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I Live On

Chapter 1: Death

"So……it all comes down to this doesn't it? SASUKE!" roared a seventeen year old Naruto as he charged up his final attack. He gritted his teeth at the sheer amount of pain he was withstanding at the moment. The only thing keeping him going was the satisfaction that his 'brother' looked worse than he did.

Uchiha Sasuke grimaced. He didn't want this, but he had to. Power, he needed it. But that wasn't the main reason. Uchiha Madara had literally ordered him to do it. He used his position as founder of Uchiha clan and forced Sasuke to commit the act, even though said person was highly against sneak attacks. So here they were, fighting each other to the death, at the Valley of the End.

After two years of tough training, mastering jutsus and inventing jutsus, Uzumaki Naruto reached Sannin-level and attained the rank Tokubetsu Jounin (Special Jounin). He had grown into a fine young man, growing considerably in height, at a good six foot one (1.86m) and seventy seven kilograms, he had become quite the ladies' man.

He had taken to black jounin attire, with hints of orange on the jacket. He had stopped his loudmouth bratty attitude and taken up one that was cool and calm, not arrogant, but one that carries himself with pride. He deserved it; he had taken out Uchiha Itachi by himself after all, why else would Uchiha Sasuke so want to kill him then?

Ah, see, now it brings us back to this point was again. Uchiha Sasuke, finally deemed S-rank missing-nin, currently activated his level-three curse seal, something never heard of, and utilizing his Mangekyo Sharingan to great effect. How did he get Mangekyo Sharingan? It turns out that the Uchiha found Karin to be a good enough company and befriended her……and killed her. Sad, but efficient, at least according to our main egoistic Uchiha.

Sakura had long since given up on Uchiha and had apologized over and over to Naruto about how she always used to be such a bitch to him. Needless to say, Naruto forgave her. They became really good friends, of course, in other people's eyes, that meant they were 'friends with benefits'. Real nice benefits……

Naruto had the right to practice polygamy, seeing how he was the son of the Yondaime and the last of his clan. But really, with all these training and missions and stuff, he had literally no time to settle down, so he opted for the next best option, find his 'mates' first, or so his tenant defined it.

Sakura, Ino, Hanabi, Tenten, Temari were his main ones, though…during certain missions to other countries……certain princesses became the object of his affections quite willingly, but hey, details who needs them. He rejected Hinata, because he felt that it wasn't really love she saw in him, but admiration, and she found out too later, that her love lies elsewhere. Shino was never more surprised.

And some would think, how the hell can this Jinchuuriki have a love life when he's being chased by countless S-rank missing-nins? Well, simple. Akatsuki got wiped out. Sort of. Gaara, Yugito and Naruto joined forces and along with two sannins, and tons of other Suna and Konoha jounins.

They came out on top, with Naruto suffering the worst injuries due to the fact that he took most of the hits for Yugito, not wanting her to suffer too much damage, since she had the ability to go into her 'full' feral state. Gaara was slightly weaker, but hey, the way his sand works is a bonus.

Pein and Konan escaped along with Tobi, or Uchiha Madara, whichever you see it. The rest of course was history. Now, one would think that to be able to take down the whole of Akatsuki, the Hokage-hopeful surely wouldn't lose to just one last Uchiha Sasuke?

Well, yes……if Naruto was at one hundred percent. No one could believe it when it happened. Uchiha Sasuke had just charged at Naruto once the group of five reached the Valley of the End. The already exhausted Naruto had no choice but to engage, seeing how Suigetsu and Juugo in his cursed form were holding off against Kakashi and Jiraiya very well. Tsunade had been unable to help, seeing how she had just exhausted her chakra sources trying to heal the rest of them.

And so here they were once again, after five years. Indeed, it was time to end it all.

Sakura could only watch helplessly as Sasuke charged at Naruto with that same maniacal smirk, his new technique Chidori Nagashi, ready to impale Naruto.

