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For the swarm

Chapter 21

Frostbite gave a roar and swung his claymore at the Wild Force Megazord, slashing it across the chest and knocking it down. The Predazord used its Gator Staff to block another hit and kicked Frostbite back.

"Thanks, Zen…" Alyssa groaned, as the Wild Force Megazord got back onto its feet.

"Be careful, rangers…this guy's tougher than most of the orgs you've fought." Zen-Aku warned.

Frostbite charged again, swinging his claymore down in a large arc above his head. The Predazord barely had enough time to raise its staff to block Frostbite's claymore.

"Slow…weak!" Frostbite taunted, continuing to strike at the Predazord, forcing it to remain on the defensive.

The Predazord pushed back against Frostbite with its staff, temporarily pushing Frostbite off of it. Determined to finish Frostbite off as soon as he could, Zen-Aku started to make the two sections on his staff rotate and brought it around in a full circle in front of him.

"Predator Wave!" The Predazord lunged forward, stabbing Frostbite with the rotating blades.

Frostbite, however, pressed the armored end of his gauntlets against the rotating ends, effectively bringing the staff to a stop just before it drilled into his frozen armor.

"So close…" Frostbite smirked. He raised his claymore over his shoulder and brought it down in a diagonal slash, cutting the Predazord across the right shoulder.

The Predazord stumbled back, clutching its shoulder, as Frostbite raised a foot and kicked it squarely in the chest, knocking it back. Taking advantage of Frostbite's attention on the Predazord, the Wild Force Megazord took its chance.

"Soul Cannon!" Each animal that made up the Wild Force Megazord fired a beam of energy, launching them at Frostbite's exposed back.

But Frostbite swung around and deflected the beams with a single swing of his claymore. "You guys are like flies!" Frostbite raised his claymore above his head and swung it down, making a shockwave like attack that hit the Wild Force Megazord full force.

The shockwave sent the Wild Force Megazord skidding into a building, creating a vertical crater in the side of the building.

"The cities are being destroyed!" Cole exclaimed, as the Wild Force Megazord pushed itself out of the building.

"Then we move this out of the city…" Zen-Aku said simply, the Predazord tackled Frostbite and, before he could have a chance to retaliate, pushed him outside the city limits, into a clear mountain range.

"Let…go…of…me!" Frostbite grunted, breaking free of the Predazord's grip and throwing a punch at it. The Predazord dodged, but the spikes on Frostbite's gauntlet raked its arm, causing damage to the Hammerhead Shark. Frostbite kicked the Predazord back, just in time as the Hammerhead Shark forcibly detached itself from the Predazord.

"Zen!" Alyssa shouted, as the Wild Force Megazord came running up to the Predazord. "Are you ok?!"

"I'm fine! Watch yourself!" Zen-Aku warned, but it was too late.

As the Wild Force Megazord stopped to check on the Predazord, Frostbite took the chance to send another shockwave from his claymore, making it hit the Wild Force Megazord. After being hit by multiple strong hits, the Wild Force Megazord wouldn't hold, forcing the Wildzords out of the formation and sending them crashing to the ground.

"The Megazord!?!" Max cried out, getting up from being thrown out of the Megazord and to the ground.

"Cole, we have to use the Isis Megazord!" Taylor said quickly, determined to get back into the fight.

"Right." Cole nodded in agreement, summoning his Falcon Summoner.

Each ranger placed the proper Animal Crystal into their Crystal Sabers and called down their Wild Zords. "Wild Zords, descend!" The Falcon, Giraffe, Deer, Rhino, and Armadillo Zords descended down from Animaria. "Wild Zords, combine!" With the Falcon as the head and body, Giraffe and Deer forming the arms, and the Rhino and Armadillo making up the legs, the Isis Megazord was formed. All the rangers jumped onto the Soul Bird and merged with the Isis Megazord, except for Alyssa however, something holding her back.

"Alyssa!? What's wrong?!" Cole shouted, seeing that Alyssa hadn't followed the rest of them.

She looked down in her hand to see her White Tiger animal crystal flashing brightly. There was a loud, high screech, and everyone turned to see the White Tiger once again on its feet. It gave a loud cry and ran forward, standing in line with the Isis Megazord and Predazord.

