I'm glad so many people liked my story! I really will miss writing this but it unfortunately had run it's course. I just needed a happy ending so I could sleep at night until the real Breaking Dawn comes out and I didn't want to mess it up by doing something dumb to prolong the story. I've got some cool ideas for my next story though so anyways still don't own anyone or anything! Enjoy!


As soon as we got back to Forks I realized there was somewhere I needed to go. As soon as I thought it, Edward's car headed to Charlie's house. I was more nervous now than when I had come to tell him that Edward and I were engaged. I knew it had only been a couple of months but with everything that has happened it seemed like a lifetime ago . I was so worried about how he would see me. I looked different and I was different. It had only been a month since the wedding and I hadn't even gotten used to myself yet. Edward was worried too but he knew I needed to see him before we left for school. We pulled up the driveway and my dead heart sunk.

Edward looked over and winked at me, "Honey, it's okay it will be fine. Your Dad will always love you no matter what."

I smiled back trying to reassure him as much as myself, then I headed towards the front door. Edward knocked and tightened his grip on my hand. Charlie opened the door and looked at me nervously. I opened my mind to hear what he was thinking.

"Oh wow, did Bella look like that before? Did I just miss seeing how much older she had gotten.? I must have just wanted her to stay my baby girl. She really is all grown up and beautiful."

"Hi , Bells! Hi Edward. How are you? You look great. It sounded like you guys had a great time from all those postcards I got."

"Hi, Dad. I'm good and we did have a lot of fun."

I held my breath as I hugged him just in case the smell of his blood got any stronger as I got closer to him. He stiffened a little, I'm sure because of the cold but I heard him shrug it off in his mind blaming the early fall storm outside.

"I missed you too. We just got back and I wanted to see you before we left again."

I heard his mind again as he looked at us, "She looks good and they seem really happy but I am going to miss her. It has been wonderful having her here with me. He better take care of her."

I almost jumped in to defend Edward before remembering those were his thoughts not his words. That was exactly what I needed to hear from him though. I had needed him to know how happy I was because in a few more years I would soon have to disappear from his life completely.

"Dad, I just wanted you to know that I love you and that I'm so glad I came to live here with you. I will miss you. Thank you for everything you have been a great dad."

He smiled back at me and I heard his thoughts, "I did do a good job she turned out great. Renee may have done most of the work of raising her but I have loved Bella since the moment I saw her. I hope she felt loved by me."

"I love you too, Bella. You guys go get packed and have fun. I'm so proud of you and study hard."

Edward shook his hand, "I promise I will take care of her Charlie."

I hugged my Dad again and smiled up at him. I waved goodbye as I slowly walked back to the car with Edward. I felt like I had done all I could for Charlie but unfortunately no matter what happened now I would cause him pain. The decisions I had made would soon hurt the people I love. It had been the only bad part of all this. Edward swooped me up in his arms and pressed his lips to mine as he put me in the car. I heard his thoughts in my head. Sometimes it helped that we now practically shared a brain.

"Bella, I love you. It will be okay."

"I love you too. I know it's okay, really I do. It's just hard. I know you think you are the only one who did the selfish thing but I feel the same way. I 'm going to hurt all of them so that I can be happy. That's hard to stomach but then I look at you and remember what it was like to not be with you…. They wouldn't have wanted that either so this is the way it has to be. I can't be without you."

He could only smile back at me as we sped home to our family. I snuggled up to his chest. Every time I would look in those eyes I would know. I would know that I did the right thing. We made our way up the familiar drive and I realized I would miss Forks as much as I had once hated it. We walked in the front door and everyone was there to greet us. Alice shot me a look and I heard her voice in my head as I opened my mind to her.

"Bella it's going to get easier. I saw Charlie. He is about to meet someone. She will make him happy and he won't be alone. Charlie and Renee are going to be sad but they are also going to be happy. That's how life goes though, doesn't it? It's going to be okay."

"Thanks Alice."

I turned to the rest of the family, "I really missed all of you! So what is the plan?"

Carlisle laughed, " You are always wanting to know the plan. Well we are trying to figure it out. I have a job teaching at Dartmouth's medical school. It will give me a chance to catch up on all of the new techniques."

Esme jumped in, "I think I have found the perfect house for us but I wasn't sure what you guys have decided to do."

Edward was in my head immediately, "It's up to you. We can live on our own for awhile or we can live with the family. It's completely up to you."

I laughed, "I love you, Edward but I love your family too. I think this family has been through too much lately and mostly due to me so I would rather us stick together for awhile."

He agreed and kissed me playfully on my nose.

Esme was so happy she looked as though she might explode. I could hear her thoughts, "Finally everyone will be under one roof."

I smiled back at her and I started laughing as I heard Emmett's brain working double time to figure out what his next major was going to be. College was going to be very interesting with the Cullen's there. I knew we would have a lot of fun. I felt like Emmett. I loved this family as much as my human one or more.

Edward and I packed up things together all day and then made some lasting memories of the last night in our first home together. When we saw the sky the next morning as we prepared to leave we looked at each other and both knew we needed to see it. We had no idea if we would ever come back to Forks again and we both needed to see our meadow one last time. As dawn broke over the trees I took off running with him by my side. Now I was where I would always belong ……….