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I Live On

Chapter 34: Captain Confrontations

Things had been simple. Very, very simple. All Ishida had intended to do, was go out there, scout around, whack a few of those Shinigami dudes on the head when no one was looking just to prove his Quincy superiority, and then go back to their hideout safely with a smug expression on his face.

However, it was just not to be so.

No, things must turn difficult. There just had to be a group of drunken retards who caught on to him by sheer luck. They then had to draw a huge amount of attention to themselves while trying to trap him. The 'try' part was overrated given their pathetic resistance, but the thing that made Ishida's day had to be how they just blew up without a proper reason.

See, blow up, not figurative speaking, not metaphoric or anything like that. No, they literally blew up.

So he had this extremely bewildered expression his face, and decided that, no matter how idiotic, moronic, absolutely stupid the Shinigami were, they do not just explode for no good reason. So that led to him snooping around a bit more, where he then found himself face to face with a purple dude dressed in a white Haori that had the number twelve on it with his head wrapped up in a turban thing.

Naturally, this brought a smirk to his face, the 'man-you-look-so-retarded' smirk. Yes, he had many different smirks, each clearly defined for different purposes and occasions. He even named them while he was bored.

Back on topic, this guy then made snide remarks about how Ishida had fortunately not gotten himself killed in that explosion just now and that he was merely another Quincy to be dissected for the dude's experiments.

Normally, Ishida wouldn't even bother giving this kind of freak any time of the day, but seeing how this is a Captain talking to you? Yeah, one had to give him some respect, no matter how much of a fool he seemed to be.

The other thing that caught his attention, was of course, the Quincy stuff. Was it just him, or did this purple dude (on a closer look, he's actually more pale-ish white, albino most likely, the purple was just some kind of make-up or something) say something about dissecting Quincy?

Now this wouldn't do. This wouldn't do at all! He had a Quincy pride damn it! How could he just stand here like the aloof teenager that he had been portraying himself as for so long when he just found out that his 'kin' were desecrated by the hands of this filthy purple-white dude?!

It was kinda funny how the Captain ignored his change of facial expressions throughout his monologue, and finally ending with declaring that Ishida's grandfather had been his last specimen, quite a useless specimen at that.

Ishida loved his grandfather like any child who had been brought up by their grandfathers with care and love. So obviously, this didn't sit too well with the blue-haired teenager, and his anger was rising by the moment that he felt like blowing up. But no, he would remain calm. He was a big boy now, he could take the whole world on by himself.

Hence, he chose to scream and yell at the despicable deeds that this Captain had just told him and demanded to know the Captain's name.

Kurotsuchi Mayuri. What a weird name, though it was to be expected from a guy as freaky and evil as a mad scientist whose whole life consisted of working on mad experiments.

Thinking back on the data of the captains that Naruto had provided him with, he remembered the comment on the twelfth division.

All freaks. Kill on sight if they annoy you. Especially the captain, the world would be a much better place without him.

Ah yes, that made sense. Good call Naruto!

Giving an inward nod, Ishida prepared himself for combat. Now, he wasn't a hot-blooded person normally (as in he didn't have constant bursts of emotions that he couldn't control, but here was the (pardon the swearing) mother fucker that killed his grandfather, standing right before him, looking at him like some slab of juicy meat, and that downright disturbed him, much more than he would care to admit, but nevertheless, this was the bastard (again, forgive the swearing) that took away the only caring kin he had in his life! That cold-hearted father of his had given him nothing but misery over the years, and this purple dude (or white, he couldn't really tell in the dark now) was responsible for it!

Hence his conclusion once again, great call Naruto!

One thing led to another, and they were at it, him with his bow and arrows of spiritual energy, and Mayuri… just standing there.

An unexpected turn of events occurred when a female stood before the captain, and started taking all his attacks, just so the captain could injure him. As a gentleman, seeing a lady being used in such a way infuriated him, and naturally, he increased the intensity of the attacks, executing his attacks in the most flexible ways possible, aiming at Mayuri from angles others wouldn't even dream of attempting, just so that the lady wouldn't be hurt so much.

Then he stopped his onslaught and thought for a bit. This lady… this was Kurotsuchi Nemu?

Female Vice-captain. Hot. If she comes out, you're screwed, because knowing you, she's gonna have you wrapped all around her pinky without her even realizing it.

