Several people wanted a continuation of my first story, With Wolf and Tiger. This may be seen as a continuation of that story or this can be seen as an entirly different story. Either way, enjoy and comments are appreciated.

A year has past since Master Org was defeated and the rangers have gone on their own way. But Zen-Aku seemed to have disappeared and Alyssa's now a preschool teacher. What happens when they met up...? A Zen-Aku/Alyssa fic.

Chapter 1

"Merrick wondered the globe, searching for his next adventure, along with an unlikely companion from this past. So from then on, the Earth was free from all Orgs and all of the Power Rangers went on to live peaceful, happy lives."

"But what happened to Alyssa, the white ranger?" A little girl asked.

"Ooh…how could I forget? Alyssa finished college and went on to become a teacher."

"Like you?" asked another girl.

"Like me."

"Is that true, Ms. Enrilé, or did you just make it all up?" A small boy asked the teacher.

The teacher lead forward with a feign look of deep thought. "What do you think?" As she asked this, her eyes wondered to her desk were a picture frame sat. The picture held seven people, some wearing party hats, all posing for the camera. Just then, a bell rang and the kids all got to their feet.

"Bye, Ms. Enrilé" the children chorused.

"Bye, kids" their teacher smiled and waved goodbye to the children as they all filed out of the classroom.

When they all had left, Alyssa sighed, walked to her desk, and sat down in her chair. It was a full year after Master Org was defeated and since she's seen any of her friends, apart from Cole, who occasionally stopped by to say hello. Alyssa reached across her desk to pick up the picture frame containing the picture of their celebrating the defeat of the Orgs. Alyssa smiled as she went over the faces in the picture. Taylor, her best friend, was in the Air Force again and constantly in contact with Alyssa, sending her post cards and calling her when ever she got the chance. She had hinted, though not directly, that she's seen her yellow eagle flying with her. Danny and Max had just sent a post card of their most recent travel to France. Cole had actually visited her the other day, bringing take-out to her apartment and had dinner with her. Merrick was indeed traveling, though not with Zen-Aku like she had told the kids. They had no idea where Zen-Aku was, but they knew that he was out there and possibly dangerous to the world. But it's been a full year and there was still no sign of Zen-Aku.

Alyssa sighed and leaned back in her chair. After a while, she started humming the tune that Zen-Aku was known to play. She had always liked that tune, and always made her feel good to hear it again.

There was a knock on the classroom door and Alyssa looked up to see one of her co-workers.

"Alyssa, you have someone in front looking for you…"

"Thanks…" Alyssa saw the look of concern on her co-worker's face. "What's wrong."

"I don't think you should be this guy…there's nothing but evilness about him, wearing a cloak, collar pulled up, hat, even a mask…"

Alyssa frowned. Who in their right mind would dress like that? Surely her co-worker was over-exaggerating. "I think I can take care of myself…"

"Alyssa, I really think that-" Alyssa had gone before the co-worker had finished.

Alyssa walked out to the front of the building. She looked around to see who was looking for her when a melody reached her ears. Her eyes widened as she recognized the tune and followed the song.

Her ears lead her to a bench around the corner of the school. A cloaked figure sat on the bench, dressed just as the co-worker had described, traveling cloak drawn around himself, collar up, hat pulled low, and face behind a black mask that pointed out in the shape of a canine's muzzle. He was playing a curved dagger like a flute, creating the tune that had so often calmed Alyssa, but stopped and looked up when Alyssa drew near.

"So I find the Noble Tiger again…" Zen-Aku looked up at Alyssa from where he sat.

Alyssa backed into a defensive stance and looked up defiantly at Zen-Aku. "What do you want?!" she spat at him.

"Calm down…I did not come for a fight…" Zen-Aku held up his hands in submission and standing up.

"Oh, yeah? Then what did you come for?" Alyssa eyed him warily.

"I merely came to talk…" Slowly, Zen-Aku let his hands fall to his sides.

"Then talk!" Alyssa, unlike Zen-Aku, had not dropped her hands and kept them up and curled in fists.

"Not here…." Zeu-Aku said softly, walking away from Alyssa. "Come…"

Alyssa considered it for a moment before deciding to go with him, just to see what he had wanted.

Zen-Aku led Alyssa to the park that surrounded the famous lake that once was the Animarium. Zen-Aku walked in silence, keeping Alyssa in the dark, wondering what Zen-Aku wanted with her.

Once they had reached the less visited area of the lake, Zen-Aku stopped, removing his cloak and hat. He was still wearing his armor, just like a year ago.

"I don't know what to do…" Zen-Aku said, just before Alyssa was going to ask.

"W-what do you mean?" Alyssa asked, hesitantly.

