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After lunch, it was time for science with Orochimaru-sensei. After he commanded that they read 15 pages in their science book, Hana and Shikamaru fell asleep. Actually, Shikamaru fell asleep after page 3...Soon after she had fell asleep, Hana felt something wet on her arm. She opened her eyes slightly, but enough to see Orochimaru's face. "Glad to have you back, Koyama-san." he said. He walked back toward Shikamaru's desk. Hana looked around, her classmates' faces with looks of horror and disgust on them. What? Hana thought. Is it that wrong to fall asleep in class? As if reading her thoughts, TenTen pointed at Shikamaru. Hana looked and her face blended in with her classmates. Orochimaru woke Hana and Shikamaru up by...licking their arms...Shikamaru, obvious to what had happened, sighed and returned to his textbook. Shuddering, his classmates followed. Even though he didn't do anything else that bad, Orochimaru-sensei was labeled Worst Teacher by ALL of the freshman.

Kurenai-sensei was one of the coolest. A little strict, sure, but she knew how to make learning fun. Right before the 1st day was about to end, Tsunade-sensei, the principal, made an announcement. She said that, starting tomorrow, there will be 7 periods instead of 6. Study hall would be squeezed in as the new 4th period.

Neji's POV

One day, TenTen brought her laptop to Study Hall. "Who wants some tunes?" she asked. The music began pumping. "Anyone wanna dance?" she asked. "Have music, will dance!" Hana said. TenTen grinned. "Now I know why you're my BFF!!!" They began to dance. Yamanaka scoffed. "I don't need to sit here and watch Miss Yuri here get it on with the new girl." And with that, she left the room. (A/N: Just FYI, I have NOTHING against yaoi and yuri. I just needed some drama. If you've ever watched Degrassi, you'd know how dramatic this topic is.) I flipped off her retreating back. "She's just a bitch TenTen." I told her. "She only says things like that because you have very few faults, if any at all." Temari-sempai said. "TenTen-chan...are you...not that it matters, of course! But are you...you know...?" Hana asked nervously. TenTen shook her head. "No. Ino and her minions call me that because I don't act all obsessive over guys. I do like a guy but...only a few people know who it is. When I do things like dance with girls, they automatically assume I like girls." she explained. Rage filled Hana eyes, a look I never saw on her nor ever expected to. "Why that condescending, bitchy, slutty mother fu-!!!!!" "Damn Hana-chan!" Kei exclaimed. "What?! A girl can't stand up for he friend when she's being accused of being something she isn't??!!" Hana snapped. "Hana-chan…" I said. Wow…was all I thought.

Shikamaru's POV

I was in my room trying on my Halloween costume. I learned that Jack Skellington is really skinny...Anyway, I looked at myself in the mirror and I saw Hana in the doorway. "Hey Shika." she greeted. "Hey." I replied, adjusting the giant bat wing-like bow. "Ya know, Temari-sempai going to the dance as Sally." she commented, smirking. "And?" I asked hoping she didn't notice the slight blush on my face. "Jack Skellington ends up with Sally..." she added. "And?" I asked again. God this girl is so annoying sometimes! I thought angrily. "Well..."she continued. "Did you guys plan that?" "No." I said. Apparently she knew what I meant. "Omigod you did plan it!!!" she practically squealed. I covered her mouth. "Shhhh!!!!" I whispered. I looked out into the hall to see if Otou-san or Okaa-san had heard her. I pushed her into my room and locked my door. "Listen Hana. Nobody knows about that so keep quiet!" I whispered fiercely. "Nobody knows...what?" she said, obviously playing innocent. Or dumb..."Do I need to spell it out for you? Temari-chan and I are...are...dating..." I said, mumbling the last word. She giggled. "I knew it! I could tell something was up with you! You haven't said "troublesome" or "drag" in weeks!!" she gushed. I sighed. "You're a troublesome sister, you know that?" I said. She put her head on my shoulder. "But that's why ya love me!" she exclaimed. I just smiled. "Hey since you told me your secret, I'll tell you mine." she said. She cupped her hands around my right ear and whispered her secret to me. (A/N: You thought you'd learn to, huh? Well you gotta wait! Sorry!) I stared at her in shock. "Seriously?" I asked. She nodded. "Just don't tell anybody ok?" she asked. I pretended to zip up my lips. "My lips our sealed! They'll be our little secrets." I assured her. "Plus TenTen-chan and Choji-kun right?" she asked. I smirked and nodded. "Hey you better go get ready for the dance too Hana." I reminded her. "Oh right! Tell me when you're gonna go!" she called as she walked to her room.

Neji's POV

Somehow, the Halloween dance Hana planned became a school-wide thing. But it seemed like everyone knew what to wear except me. Well I just decide to go classic. I leaned against a wall, waiting for the night of horror to begin, when I saw an angel enter the gym. No, literally. She had golden blond hair with a tinfoil halo on top. She was wearing a white spaghetti strap dress and fake wings. She grinned and ran toward me. I couldn't help but blush and smile back.

"Neji-kun! Happy Halloween!" she exclaimed. "Happy Halloween Angel-chan." I replied. She giggled. "So are you having fun Vampire-kun?" she asked. Yeah, I decided to go as a vampire. You can't hate the classics right? "Now I am." I said before I could stop myself. She nodded. "Me too. Dances are more fun when you're with your friends right?" she asked. I nodded, trying to shake of the word friends. We talked about random things. We danced. Actually, Hana and TenTen showed me how to dance…But eventually Hana and I had to go to the bathrooms. I got out before her and went to get a drink at the water fountain. She came out and I was just about to come over to her when…

Hana's POV

"Yo!" a voice called. I turned to see 2 boys I've never met coming towards me. "Uh...hey." I said. They wobbled closer to me. I wrinkled my nose. They smelled like beer. "So you gotta man sweetie?" the one with messed-up black bed-head hair. "Maybe." I said icily. They didn't seemed fazed. "How bout us?" the redhead with his hair in a kinda mullet thing. "No thanks." I said, trying to walk away but they blocked my escape routes. "Babe, we don't think "no" is the right answer." the bed-head said. They moved in closer. Oh God...why isn't they're anyone around when something bad happens??!! I thought angrily. I shut my eyes tight, bracing myself for what was gonna happen.

Normal POV

"Oomph!!" Bed-head grunted. Hana opened her eyes to see the bed-head boy doubled over in pain and a boy in a mummy costume holding the mullet dude by his collar. "If I ever she you near her again, I swear I'll beat the both of you to a bloody pulp." he threatened in a low voice, dropping Mullet. "G-Got it!!" they stammered as they ran away. Hana, who was almost on the verge of tears ran into the mummy's arms. "You know, five minutes ago would've been a better time for you to come." she whined. He laughed. "Hey even Prince Charming can be late if the trusty stead is slow." he replied. Now it was Hana's turn to laugh. "Yeah I guess you're right. At least I'm lucky enough have a kind enough boyfriend to do that." she commented. "I think I'm the lucky one in this relationship, Hana-chan." the boy said. "Anyway, do you think we should go back in?" she asked. Hana wiped her eyes again and took his hand. "Yeah. And thanks again Kiba-kun." she said. The boy grinned an idiotic grin that could only belong to Inuzuka Kiba. The happy couple walked back into the gym, not even noticing the heartbroken Hyuuga just a few feet away.

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