"It looks like the White Tiger still wants to fight…" Alyssa said softly. "But there's no other…" Then an idea struck her. She turned to the armless Predazord. "Zen!"

Zen-Aku seemed to catch onto Alyssa's idea at once and nodded. "Come!"

Alyssa gripped the White Tiger animal crystal and leapt into the Predazord, appearing next to Zen-Aku. Zen-Aku held out his dagger, the slot that used to hold the Hammerhead Shark now empty, and Alyssa dropped her White Tiger animal crystal into the hole.

Zen-Aku held the dagger out in front of himself. "Wild Zords, combine!" The White Tiger leapt up and became the Predazord's missing arm. "Now…let's try this again…" Zen-Aku growled at Frostbite, placing his dagger back into his console.

The rest of the rangers were, needless to say, confused but recovered quickly, the Isis Megazord standing at the ready.

"Isis Stare!" The rangers shouted, the eyes on the Isis Megazord flashing, freezing Frostbite momentarily.

"What the…?!" Frostbite snarled, trying to move his unmoving body.

The Predazord charged towards Frostbite and punched out at him.

"Wolf Attack!" The Predazord punched out with its Wolf arm, connecting with Frostbite's stomach. "Belle Punch!" The White Tiger arm uppercut Frostbite in the chin, knocking him back.

While Frostbite stumbled, the Isis Megazord jumped up and bicycle kicked the Armadillo at Frostbite. "Final Strike!" The Armadillo shot straight at Frostbite, who attempted to block it with his claymore but it snapped under the finishing attack, breaking the blade and allowing the Armadillo to ram into his stomach. Frostbite was thrown back, but was still standing back up.

Zen-Aku placed his hands above his console, powering up for a final attack. Seeing this, Alyssa placed her hands on top of one of Zen-Aku's, adding her own power. Zen-Aku glanced at Alyssa, who caught his eye, and nodded. Pouring all their energy into one last attack, the Predazord brought its staff in a full circle, the two sections spinning in opposite directions. "Predator Wave!" Grasping the handle of the staff with both hands, the Predazord stabbed its staff towards Frostbite, making contact.

Frostbite gagged, feeling the staff penetrate his body. When the Predazord leapt back, Frostbite fell to the ground, unleashing the usual blast of energy that was released from the fallen's body.

"YES!" The rangers cheered, seeing their enemy fall.

They're celebration was short lived, however, for Frostbite was getting back to his feet, his new armor gone and his single horn now once again two.

"You damned Power Rangers…I'll kill every single one of you…count on it!" Frostbite roared. A pillar of ice shot up from the ground, engulfing Frostbite. Almost immediately, it shattered, leaving nothing but shattered ice in its wake.

Alyssa stared at where Frostbite had disappeared, as if expecting him to suddenly reappear.

"Alyssa…" Zen-Aku said softly, turning to the white ranger.

Zen-Aku's voice snapped Alyssa out of her reverie, making her look up at him. In all the excitement of the fight, she had forgotten what happened just several minutes ago. She quickly flung her arms around Zen-Aku's neck, hugging him tight as she demorphed.

"I missed you so much…" Alyssa whimpered, feeling Zen-Aku's arms wrap around her waist.

"I must've been hard…I'm sorry…" Zen-Aku apologized, nuzzling Alyssa softly.

Alyssa pulled away a little, looking up into Zen-Aku's masked face. She reached up and took Zen-Aku's mask off, carefully sliding it off his horn. The corners of Zen-Aku's mouth twitched, as he smiled slightly at Alyssa. Alyssa smiled happily, glad to finally be with him again, and kissed him deeply before hugging him once more.

Some thirty minutes later, the twelve Rangers and Zen-Aku had arrived on the Animarium. Merrick got his hug-fest from all of the Wild Force Rangers along with Princess Shayla, as he recalled his travels for the five new Wild Zords. Once Merrick had finished retelling his story and it was the other ranger's turn to tell him about their adventures of the past year. Once it got to Alyssa's turned, unsurprisingly everyone's attention was drawn to Zen-Aku, who had opted to stay in the corner, away from the joyous reunion.