Too true. Her skin, so smooth and silky, her eyes, so round and deep, her lips, sultry and full, and those long legs! Added to her gorgeous figure, the alluring image she gave off overall simply overwhelmed him.

Trust me, if you have a type, she is IT.

Yes, Ishida Uryuu preferred a certain type of women, just like all those teenage boys with hormones raging through their veins. He was not homosexual, contrary to popular belief given his hobby of sewing, nor did he 'have the hots' for Kurosaki, which was just plain ridiculous.

Right now, before him, stood the woman of his dreams, metaphorically speaking. She was perfect! Yet another good call made by Naruto.

However, he was soon reminded that despite her being the spitting image of his 'preferred type of woman', he was getting his ass handed to him because of his hesitance in injuring said woman.

It wasn't long before he was cornered, and subjected to the taste of Mayuri's Zanpakuto Ashisogi Jizo. The fact that his 'numb' body could feel pain meant that his nerves must be all fucked up (do excuse the swearing, it's not an everyday occurrence for him but still, the circumstances call for it).

Again, Mayuri was at it with the 'your grandfather was a crappy old man' insults while bitch slapping his own vice-captain, who so happened to be his 'daughter' too.

Ishida couldn't take it any longer. This piece of filth needed to be taught his place in life… no, in death, and he would be the one to show him the true powers of being a Quincy.

Such was the sight Anko came upon as she arrived at the scene. Ishida Uryuu, standing there with a completely serious expression, strings of reiatsu attaching themselves to every single muscle fibre in his body, forcing them to move at his every command despite the condition they were in. It was truly beautiful.

"Ah, Ransotengai (Heavenly Wild Puppet Suit), quite an advanced technique for a Quincy so young, if I do say so myself." Mayuri sneered before readying his Zanpakuto, "But ultimately, it is a futile effort. Why not just stay down and die?"

Ishida took one more look at the incapacitated Nemu and shook his head, "I don't believe this." Without a word, spiritual energy gathered in his glove, forming an aqua bow, and with his left hand, he formed an arrow of the purest white, "This has gone on long enough."

Mayuri raised an eyebrow while tilting his head to the side, "Yes, it has, hasn't it?"

With a quick execution of Hirenkyaku (Flying Screen Step), Ishida let loose the arrow. Expecting an attack his way, Mayuri attempted to deflect the attack, only to find nothing but mere air. Puzzled, his eyes followed Ishida's every move as he continued to form arrows, launch them, and move on.

The only problem was that the arrows didn't feel 'launched', they were completely stationary in mid air. Once a circle of arrows were formed around him, Mayuri couldn't help but laugh, "What is the meaning of this? Are they supposed to hit me?"

The cold 'yes' that he got even as Ishida somehow slipped past his defenses and appeared right above his head surprised even him as all ten energy arrows fired at him at the same moment, blasting him backwards with force completely unlike the previous strikes.

Coughing as the debris piled up around him due to him crashing into a nearby wall, Mayuri growled, "I see, I see, seems like anger does feed to your power."

In actual fact, it had been more of using underestimation and a slight boost of power on Ishida's part, nothing too, too special. Anko yawned before taking a seat on a nearby building, "Well, least he's putting on a show. It won't be too boring I guess."

Ishida stared at his glove for a moment, knowing that he required a lot more power to be able to defeat Mayuri, yet once he released the Sanrei Glove, he would lose his Quincy powers. Quite the dilemma indeed.

One noted by Mayuri of course, who set out goading the Quincy once again, daring him to release the glove. The thing that surprised him was when Nemu cried out to him as his hand reached for the glove, as though not wanting him to do it. With an expressionless face, he stared at her, unable to decipher just what he felt for her. It had been righteous anger at her treatment mixed with an admiration for her, yet now, it felt more… relief-like? Maybe him getting stabbed and all that wasn't for nothing?

Well, normally, I would say do NOT release that glove, but since we have me, release it any time you want. Just make sure you find me afterwards.

Chuckling back at the memory of Naruto lecturing him about the possible choices he had when facing a captain, he stared at his Sanrei Glove and muttered, "As you command."

In an instant, power flared up all around him, spiritual particles gathering to form a holster around his shoulder blade. It was a majestic sight, one that brought Nemu and Mayuri to stupor. Mayuri, being all gleeful at having a new subject to experiment on, Nemu, simply admiring the beauty of the technique.

Sighing as the energy rushed through him, he formed a bow. No, it was more like thinking of one and firing an arrow just like that. The speed and force behind his attacks were incredible, completely unlike the ones he had sent earlier, and before long, Mayuri found himself a pincushion with all those reishi arrows stuck onto his body.

