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.Hack//Our World

Chapter 1: .hack//our world//e-mail

Kite's POV

It's the last day of summer vacation. The sun was still shining brightly, the breeze was crisp cool, the autumn leaves hanged on the trees' branches, and early fall is coming in. It was a perfect and relaxing day, but for me it was actually tiring. After a long hour of soccer camp session, I shut the door behind me and lazily let myself fall on my soft and very comfortable bed.

Laying there for a short time, I turned my head to my computer.

"Hmm…Yasuhiko called and said that he needed help with training. I better log on." I sat down in front of my computer and waited for it to load. A bright turquoise background showed on the screen and I heard a sound of an e-mail. "Must be from Yasuhiko," I guessed.

A picture of a blue colored warrior with a white tattoos, came out from the e-mail. It was none other than the legendary Orca the Azure Sea.


Sender: Orca
Subject: Let's level up.

Hey Kite! How's your summer vacation?

As for me, I've been online 24/7, trying to gain some levels.

I need to catch up with you and Balmung! I kinda forgot how to do the controlling and I need my mojo back. I feel like a total noob right now. . .


I chuckled at Yasuhiko's e-mail and replied.


Sender: Kite
Subject: Re: Let's level up.

My summer was great! I went to soccer camp and learned some neat tricks, we gotta play sometimes.

Sure. I'll be right there. Meet me in middle of the bridge at Mac Anu.


After clicking send, another e-mail showed up, before Yasuhiko's. An avatar of a young cacao-skinned woman with pink hair and two yellow tattoos by the side of her cheek bones appeared. It was my old-time partner, BlackRose. I smilingly smirked at the picture for a moment, recalling the times I've spent with her in "The World."


I blinked back at the screen and clicked on her e-mail.


Sender: BlackRose
Subject: Well Done

Well? Have you calmed a bit since then? I feel like I've managed to get back to my life. I do feel kind of lonely at not being able to log in to "The World" though, but since I refuse to let Kazu play online games, I can't justify playing them myself. Are you playing together with Orca? Or was Orca banned just like Kazu?

Back then I didn't have any idea as to what was going on. I was just plowing ahead, doing whatever was set before me to do. I'm so glad we managed to resolve it.

So here's why I'm e-mailing, I wanted to say this when we had that offline party, but I wasn't able to work up the courage.

I'm glad I got to know you. Sure, it was a surprise when I found out you were younger than me, and when I saw you acting so insecure, I may have yelled a bit, but if it wasn't for you, I think I never would have been able to help Kazu. If I had to help him all by myself, I might have ended up just like he did. I think it was because you were there that I was able to make it to the end. So let me say this back to you now. If you hadn't been there, I could never had done it. Thank you.


I read the fourth paragraph slowly, trying not to miss any words she said. I felt somehow special when she said those words. I smiled joyfully and continued.


I think I might be in love with you. Psyche!


My eyes widen seeing the word 'love' appear on that sentence. I paused and just gazed at the screen for awhile. Surely, I thought that it was a joke when she mentioned 'psyche' but a strange yet nice feeling came in my stomach then traveled to my chest. I scratched my head, feeling confused.

Nah. She was just kidding.

Although, somehow, I felt she meant what she said was true. I clicked downwards and continued reading.


I might still log in from time to time. If I do, I hope you and I can have a nice, normal adventure together!


By the time I was done, my smile was still stuck on my face. I couldn't stop smiling at the e-mail this whole time. I nervously but excitedly clicked on 'reply.'

BlackRose's POV

It was late afternoon and the sun was almost setting. My summer vacation was almost over and I had spent most of my time playing tennis and going on family vacations. I wearily opened the door to my house and called out loud if anyone was home. It was silent.

"No answer. They must have taken Kazu to the doctor, today," I said to myself as I went upstairs to my room and dropped my huge tennis sport bag on the floor. "I swear, tennis practice is becoming more competitive these days," I sighed exhaustingly.

I stood beside my computer and I found myself, staring at my FMD goggles. I picked it up and held the goggles tightly, remembering my previous adventures in "The World," with my friends. Especially with him.


The computer screen blinked after the long hours of stand by, and a picture of an envelope appeared. I sat down and clicked on it. My heart skipped, seeing the sender's name and avatar. The picture was a young man with sea-foam green hair and two red arrowed tattoos by each side of his lower jaws. It was from Kite. I scrolled down the page and started reading his e-mail.


Sender: Kite
Subject: Great

Yeah, I feel much better. I'm glad to hear that everything is okay in your side and about your brother, Kazu.

I'm still playing "The World," with Orca and Balmung. We usually search for corrupted data bugs from some of the monsters we hear from other players, but most of the time we chat and go on some quests.

Orca is still playing, but he says he needs to adjust with the game because he feels rusty playing it again. Lol.

It's still not the same though. I miss hanging out and going on quests with you.


I read the last sentence again and again. I felt my cheeks heat up.

He misses me?

I shook my head, erasing the possible meanings of what he meant regarding the sentence and continued reading.


Oh. The offline party. It's amazing that you look like your character, BlackRose.

Well, if I hadn't met you, we wouldn't be able to solve the comatose problems. So, I'm really glad that I got to know you, too. Thanks for always being there by my side.


I clenched the left side of my tennis shirt feeling my emotions run again as I resumed reading.


That's great! I hope the time you login is at the same time as me. We'll definitely have a "normal" adventure together again.


After I was finished reading, I couldn't help but smile at it. Knowing that Kite is still keeping in contact with me, makes me more than happy.

As, I was about to close the window, I spotted a post script on the bottom of Kite's e-mail.


P.S. - Psyche?


I dropped my forehead on the keyboard, smacking it repeatedly.

"Stupid! I'm such an idiot! I should have deleted that sentence!" I stopped and sighed heavily, rubbing my red forehead. "I might as well reply…"

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