Alyssa blushed slightly before moving over to Zen-Aku, working her way under his arm and wrapped hers around his waist, "I think the rest is a little obvious…" She turned bright red as Merrick approached the two, standing face to face with Zen-Aku.

After a minute of silence, Merrick smiled and held out a hand. "It's been some time, old friend…"

Zen-Aku nodded and grasped Merrick's hand, shaking it. "It has…"

"I'm trusting you with her well being."

"On my entire existence."

Merrick smiled and made way for the second reunion that Zen-Aku had to face. Princess Shayla walked up to where Merrick was standing, looking up at the wolf org.

Zen-Aku disentangled himself from Alyssa so he could bow a little to Princess Shayla. "Princess…I apologize for the hardships I must've caused in the past…"

Princess Shayla gave him her usual kind smile and shook her head. "There's no need to apologize. We always knew that there was some good in you that set you away from all the other orgs… And you taking care of Alyssa like you have is proof enough."

Zen-Aku nodded and reached down for Princess Shayla's hand, bringing it up and lowering himself so that he could kiss it, or bringing it close enough to his lips that the gesture was obvious.

Princess Shayla smiled. "So…what do you think of the Animarium?"

"It sure brings me back…" Zen-Aku nodded, looking around. "And it's also good to see where my Wild Zords go to rest…"

"Hey…!" Everyone turned around to see the Ninja Storm Rangers running up to them. Once they had reached the Animarium, they had asked to explore and it seemed like they were just returning.

"Speaking of your Wild Zords…" Tori said, giggling slightly and waving them over.

Everyone exchanged questioning looks before following the other Rangers into the forest. They followed them to the lake, where all the aquatic Wild Zords were known to reside. Tori pointed to the shore of the lake, where the Wolf and the White Tiger were situated. As they watched, the Wolf simply sat at the shore, following the White Tiger with its eyes as the White Tiger pranced around him, darting from side to side as if trying to get the Wolf engaged in the White Tiger's little game.

The White Tiger reared up on its hind legs, pressing its forepaws on the Wolf's shoulders and nipped at the Wolf's ears, tugging at the ear with its maw. This caused the Wolf to snap non-threateningly at the White Tiger, making it leap back and run off, as the Wolf gave chase.

Alyssa gave an "Aw…!" as she watched the Wolf chasing the White Tiger around the lake. She looked up at Zen-Aku, who she had her arms around. Zen-Aku's laughed slightly, watching the scene.

"This is…unexpected…" Zen-Aku admitted, seeing the Wolf tackle the White Tiger and give it a small lick on the top of the head. Zen-Aku looked down to see Alyssa smiling up at him and he too smiled, nuzzling the top of her head slightly.

Frostbite stumbled through Lothor's ship, which Reflector had decided to set up base. Soon he reached the main room, clutching his side. His appearance caused those in the room to look up at him.

"Avalanche and Spitfire…" Frostbite panted, wincing slightly, "The rangers took them down…"

"See?" Lothor said, resting one leg on the other knee. "Never underestimate the annoyance of the rangers…"

"It was that ally of yours that screwed us over!" Frostbite shouted, pointing a bloody hand at Lothor, before placing the hand back onto his side. "Fucking no good spy…He was never on our side to begin with! And now I trust you even less…!"

"Shut up, Frostbite…" Reflector growled, walking up to Frostbite. "If you're going to lose as badly as you did, I have no use for you anymore." Reflector reached out before Frostbite could react, gripping both of his shoulders and pulled, in one hand stood Frostbite, the other stood the human Brian Adams. "Now beat it before I kill you…"

"What?! You can't treat me like this!" Brian shouted. "I worked my ass off for you! I-" Reflector kicked out, hitting Brian in the stomach and knocking him back. Brian hit the wall and fell to the floor, clutching his stomach and wheezing.

"Get out of my sight…" Reflector said, towering over Brian.

Brian got shakily to his feet and started to leave. "I hope the rangers kill every fucking one of you!" Brian shouted. Frostbite swung his claymore, making the pillar next to Brian freeze over, making him scared and run off.

"Good…now that we have that out of the way…" Reflector said impatiently. "Maybe now we can do this right…"