So I decided to try something new. Normally, I portray Vamdemon as a not so evil creature. However, I know that's not how he really is. That's the beauty of a piece of writing. The author has the artistic license to mold the character into a model of how they want them to be seen. I had a dream the other night of Vamdemon as an extremely violent creature, more so even than portrayed in the show, and this is the result.

The first thing he felt upon leaving the digital world was a cool breeze. His eyes gazed lazily at the streaks and blurs of blue that flashed by him and the other digimon he had brought with him. The experience was calming, and seemed to last for an eternity.

But as quickly as the serenity had come, it was gone. Suddenly a bright light pierced his vision, causing his eyes to close tightly to protect themselves. The cool sensation was replaced with a painful sting that made the skin on his face feel tight. He forced his eye lids open slightly as to see what had gone wrong.

An orb of light in the sky said it all. He cursed to himself at his lack of consideration as to what time of day it might be on Earth. Fighting immense pain, he frantically scanned to area for shade.

"Vamdemon-sama? What's wrong?" Picodevimon asked worriedly. He flew back and forth around his master. The creature growled at his stupidity.

After a few seconds he spotted a door through his blurred vision. He moved towards it as quickly as he could with the amount of pain he was in. Picodevimon moved to follow.

"I need some time alone." He directed at him angrily, hitting him away weakly, though strong enough to hurl the creature backwards. Reaching forward, he grasped the handle and pulled. The door opened, to his relief. Before his servant could react, and follow him inside, he slammed the door shut.

Darkness enveloped him. The pain that had been steadily building during the minute or so he was outdoors began to subside, leaving a dull ache throughout his body. He turned slightly and locked the door behind him, allowing his body to relax against it.


He froze, eyes snapping to the place where the voice had come from. It belonged to a boy crouched to floor on the other side of the room. He was much older than any of the chosen children were, but was still young.

"Sir, I don't think any one is allowed in here. This building is used for storage, and-"

"Silence." He commanded with a deep voice. It seemed to reverberate against the walls. Even from across the room he could see the boy's brows furrow in apparent anger

"Look, I don't know who you think you are, but-"

He smirked.

"I am Vamdemon, your new master. You will obey me, and stay quiet, slave."

For a moment the boy was shocked into silence. He shook his head slightly, sure that the 'man' before him was deranged.

"I have to bring this to my father, so if you would please move..."

He glanced at the box the boy had been crouched in front of.

"I don't think you understand, slave." He said with a smirk, and advanced towards the boy. "Whatever you had to do for your...father...doesn't matter any more. I have claimed you as mine, and so you will do as I say."

"Stay away from me." The boy commanded, standing and backing away.

"That isn't how it works, slave." He closed in on the child, and pushed him roughly against the wall. "Servants that don't obey their master are punished severely. Are you going to continue to fight me?"

"Get off!" He yelled, a dreadful fear forming inside him.

"You insolent child!" Vamdemon yelled, causing the boy to shrink back. "I gave you your chance; now you will pay!"

"What...are you going to do to me..." He asked, staring fearfully at the frightful figure before him.

He laughed coldy at the child, revealing his teeth to the already mortified boy. "I just traveled a great distance, and I am quite...hungry. You should make a suitable meal."

"What!" The boy tried to fight his way free but lost energy quickly.

"Don't fight me, child." He whispered menacingly, tilting the boy's chin upwards. "You should be flattered that yours will be the first human blood I consume."

Tears had formed in the boys eyes at the hopelessness of his situation. He couldn't continue his resistance as the monster's fangs pierced his neck. To his surprise, there was little pain. In it's place was a warm, numbing sensation that began at the place of penetration and spread throughout his entire body. His eyes grew heavy but he fought to keep them open. After a number of minutes he felt the faint withdrawal of teeth at his neck before he was released and allowed to collapse onto the floor. His eyes traveled upwards to his assailant.

The vampire stared down at him with a mix of contempt and astonishment. The boy was still awake; still alive. He smirked, dabbing a trace of blood off his chin. He would make sure that would change.

Behind him, glowing red orbs began to materialize, seemingly out of nowhere. At first there were only a few, but they soon numbered over one hundred. The boy knew he should be afraid, but he couldn't bring himself to feel the emotion. Even as the numbing effects of the vampire's bite faded away, and sharp nips and tugs at his flesh could be felt, he stayed quiet and accepted his fate as the slave he had been declared.

He knew he was covered in blood; he could smell it, and his body stung as tiny teeth gnawed at his exposed muscles. He knew he was being eaten alive, but he didn't fight anymore. His eyes grew heavy again, but this time he couldn't keep the heaviness at bay. The last thing he saw before passing was the piercing, ice blue eyes of his master, Lord Vamdemon.