"Ah haha! How interesting! A young Quincy such as you actually think that you could take on a Captain class Shinigami like me?! Bankai! Konjiki Ashisogi Jizo (Golden Leg-cutting Jizo)!"

A giant creature with the body of a caterpillar dressed in a red cape appeared in a flash of red reiatsu. The head of a grotesque golden baby loomed into view even as its arms thrashed about. Shining in the darkness, a silver halo sits quietly above its head. Overall, it projected quite the intimidating presence.

Ishida frowned, before shaking his head, "You misunderstand the situation." Dismissing his bow, he made a wild gesture with his hands, "Do you know why us Quincy wear white?"

Mayuri raised an eyebrow, "And you think I care because…?"

"We, the Quincy, were said to be created by Kami-sama himself, a special group of beings that roam the realm of death, taking care of any evil that cross our paths. The crosses that we bear and the white that we don, they resemble the very idea of justice, and it is up to us, the purest of all souls, to eliminate and discard evil beings."

Snorting, the twelfth division captain, "Well I guess the rumours were wrong then, such a weak species could never have been created by Kami-sama for this purpose. Maybe all you were made for was to feed those stupid hollows so that we Shinigami actually have work to do."

Ishida ignored the insult and continued, "The bow and arrow, one of the most ancient and basic weapons to grace this world, ranged weapon, providing users with great accuracy deadly power." His eyes narrowed as reiatsu flared around him once again, the light bluish white expanding from his body, threatening to engulf the very environment, yet he alone stood within the storm of his power, staring down Mayuri's Bankai as though it were nothing but child's play.

"It is also the weapon, that leaves us clean at the end of a battle, for none of the disgusting blood of our enemies, would ever reach our pure souls."

"Ridiculous! That's the reason?! Forget this, kill him! Konjiki Ashisogi Jizo!" The twelfth division captain commanded his creature with a majestic wave of his hand, and in an instant, the monster was on the move. Crashing against the walls on the sides, it charged down the pathway, intent on ramming and destroying its only target on its current path.

Ishida closed his eyes, and formed an arrow using the flaring white reiatsu, carefully shaping it as he twirled it around his hands. Spinning around in one swift motion, his right hand created an almost transparent bow in but a second. Three streams of reiatsu soared into the air and proceeded to swirl around him, even as the monster thrashed its way towards him at an alarming speed.

"We pass on Heaven's judgment, Kami-sama's will with our arrows, and our strength never wavers in the face of danger." Placing the arrow lightly onto the bow, his left hand delicately drew the arrow backwards, his eyes still closed as he felt his reiatsu surge onto the arrow.

"When facing our enemies, our rage resonates through the clouds, reaching Heaven itself as we make our call! I am not alone, we Quincy are one, be it dead or alive. Feel our pain, feel our sorrow, feel our agony." The three streams of reiatsu that rose before turned a darker shade, glowing a navy blue as they continued to spin on the spot.

"We shall prevail, our belief never falters, we carry our duty without fail. Feel our courage, feel our determination, feel our might!" The strands of reiatsu split into two each, where the navy blue turned into aqua, shimmering merrily against the dark contrast of their brother strands.

All this happened in the time span of a few seconds, and before long, the monster was rearing its head at him, preparing to launch a poisonous attack while crashing head first into this puny Quincy.

Nemu couldn't help but gasp at the sight. No matter how many times she had seen Konjiki Ashisogi Jizo in action, it still felt menacing to her and the fact that this young man was on the receiving end didn't make it any better. He had actually cared for her well-being despite them on different sides, and the last person who had done something even remotely similar in terms of stupidity had been Uzumaki Naruto. Once again, she had a weird feeling in her heart, where she actually felt like appreciating the gesture, but then mostly, she still didn't see the point of these actions.

She was a mere creation, nothing too special, and yet they treated her as though she were a normal soul almost. Why, that's quite peculiar, because that was something she could never be, and she had, on multiple occasions, told that to Uzumaki. That man simply refused to acknowledge this fact and told her to lighten up. Whatever does one do to 'lighten up'?

And yet, here he was, a Quincy of all that could have met her, throwing about that righteous anger once again. She did admire his spirit, but it would seem futile even as the monster began its course towards him. Perhaps he might surprise her? Scientifically speaking, such a young Quincy should have no hopes of defeating a captain class Shinigami, but it would seem that this 'Final-form' of the Quincy gave him extra boosts that seemed to make him match Mayuri's power.

