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Koyama Hana walked onto the campus of Konoha High School. She had just moved from Iwa (the village hidden in stone) to Konoha (the village hidden in leaves) and she knew no body there. She soon came across 2 girls her age who looked as confudled as her. "Hi, I'm Koyama Hana." She introduced herself to them. The girl with raven black hair with neon orange tips (in a ponytail) and forest green eyes smiled. "Nice to meet you, Hana-san. I'm Amaterasu Kei. I just moved here from Kumo (the village hidden in clouds)." "I just moved here from Tea Contry. I'm Deguchi Yumi." Said the other girl, with black hair, black eyes, a blue polo shirt, and a blue plaid skirt with a brown belt. "Hey, what are your schedules?" Hana asked. They compared schedules. They each had the same schedule, which is this:

1st period: English-Hatake Kakashi

2nd period: History-Jiraiya

3rd period: P.E.-Maito Gai

4th period: Health-Sarutobi Asuma

5th period: Science-Orochimaru

6th period: Math-Yuhi Kurenai

"Well let's take a look around." Yumi commented. They began to walk around their new campus. As they were walking they accidentaly bumped into 2 girls their age. "Oops! Gomen!" said the girl with shoulder length indigo hair. "No it's our fault. We're sorry." Hana replied. "Well I don't believe we've met." said the girl with her chocolate brown hair in 2 buns on the sides of her head. "I'm TenTen." she introduced. "I'm Hyuga Hinata." said the indigo haired girl. "I'm Koyama Hana." Hana said. "I'm Amaterasu Kei." Kei replied. "And I'm Deguchi Yumi." "Are you guys new?" TenTen asked. They explained where their home towns were. After that they all compared schedules, and found out that they had their first 3 periods with Hinata and their last 3 periods with TenTen. "Come on! We'll introduce you to our friends!" TenTen exclaimed, taking hold of Hana's wrist, while Hinata held Yumi's and Kei ran after them.

"Hey guys!" TenTen called. They were now in the quad area with a group of 12 kids around their age. Hana instantly spotted someone she knew. He spooted her as well. "Hey Hana. Unpack yet?" he asked. Hana smirked. "You would know if you ever came up to my room instead of sleeping 24/7!" she retorted. "Wait do you two know each other?" Hinata asked. Hana nodded. "Yep! Shikamaru's my stepbrother. Right?" Shikamaru nodded lazily. Suddenly Kei screamed "NARUTO-KUN!!!!!" Naruto then called back "KEI-CHAN!!!!!" then they hugged. "Do you guys know each other?" TenTen asked. Naruto nodded happily. "Kei-chan's my cousin!" Naruto explained. "Well let me introduce the gang." Naruto said. (A/N: I'm not gonna write the characters intos cause I'm too lazy!!)

"Hey Hana-chan! Let me walk you to class!" said Kiba. "Oh! I don't wanna trouble you Kiba-kun!" she replied. Kiba grinned at her. "No trouble at all! My class is next door!" he explained. As he walked her to class, he smirked slightly when he saw Neji's small frown.

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Mrs. Neji Hyuga (or Hana)