a/n: For once in a very long time I don't have anything to say in this author's note...I hope you enjoy!

The warm scent of cookies and cakes filled Boq's mind with memories of his grandma's kitchen. She'd always be cooking sweets at every hour of the day, and she'd always let him lick the spoon. But he was not in his grandmother's kitchen; he was in the governor's mansion. His silver outfit was sticky against his sweaty chest. The sun was at an all time high and the heat from the large kitchen wasn't making it any better.

Pushing open the door, he came into a large room of pastries and frosting. It was like a winter wonderland…only with fattening dough and sugar. Still, it sent chills down his spine to finally see something so good in a time so dark.

Then there, right in front of him, was the god of all cakes. Three layers high with white frosting and strawberry trimmings. Little berries littered the edges while sitting on top was a large sugar rose. It sparkled against the sun's rays filtering through the window. He had to have it.

His father's voice rang in the back of his mind 'Boq, my boy, don't you dare eat that cake!' But Boq had been five and naive. Plus, he didn't care if he was caught. Who was seriously going to tell on him?

Instinctively looking left to right, he ran up to the cake and swiped his finger across it. The white cream stuck to his small finger. It was like he had caught a soft, sugary, delicious cloud. It had been so long since he had had cake…

"Boq?" Nessa interrupted his thoughts.

"Madame!" Boq squeaked, looking at his frosting covered finger, and stuck it in his mouth.

Nessa's long hair was down past her shoulders, and her normal attire was changed from a black smock to a lovely blue sundress. He wasn't sure what he should say or do in the current awkward situation. Her and her amazing change and him with his finger in his mouth. What surprised him most was the she laughed and only laughed.

Still in a humorous stance, she wheeled herself next to him. Flinching back, he watched as she lifted herself from her chair onto the table. He never noticed how strong her arms were.

"You've been caught." She laughed again.

"Yes, Madame, I have." He replied, moving closer to her and the giant cake. "I'm sorry for ruining your cake."

"It's alright," Nessa picked up a strawberry with her fingertips, "It was only a gift. Gifts are meant to be shared, aren't they?"

Playfully, she traced her lips with the berry, leaving a glossy tone to her peach lips. It was hypnotizing, and he could feel himself falling into her spell. Curse these witches doing things to his mind. Her other hand limply rested in her lap, coaxing him to grab it. It took everything he had to ignore its request.

"Would you like a slice?" Nessa asked, grabbing two plates.

"Yes, Madame." He said, swallowing the lump in his throat.

He saw her frown when he replied, obviously still insistent for him to call her Nessa. It was hard to do this, figuring she was his employer and he the employee. He handed her a slicing knife and they each soon had their own plate of the monster cake. The two were silent as they chewed, he now aware to keep his mouth shut with food still in it. It was the polite thing to do in the company of women.

"Do you like strawberries?" Nessa finally asked. "Because I see you didn't get you any."

"Yes, I do." He answered staring at his cake.

"Here," She said, catching his attention. "Open up."

Nessa held a strawberry slice in front of him. She wants to feed me, he thought. He protested against it, but she ignored him. She placed her free hand under his chin and drew him closer. A watery berry scent filled his senses, and he let her feed him.

It was the best tasting fruit he ever had.

"Do you want another?" Nessa smiled, reaching for a strawberry.

"No," He declined as he pushed himself up onto the table next to her, "But would you like one?"