Quietly, she watched on, her eyes trained on the blue-haired Quincy, a slight smile on her lips even as she witnessed his every move.

He really is a baka.

"That he is." A voice sounded from beside her and with a surprised look, she stared upwards, finding herself face to face with one of the Vasto Lordes that were part of the invasion.

"W-what are you…"

"He's still a brat, and loves to defend female honour and stuff like that, but he's a good kid. Well, that clash looks like it's gonna hurt, best get you out of the way." Grinning, Anko lifted her over her shoulders and leapt back to her viewing spot.

At the same time, Konjiki Ashisogi Jizo was but a few metres away from Ishida.

"This is it Quincy! Your life will end, and your meaningless existence with it!" With a maniacal smirk on his face, Mayuri swung his blade downwards, ordering the immediate disposal of the teenage Ryoka.

"Indeed, the time has come! The will of Kami-sama be done! Shinsen Do'unha! (Raging Arrow of the Heavens Shatters the Clouds)" His entire body leaned backwards to tilt at an angle, and as one, along with the six strands of spiraling reiatsu, he fired his glowing arrow right at the head of that monster.

The resultant clash of energies was incredible, sending shockwaves crashing towards the surrounding physical barriers present, blasting walls into mere debris. The monster could only give one last howl, before the arrow pierced right through it, continuing its path down its body, travelling at speeds faster than the naked eye could follow, and in but a second, the entire body of Mayuri's bankai was cleaved in half.

The tunnel-surge-effect created by the six streams of blue reiatsu then converged together on the arrow, boosting its speed and power, sending it searing at Mayuri in a blinding haze. The energies detonated on contact with its target and the echoes of the explosion reverberated around the area, creating a ringing effect in Nemu and Anko's ears. To say Nemu was shocked would be an understatement. Even Anko was impressed with the power behind that move.

Not even breathing hard, Ishida dismissed his bow, and began to walk in the opposite direction, but not before throwing a nonchalant comment back at his opponent, "I won't miss a second time."

As the dust cleared, there was Kurotsuchi Mayuri, with a perfectly round hole in his torso, taking away all of his internal organs, leaving him standing there bleeding all over the ground. Unable to make any retort to the comment, he instantly reverted to a liquid form that would allow him to recuperate from this devastating defeat. Never would he have thought a mere Quincy could deal this much damage to him.

He couldn't even see the attack as it blast right through him, the pain sending him into a shivering mess as he struggled to even breathe. A Quincy… interesting…

Next time, I'll let it pass this time, perhaps you might provide me with some intriguing data after all.

With that thought it mind, he slithered away in his liquid goo down into the sewers, where he would be guaranteed a complete, but gradual recovery.

Ishida sighed, even as he saw Anko grinning at him with a dumbfounded Nemu by her side, "I guess you saw it all."

"Indeed! Very well done brat! I don't usually give out compliments but that was really impressive. To think that you could take on a Captain all by your thin, lanky self, I've really underestimated you." Her wide grin spoke volumes to Ishida, and for the first time since the fight, he breathed a sigh of relief.

"Thank you, but I still have to apologize for getting into trouble in the first place."

"Well, I would scold you and all that, but since the objective was to start taking out the captains one by one, it doesn't matter since you took out the twelfth captain. Naruto would be mighty proud of you, heh heh." Anko waggled her eyebrows as she slung an arm around his shoulders, "Tried to be a prince charming too eh? My, my, I didn't know you had it in you!"

Sputtering, Ishida quickly adjusted his glasses and mumbled, "I couldn't stand seeing her hurt, a lady should be – "

"Yeah, yeah, a lady should be protected, blah blah blah. You and your chivalry will get you killed one day if you aren't careful." Rolling her eyes, she whacked him on the back of the head, before walking off, "Come on."

Ishida grumbled about not being treated properly, before trudging obediently behind Anko. He did have to see Naruto about him attaining Final Form after all. The drain was starting to affect him and the fatigue seemed to be piling up as the seconds pass by. Just as he was about to take another step, his left leg failed on him, and he stumbled.

The surprise was when he found two arms catching him mid-fall, gently supporting him even as his arm was placed around her shoulder. Staring face to face with Kurotsuchi Nemu, Ishida couldn't help but blink, "Erm, why are you…?"