Yugito groaned as she was thrown into the cliff by Juugo's insane strength. She couldn't access the Nibi's chakra, seeing how the demon itself needed rest after fighting for a whole day. So that left Naruto to fend for himself.

Naruto gritted his teeth as he stared at his once deemed brother. He couldn't believe that, the irony, the moment he defeated his mortal enemy and had finally allowed himself to believe that he could settle down once and for all. But noooo, fate just had to be a bitch and let this egoistical bastard sneak up on him and take his life. Well, there's one thing, he knows, he won't go down alone.

"BRING IT SASUKE!" His jutsu was complete. Now all he had to do……

Sasuke snarled as he yelled, "Today, you DIE! DOBE!" And with that, he plunged the attack right into Naruto's chest. Sasuke himself was surprised, he thought that Naruto would at least clash with his jutsu, he wasn't expecting this. He frowned, What the hell is the dobe thinking?

Screams of disbelief and horror filled the air as Sasuke's hand was seen right through Naruto's body. He had torn a hole in the blond's torso. It was a gruesome sight. Naruto however, smirked and looked at Sasuke right in the eye, "That's right, I might. BUT YOU'RE COMING WITH ME! FUUTON: RASEN FUMA SHURIKEN!"

And to Sasuke's utmost horror, Naruto fully released his jutsu, allowing a huge whirling ball of chakra combined with his wind nature and slammed it right into Sasuke, blasting him away, literally.

All went silent as Sasuke smashed into the cliff, his body still, and blood splattered all over the floor. He was dead. Suigetsu and Juugo too were silenced soon after. However, it was too late. Naruto collapsed onto the ground, wheezing. His lungs got punctured and it was just sheer will that was keeping him alive. He saw it, in those eyes, yes, Sasuke was still there. The last attack, he saw it.

Sure, he was power-crazed bastard, but that human within him was definitely alive. But he didn't regret his decision to kill him. Feh, at least we die together. The irony……damn, there goes my peaceful life……

Sakura was immediately by his side, cradling his head whilst trying to use the last of her chakra to sustain him. Yugito too was there, for the second time in her life, she was in tears.

Naruto laughed weakly as Kakashi and Jiraiya limped over, with Tsunade shivering in fear. Now, the idea to split up their troops seemed to be a really bad idea. It was a pretty smart tactic in reality, seeing how the other troops would be in front of them, taking care of any hostile intrusions, whilst Tsunade and her group move slowly, giving time to recover.

It was all just a plan went wrong really. Tsunade wanted so hard to blame it on herself, but she just can't.

"Oba-chan, relax, at least now you only have three main enemies to deal with, and besides Pein and Konan seemed to be rethinking their loyalties to Uchiha Madara. So, no worries! Cough…cough……" Naruto grimaced as he coughed up more blood.

Kakashi closed his eyes, not wanting to witness the death of his sensei's son, he hated it. He had failed once again, all because of his want for superiority, using Obito as an excuse to train Sasuke……

"Ne, Kakashi-sensei, relax. I don't blame you. Just……take care of Sakura, she still needs your training. Sakura, gomen……I……Cough…"

Sakura bit her lips hard as she cried, "Baka! I told you before I……"

Naruto chuckled, "I know…I know. I'm apologizing to you for my stupidity. I…won't be there with you anymore……"

"Stop…stop it. Just…just stop talking. Save your strength…come on…look, even Yugito…is crying……You promised that she won't ever have to cry…you promised all of us!"

He turned to gaze at Yugito, his vision wavering. He could feel it, he was dying. Kyuubi wasn't responding, he was just too tired. There was no way he had any more chakra, and even if Naruto used it, it would end up poisoning himself.

"Gomen, Yugito-chan……please…don't cry. I…cough…I enjoyed my time with all of you……it was worth it……we saved the other Jinchuuriki didn't we? So don't mourn. I know life is unfair……I know it more than anyone of you. But hey……least……I had you guys……right?"