"Ever since I woke up…I've been on a mission…to kill the guardians of the Earth that imprisoned me in that tomb…but you are no longer the guardians of the Earth, the title is now gone…I…I feel like I have no purpose…" Zen-Aku walked to the edge of the lake and looked out across it, seemingly ashamed at voicing any weakness.

Alyssa gapped at Zen-Aku. This was the last conversation she ever thought she'd have with him. "Why me…?"

"Huh? What do you mean?" Zen-Aku looked at Alyssa, confusion seen in his yellow eyes.

"Why are you telling me this? Why did you choose me?"

Zen-Aku snorted. "Don't flatter yourself. You were the just easiest to track down."

Alyssa blushed. "Well you don't have to put it like that…"

Zen-Aku didn't say anything for a little. Then he turned to face the lake again. "I'm sorry…"

They both fell silent, Zen-Aku looking out to the lake, Alyssa watching Zen-Aku's back. Suddenly, the silence was broken by the sound of engines, motorcycle engines, and they were coming closer. Zen-Aku and Alyssa turned to see a group of motorcyclists coming towards them. Alyssa muttered a curse. It was Friday, high schoolers are free from school and rowdy due to the upcoming football game that night. She counted five bikes, each now parked in front of her and Zen-Aku.

"Well well…looks like we have some trespassers…" said on of the bikers.

"Yo! This is our turf, now get outta here!" another one shouted.

"Nah, wait…let the lady be…I mean, who are we to rude to a pretty lady…" The third biker had gotten off his bike and was walking towards Alyssa.

The teen reached out to grab Alyssa but she was too quick for him. She grabbed his arm and twisted it around, throwing him into the ground behind her. She faced the other four, crouched down in a defensive stance. The others were off their bikes now, all walking towards her. Four-against-one, Alyssa's fought tougher odds, so this was going to be a piece of cake, or so she thought. The biker that she had knocked down had gotten up again and grabbed her from behind, pinning her arms behind her back and holding her tight.

"Bad mistake, lady…" the teen hissed in her ear. "You just crossed into the point of no return."

Alyssa was so focused on the teen that held her that she just barely registered a hand at her waist. She screamed as she realized one of the other bikers was trying to undo her pants and she kicked out at him, getting him in the chin and making him fall back, out cold. But the damage was done. Her pants were unbuckled and they fell to her ankles, revealing white and pink panties. Alyssa shrieked as two of the others held her legs down, feeling up her legs as the one behind her slipped his hand into her shirt. She tried to turn, to plead for Zen-Aku's help, only to find that he wasn't there anymore.

Alyssa felt tears in her eyes, knowing now that she was all alone with the four remaining bikers. The final biker teen walked up to Alyssa and pressed against his body against hers, one of his fingers rubbing her through her panties, making her moan involuntarily. Alyssa shut her eyes, hoping that this was all a nightmare, that or they just finish this quickly…

But they did not honor her unspoken wish. It was a while before she felt her shirt pulled open and hands groping her breasts, making her shudder and moan even more, prolonging their game.

"Hey! What are yo- AHH!!" Aylssa's eyes flew open as she felt one of the bikers get pulled off of her and hearing the sound of someone getting hit.

Zen-Aku stood there, holding one of the biker teens, knocked out, by the collar. The three still holding Alyssa released her and ran at Zen-Aku. Alyssa dropped to the ground, too shocked to move, not even to cover up her chest or pull up her pants.

"Who do you think you are?!"

"What's with this costume?! You some sort of freak or something?!"

Alyssa couldn't see what was happening since the bikers were blocking her veiw, but she did see one of them reach for Zen-Aku's mask and pull it off.

"What the- what the hell are yo-" Zen-Aku had punched the middle biker, the one who had his mask, sending him into the lake some feet away.

Before the other two managed to get away, Zen-Aku grabbed them both and slammed his fists into both of their stomachs, making them gag and pass out. With all five now knocked out, Zen-Aku walked to where his mask was dropped and picked it up. From the angle of the sunlight, Alyssa managed to catch a glimpse of his real face, seeing a lupine muzzle, before Zen-Aku replaced the mask on his face.

He then walked over to Alyssa, kneeling down next to her. "Are you alright…?"

Slowly, Alyssa nodded. Zen-Aku held out a hand and she took it, letting him help her up. Then, she finally pulled her pants back up and refastened them, but her shirt was torn off and unable to be worn.

"Here…" Zen-Aku draped his cloak around Alyssa's shoulders, covering her bare body.

Alyssa clutched at it, keeping it over her body.

"Come on…I'll take you home…" Alyssa nodded again and allowed Zen-Aku lead her out of the park.