"You won my father."

Gulping, the Quincy nodded hesitantly, "Er… yes, yes I did."

"Was I part of the reason you chose to fight him?"

"You could say that…"

"Why not look me in the eye when you answer my questions?"

"He's shy." Anko yelled from up front, ignoring the growing blush on the teenage boy's face.

"I see. Very well, this is simply a mission to gather more data about you. I'm sure father will approve."

"More data…?" Confused, he was about to open his mouth to ask a few questions when he found his lips sealed by hers.

Now completely bewildered as to what exactly was going on, his eyes widened as her lips left his, ending with a teasing lick along the corner of his mouth, "Hm, the reiatsu doesn't taste half bad."

"I, you, wait, you can taste reiatsu?" This just kept getting weirder and weirder.

"Come on! Move along! Less sucking face, more walking!" Anko was obviously getting impatient.

"Of course, how else do we tell which specimens are useful or not?"

"… Okay, somehow that feels creepy." Ishida chose to close his eyes and simply go along with the ride. He didn't care what else happened, seeing how it simply couldn't get weirder than this woman simply following him like he didn't just almost kill her 'father' and destroy a huge chunk of Seireitei.

"Don't feel sad, that was a kiss after all. It was your first, wasn't it?"


She's kinda like a robot, but not really. Don't judge her with your first impression. She ain't normal.

Opening his eyes of one more glimpse at the woman that was currently supporting him, he couldn't help but sigh.

Why must Naruto be right every single time?

With Chad……

Things were going on a little too smoothly in his opinion. In fact, him still standing was a surprise in itself. Naruto had warned him beforehand that his powers could not be fully expressed in such a 'holy' setting, seeing how they resembled Hollow powers, and the fact that his entire coordination might be screwed up when attacked by Shinigami powers would put him at a great disadvantage. It was on the reasons Naruto had told him to think it through before deciding whether or not he wanted to join them.

He had accepted the fact that he might be a liability, but decided to place more faith in his control of his skills. After all, he had to be 'calm' person when Ichigo or Ishida start one of their random moments. That answer had brought a smile to the blond's face and that was when he was allowed a spot on the team.

Chad had worked with Anko-san and Lunar-san a lot, ensuring that he came into maximum contact with Hollow powers so that his own could evolve and mature. The training gave him a lot more than simply battle experience, but made him reach into his inner self and feel what the power was like. It was an interesting experience, for he had never noticed it to be there in the first place. Naruto had suggested that it probably manifested when huge reiatsu powerhouses like him and Ichigo hung around for too long. Then again, why weren't others affected? Surely, if that theory worked, then most of the people in the class should be growing special powers then.

Anko had simply smacked him on the head and told him to think more about improving his power, not how he got it. Lunar gave a silent nod to support her partner's comment.

Case closed.

"Now, now, don't start drifting off."

Snapping back to his senses, he raised his right arm for the umpteenth time to block yet another strike from the eighth division captain. They've attracted quite the crowd it seems, he didn't even realize it until a while into their combat, where he was completely surrounded.

See, that had been the plan, charge in, use brute strength, overcome whatever tricks the captain had up his sleeve, and cause distraction, then run. Obviously, he knew it wasn't going to work, but facing these odds, he didn't have much of a choice, so he thought he would give it a try anyway.

Normally, if it had been any other person, the entire plan would have ended at step 'use brute strength'. The speed of this Captain was mesmerizing, easily evading his attack, leapt backwards quite a few times, and in a flash, he was back at his side, katana raised and all.

The key point lies in the fact that Chad's right arm isn't like any other right arm. On pure reflex, his inner instincts activated the hollow powers and due to his will to defend, his Brazo Derecha de Gigante was activated. The huge surface area of the shield along with its superior defense ensured that he was safe from harm.

Even as Kyoraku gave a light gasp in response to this special transformation, the third from of his right arm reverted back to the first form, as though nothing had happened. That got a raised eyebrow from the Shinigami, and he couldn't help but wonder if he had simply saw wrong.

Chad knew better. He had so far, only mastered his right arm, well, not really mastered, but activated all three forms at least. He wasn't sure if this was the true depth of his power, but for the time being it would have to do. After coming to Seireitei, he found that he could only safely use the first form, which simply allowed him to fire off reiatsu blasts at will, depending on his stamina remaining. He had tried starting up the second form, only to find that he could barely control it, much less the third form.