Jiraiya sighed, "Kid…you…no one deserves this. I hate to say it…but any last words?" His remorse was clear in his tone, his face was serious, just like the time he faced Pein and Konan in battle.

Naruto laughed weakly, "Nah, cough……no need. You know what I'm gonna say anyway. Well……looks like……my…time…is up……Ja ne……minna (Goodbye…everyone)" And Uzumaki Naruto passed away.

Nii Yugito had only really cried two times in her life. First was when Naruto kissed her and said he loved her. This was the second time. And perhaps...the last time...

At the same moment……

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE?! I THOUGHT I FREAKING KILLED YOU?!" Roared 'Naruto' as he glared at 'Sasuke' who was just standing there, his old brooding side apparent.

Sasuke rolled his eyes, "You did Dobe. We ARE dead. Look over there."

Naruto raised an eyebrow and looked, only to have his jaw lodged onto the ground, "The heck?! Okay, I imagined dying to be something a lot nicer than watching my mangled body just lying there. No thanks to you teme."

"Hmph, I didn't want to do it. Madara forced it. He gave an order I can't ignore, seeing how all Uchiha's minds were bound to him. But I don't deny that I wanted to kill you. I guess that will have to wait. I can't feel my chakra anywhere."

Naruto snorted, "Oh really, you didn't want to do it. Right, I so believe you. Wait…I'm dead…so that means……"

Still here brat.


I'm out of chakra. When you died, I had barely enough to keep me surviving, but since I'm basically an embodiment of chakra, I got…absorbed……by the seal. So yeah, I just another entity within you.

………meaning you're still stuck with me, only you're useless this time?


Then why don't you just go back to hell?
Look kit, I am a summon. Contrary to what you shinobis think, but we DO die. It is the same for me. You want to blame it on someone, blame it on your father for do this. The seal was designed to absorb my chakra and convert it to yours. While you were off dying, the seal sucked whatever remaining chakra I had left into your system, trying to keep you alive.

Sigh……right…but hey, I won't go to hell because of you right? If I do, I swear I'll kill myself again just to get rid of you if I have to.

………and pray tell how you're gonna do it?

………Just shut up.

I thought so.

Naruto growled and then stopped. "Okay, I know that I'm a soul, so why aren't I floating around? And how the hell am I still talking?"

Sasuke shrugged, "Beats me. I still have my cursed seal on me……I guess that must mean that my soul is tainted." He was still in his cursed form, but there was one thing Naruto noticed, "Sasuke, why……why is there a hole in your chest?"

It was then, that Sasuke realized the familiar feeling of power into his body again. Naruto had a chain protruding from his chest, whilst his was……a blank hole. He had dismissed it as the wound Naruto gave him, but hell, he was sure that his Chidori Nagashi could have at least scratched him.

It was there and then, that he sensed it. The calling…the craving…the voice. It was there again. All of a sudden, a loud wail of hatred could be heard coming towards them.

Naruto's eyes widened, when huge…monsters…began to appear in the distance. However, that wasn't the most frightening part. It was the fact that they had that similar hole in the chest and their faces were distorted and covered by masks. Masks that seemed to mock their very existence.

Sasuke glared at them, before reaching for his chakra…only to remember he has none. They were disgusting, and dangerous, given the fact that they had five foot wide claws. Yeah, that was enough to confirm it.

Naruto gritted his teeth, as one took a swipe at him. He barely dodged it, a weird feeling of exhaustion lingering on his body. He didn't know what it was. But then, all the monsters stopped when one leopard shaped monster crawled up to them, before bowing to Sasuke, "We've come for you. Please come with us, our lord is waiting."

