wall, and glaring at him, I felt a sudden thrill ripple through me. His face was closer, eyes boring into mine. Then he smiled, whispering, "You know what they say—Temptation is destruction."

His breath washed over my face and I felt my lips part, but then his presence was gone. I looked up, disappointed, and he smiled from the large bed. "Feeling temptation?" he asked lightly.

I tried to pull myself together. "You would know," I muttered coolly. He laughed as I got on the other side of the bed.

"Looks like you feel it," he commented.

"You would just command me to get in the bed anyway," I replied dryly. He chuckled.

"You catch on well."

I felt my jaw clench. "I try."


I kept very still the whole few hours I was there. I did grow restless, but I was too afraid to move—he had indeed brought temptation upon me, and that was what kept me still. And I was already a slave to him. He could command me to "sleep" with him, and I wouldn't be able to resist.

One more reason to add to my list of why-to-be-afraid-of-vampires.

I was so tense, so uncomfortable. I had jumped when he had shifted on the bed, and when he had started humming. I was so uneasy, that I was cursing in my mind at this strange custom of "regenerating". Psh. Stupid, ridiculous, "reenergizing". Psh.

Finally, I could not bear the deafening silence. I spoke. "This is twotty."

I could almost hear his smile. "Twotty?"

"It's my word," I cautioned. "It means stupid, pointless, ridiculous, dumb—"

"Okay, I think I get the idea." He still sounded amused. As if he knew something I didn't. I contemplated that… Then it hit me.

"You did this on purpose," I muttered, and he couldn't hold back any longer. He roared in laughter.

"No, not exactly," he corrected. "But it was either here or the dungeons. I thought you would prefer here, but now I'm not so sure." I frowned, too prideful to answer him. "One of my fellow guards teased me about it, so you're not the only one."

"That's nice." I would have to thank the guy later. Matthias caught the double meaning in my words, though.

"Why do you hate me so much? You were the one who proposed this… arrangement! I tried to talk you out of it!"

I snorted, but kept my back to him. "T'yeah, you put up a big argument, what with your riddles and all."

I could feel his gaze on my back. "I'm…" He trailed off. "I'm regretful you feel that way."

He was quiet for a while , and I had the sudden feeling he'd been about to apologize for something. But what, I didn't know. Finally, fed up, I muttered, "And all the girls in America obsess over Italian boys. Psh."

He did not find this amusing. I felt the weight shift on the bed and looked over my shoulder. He was glaring at me. Oops. "I didn't ask for this, you know," he hissed. "You did."

"Alex was about to die, and—"

"You could have easily proposed to be a guard, like me. You chose not to." His expression was now a cross between shock and fury. "You chose me. The worst possible choice and you latch onto it!"

I sat up, crossing my arms and facing him. "You may have had the decency to warn me."

"I did warn you!" His voice was a furious whisper now. "Just not in the way you expected! Or the way you wanted."

I remained my silence, my jaw jutting out stubbornly.

"Yeah," he said, getting off the bed. "That's what I thought."

I looked away. "Well, as long as you hate me, I'll hate you back," I informed him. When I glanced up, he was already at the door, his red eyes smoldering at me.

He looked at me like that for a long time before he stepped out the door. But I caught the whisper of his words as he left—word I wasn't sure if I was intended to hear.

"I don't hate you."



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