Hence, the only reason the third form had shown up in its gigantic shield was a fluke.

Yes, a fluke, that had to be it.

And while he was telling himself that it had to be a fluke, Kyoraku sliced at him again. Funnily enough, it was blocked in exactly the same way as before, and as expected, it reverted back to the first form after the danger had subsided.

Now this led the duo to a dilemma, Chad in deciding whether or not he should try and attack given this defense of his, and Kyoraku, wondering if he should at least activate his Shikai now that this boy had shown him such an interesting power.

It was quite a hilarious sight to be honest, for Kyoraku had this wide smile on his face, "Ne, ne, your ability is quite amusing! Would you like to explain to me how it works?"

Chad simply kept silent, trying to see if he could call forth the second form to add some firepower to his repertoire. And so they went, back and forth, back and forth, neither gaining an advantage in this combat, if you could even call it that.

It was still obvious that Kyoraku, what with his flashy entrance with the flower petals thrown by his vice-captain and stuff, possessed skills far greater than that of Chad. Hence, all Kyoraku was doing was appearing at different places and striking Chad at different intervals, whereas said teenager was simply on the defensive, taking all the strikes, (albeit slow strikes, but the power was still there) and looking for ways to escape this difficult situation.

Such was the scene that Lunar came upon as she descended from the sky. It was quite the sight to behold, a woman dressed in white, drifting down using air currents, with her white ribbon laces swirling around her as she landed gracefully beside Chad. Kyoraku's eyes widened at her sudden arrival, before chuckling, "My, my, talk about beauty."

Lunar simply gave a slight bow before replying in a soft, melodious voice, "I apologize for the sudden intrusion, but it is time for this young man here to take his leave. I trust that he has caused you enough trouble by now." Her expression was one of absolute seriousness, bringing quite a few of the surrounding Shinigami to laugh at her outrageous demands.

Kyoraku on the other hand, stopped his movements and eyed this lady before him carefully, "And if I refuse?"

Nothing happened, then strands of ribbons darted out from her dress, instantly ensnaring the laughing idiots in their grasp, before strangling them in mid-air, showing an example to Kyoraku.

"Ah cha, that's kinda violent don't you think?"

Chad could only stare at Lunar as she took complete control of the situation. He was about to ask when he heard Lunar's voice in his mind.

Do not worry, we will be out of here in no time. Your powers are suppressed and it would do you no good to confront a Captain class opponent at this stage. Retreat is the best option. Follow my lead.

Nanao was gaping at the show of power, before realizing that this woman was one of the Vasto Lordes that showed up during that confrontation! Reaching into her gi, she was about to retract her Zanpakuto when a silent whisper stilled her movements.

"Tenra Chibou. (Entrapment by the Sky and Earth)"

Searing outwards, the ribbons locked on to their target as Tiamat controlled them with ease, forcing Kyoraku to retreat even as she grabbed onto Chad by the shoulder and dashed off into the distance. The rubble created by that attack alone showed the power she held. After all, it wasn't everyday when one found himself being crushed to death by cloth of all things. Dry cloth at that, not even wet cloth, but dry.

Kyoraku sighed as he sheathed his blades, before shrugging in nonchalance as he made his way back to his office past a flabbergasted Nanao, "Oh well, they got away, show's over."

"B-but Taichou!"


"Why are you just letting them go? They could be the murderers of Aizen-taichou!"

"Hm… I guess. But Nanao-chan." Gesturing at the crowd of fallen Shinigami all groaning in pain amongst the debris that used to be walls, Kyoraku grinned, "What about them?"

Nanao gaped at the amount of people actually affected by that attack. All she had seen was a sheet of white across the sky as she looked up, before she braced herself for the attack, now that she looked closer, the ground seemed to have been covered with those ribbons of hers as well.


"So! Seems like we are in agreement, now, where's my Sake?"

"Oh, it's in the cabine… wait, what?"

"Ara, thank you for telling me! You must be pretty shaken by that display of strength."

"No! It's not in the cabinet. I lied! Do not check there!"

"Come now, Nanao-chan, I might be somewhat stupid but I'm not that dumb."

"Yes you are. Now listen to me when I say the Sake is not there!"

"But you said – "






"That's – "




"You're mean, Nanao-chan."

"Just enough to keep you in line, Taichou."

"Sigh, I guess it's back to paperwork then."

"You guessed right Taichou."

"…Let's make a detour to the cabinet."

"I said it's not there!"

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