Sasuke looked at that scathingly, "And why should I do that? What the hell is going on here?" His red eyes were still present apparently, and he growled, "Tell me or you die." Power was oozing off him. It wasn't killing intent…it was just…a pressure…more like…raining down on everyone……Naruto already felt weak, but strangely, although he sort of knew what was going on, he didn't feel at all intimidated.

The leopard monster bowed once again, "Come with us, and our lord will grant you supreme power, enough to allow you to accomplish your goal. He has been watching you five years ago."

Even Naruto was shocked by this news, "Five…FIVE YEARS AGO?! You mean to tell me someone dead has been stalking him for five years?" He shuddered at that thought.

Sasuke however feel intrigued, "Power you say? What are you creatures?"

The leopard got up, "All will be explained once you see him. But time is running short; so, what is your decision?"

Sasuke gave a side-way glance at Naruto, before smirking, "Alright, I'll go. Hmph, dobe, looks like I'm the special one after all……but just tell me one thing, who is this so called lord of yours?"

The leopard laughed and looked him in the eye, "He is our God."

And without further adieu, a strange force surrounded Sasuke and the leopard, "We'll be going now, the rest of you……enjoy your dinner."

Naruto gaped in surprise, "Oi! Teme! You're really gonna……" But he saw it, that condescending gaze, that superior smirk, "Good bye, dobe. Next time we meet……I'll be sure to obliterate you……if you survive……ahahaha…HAHAHAHA!" and with that, they disappeared. Gone. Naruto couldn't even feel it. His presence, just…gone.

He heard the snickers and the growls behind him and gritted his teeth.

Oh the bastard…I'm gonna rip him apart the next time I see him…screw that IF I freaking see him again……

Well, you know the saying, bitches will always be bitches. Classic example there.

Not laughing here. Damn, there's five of them. No way I can fight. Ah scratch that, why DO I have to fight? I'm dead damnit!

Life begins with death?



And thanks to Kyuubi's quick warning, Naruto dodged the incoming attack. He was slowly beginning to get used to this new……well, soul maybe, he can't call it body when his body is still lying right there.

He began to parry the attacks, flexibility and strength both returning. Only problem is that bloody chain keeps getting in the way. And one more, if freaking hurts if he accidentally pulled the chain somehow. He snarled as one nearly scraped him. He was panting, exhausted and he hated it.

Why is it always that I get beaten by evil guys?

Kit, stop this bullshit, I want you to fight. Even in death! FIGHT GODDAMNIT! You were my vessel, and I acknowledged you. You are Uzumaki Naruto, now I don't care if we die again, but to be humiliated by these…these……scum would be a definite disgrace!

Naruto smirked, "Will do." And he charged, not caring that he was seriously out classed. He got into his same old taijutsu stance and used the strongest punch he could master, WHAM! He twisted his fist right into that mask, shattering it with his blow, before lingering for two seconds and yelling, "TAKE THAT YOU BLOODY BASTARD!" and using the last of his strength, he smashed the monster away.

The other four were seemingly shocked that a mere konpaku (Soul) could do such extensive damage to one of them. Naruto couldn't care less, all he could think of was, Shit, shit, four more, shit, no strength, SHIT.

But apparently, he didn't have to fight anymore, for at that moment, "Soten ni zase! Hyorinmaru! (Reign over the frosted heavens!)" And following that, a huge ice dragon sort of projectile was sent towards the two of them, blasting them into oblivion, whilst a short white-haired kid landed gracefully on the ground before slashing the final two right in the face, causing them to wail that familiar noise before they disintegrated into nothing.

Naruto stared at the kid…or whatever he was in front of him. He was wearing a white haori with the kanji for 'ten' on the back. The 'thing' in his hand then dissipated in a flash of white light to show a katana.

He then took out a device, "Hollow neutralized. One or two escaped before I arrived. Soul is unharmed. Right. Over."

Naruto got a close look at him this time, he seriously, seriously looked like a kid of no older than thirteen. He holds himself with pride and has an aura that screamed 'strict' around him. But he doesn't seem all that bad. After all, he did save him.

"So, er…hollow, erm…what's that?" Naruto asked, trying to get the kid to talk.

Said 'kid' sighed, "Right, a hollow is basically an evil spirit that is formed from souls that are left alone for too long without guidance to Soul Society…or heaven might be a more appropriate term for you. But just remember that all hollows have holes on their chests and masks to hide their original identity."

Naruto gasped at that, "Ho…holes on their chests? Oh shit. Damn, emo-bastard is evil…even in death. Great. Wonderful……NOT!"

The 'kid' continued, "My name is Hitsugaya Toshiro, I am a Shinigami, captain of the tenth division of the Juusan Gotei ( 13 Shinigami Court Divisions) of Seireitei (Court of Pure Souls)."

"Woah, woah, wait! I thought Shinigami was that old, mangy devil looking thing, not some kid like you!" exclaimed Naruto, totally confused.

Hitsugaya twitched at the word 'kid' and growled, "I'm not a kid. For your information, I already two hundred and fifty seven years old. And the Shinigami you were talking about was the special sealing type, which our Sotaichou (General) has signed a contract with. That is a mere projection of our reiatsu (Spirit pressure), an illusion used to carry out the deed."

"Ok…reiatsu? And courts? Man, Heaven is too troublesome……shit, I'm turning into Shikamaru."

"Reiatsu is the energy Shinigami utilizes for combat, and basically, for 'living' in this realm. Those who do not have Shinigami powers have a very weak reiatsu. Hollows get attracted to sources of reiatsu and would attack souls that do no have guidance. I would assume that you have potential, seeing how you were swarmed by five hollows. How long have you been dead for? You've done a good job of evading them."

Naruto scratched his head, "Er…half an hour?"

Silence……then, "Okay, come again?"

"I told you, half an hour. Give or take two minutes."

Silence………"Okay, stand still." Hitsugaya took out his device again and muttered, "Oi, Kara, get me a reiatsu reading for this guy. Yep, transferring." And not even asking for permission, he stuck the device just above the chain, into Naruto's chest.

"HEY! What the……"

Hitsugaya ignored him, "So, reading?"

A feminine voice of god-knows-who sounded on the other end, "Reiatsu test, complete. Hitsugaya Taichou, reading was 982 units."

Hitsugaya's eyes widened, "So it seems that we have a surprise here. Thanks Kara. Over." He took out the device and pocketed it, before grinning at Naruto, "Interesting…"

Naruto raised an eyebrow, "Okay, what the heck did you do to me? And what was that 982 reading thing?"

Hitsugaya laughed, "I merely tested the strength of your reiatsu, that was just a rough estimate of it. A normal konpaku with no Shinigami powers would have a reiatsu reading of around twenty. Just enough to survive. Normal, low-rank Shinigami have a reading range of 200 to 300. Seated officers have a reading of 301 to 800. Then we have vice-captains, who range from around 850 to 1200."

Naruto scoffed, "So I should be glad or something?"

Hitsugaya gave a smirk, "You are not even an academy student yet, and already your reiatsu is formidable. My reiatsu reading is 1674. And that's my base. Not taking into account my shikai and bankai."

Naruto rolled his eyes, "Okay, confused here. What IS that katana you have there?"

"It's called a Zanpakuto, it is the weapon we use to 'purify' the hollows. We slay them using this and allow the corrupted soul to rest. You'll get to know them, come on, time to go."

"Go where?"

Hitsugaya took out his Zanpakuto and raised it, "Konso (Soul Burial)" And with a light tap, Naruto felt a strange feeling of bliss engulf him, and as he found himself dissipating, he grinned, "Nice to meet ya, Toshiro, name's Uzumaki Naruto." And with that, he was gone.

Hitsugaya chuckled, "Uzumaki Naruto huh……Interesting……Hope you enjoy your 'life' here in Soul Society."

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