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Hinata's POV

As soon as I arrived I was ready to leave.

There were so many people around, it seemed like it was a crowded night club instead of a simple dinner party, of course the young girls were the one that gave that impression.

I found a safe spot near the snack table, well with snack I mean sushi, caviar and various exotic food, that only at parties like this you would see them served. It felt ok being there since obviously none of the girls were there to eat, and most grown ups were just being served while they talked abut business.

As the room got quieter I could see from a distance 2 guys coming down the stairs, and I'm sure the gasp that the girls made could be heard across the street.

That was the perfect moment for me to move, so I did, and went all the way outside, there weren't any people there since they heard the gasping.

What a beautiful garden, it looked so big that people could play baseball if they wanted to, the night made it looked like a forbidden place, the moon was at its fullest in the sky, but the shine was dim, I the grass you could see a trail like fireflies through some bushes that's were twice my size.

"Well might as well start have fun on my own since everyone else is" I said in a low voice, 'I have my cell phone incase anyways' I thought.

Following a long way down the path and through the bushes I saw what made me doubt I was awake, it was the most beautiful pool I've ever seen, so big but looked so private at the same time, it had a waterfall in the end and you could see it was worm cause the steam was coming out of it, so magical, I felt like just taking off my clothes and getting in.

'but it took me so long to get ready, and well if my dad ever knew I would do this I would be in so much trouble' I sighed.

"mmm but getting my feet wet wouldn't hurt" I said while getting close to the waterfall, I stood just a few feet away from it, took off my heels and sat on the edge, letting my feet get into the steaming water, it felt so good, I lay back just looking at the sky, how the stars were so shiny, you usually cant see so many in the city, but I felt like I could see every single one of them here.

"I think I'll take a picture of this place" I said, while I grabbed my blackberry and just snap a shot.

'Well, we'll be here for a while, oh! I have time to see if Ten Ten added me' I thought as I started typing on the msn.

AngelHina23: Ten Ten?

Foxy10Ten: Hey girl!!!! I thought I had the email wrong, what are you up to?

AngelHina23: im in a weird dinner party of my dad, he dragged me to it, its ridiculous, the house is amazing, oh here I'll send you a pic!.

Image01 sent.

Foxy10Ten: OMG hahaha you're at sasuke's house!

AngelHina23: WHAT! How do you know?

FoxyTenTen: it was on a magazine a couple of weeks ago. LOL

AngelHina23: Dammit! No wonder the freaking girls everywhere, gah, this is gonna be a long night….

Foxy10Ten:You wan me to go pick you up and have a girls night?

AngelHina23: Nah thanks, my dad would freak if I leave

Foxy10Ten:Ok well, im gonna go watch a movie, let's hang out tomorrow ok?

AngelHina23: Okies, have fun

Foxy10Ten :Hahah yah, you too, better get going to see if you can get one of the Uchihas to be with you hahaha.

AngelHina23: Ha ha very funny =P

Foxy10Ten is offline.

'sigh' i guess i'll play kondlike in the meantime i guess.

Sasuke's POV

"gah lets get this over with" I said in a low voice. 'I just need to get in and out, just like with a girl' sasuke giggled quietly and then composed himself.

"You should be happy sasuke, so many girls here just to see us" itachi said while winking at me.

"Just because you can't get a normal girlfriend that doesn't only like you by your looks or money doesn't mean I have to like it too" I said, the girls will only be like sharks anyways, 'Itachi can enjoy it as much as he wants, I'll find a way to escape it'.

We both started walking downstairs and I heard the room gasp almost leaving me deaf.

I felt like being polite so I shook hands with some of my dad's colleague, but then grew extremely bored at the girls launching at me like I was gonna be their next bf.

"Oh someone's calling me, excuse me" I took out my cell phone and went outside pretending to have a call, just really wanted to get away from the colleagues and the girls that couldn't leave me alone, and I noticed pretty soon that the girls had the other Uchiha that can give them what they want.

'mmm its pretty peaceful here' I thought way to soon

"SASUKE!! ARE YOU OUT HERE?!" i heard sakura yell while walking outside.

I had to move really fast and hide behind the bushes, cause I know she wasn't gonna give up with a simple phone call, I saw her looking around for a couple of minutes and then returning to the party, now I couldn't go back for a while. 'sigh'

'Might as well go around the pool for a while' I thought while walking, I stopped when I noticed a girl with her legs in the pool, she seemed like she was asleep with her cell phone in her hand.

I got closer to her, and recognized her from the performance we did today, she looked beautiful, 'meh, she's probably gonna end up like the other girls obsessed completely about me'

"hello?" I said to see if she was alive.

Normal POV.

Hinata looked up and thought she was sleeping when she saw his beautiful face, smiling to herself "you're cute" she said half asleep, half a second later she opened her eyes widely "OMG!" she shouted.

"im so sorry, I didn't know I wasn't suppose to be here, I'll go back now" hinata said while standing up quick.

"it's ok" sasuke said while helping her up.

"Oh ok, well maybe I should get back…" hinata said shyly, she didn't feel like being alone with him.

"No, stay, you don't have to leave because I'm here" sasuke said, while lifting an eyebrow and looking at her expression.

"Well, mmm im Hyuga Hinata" she said while stretching her hand at him.

"Very nice to meet you hinata, im sasuke" he said while grabbing her hand with both of his, and giving it a small kiss.

Sasuke wanted to make an impression on her, he smirked when he saw her getting so nervous and blushing like crazy, it amused him, the game he just started playing, ' if she's gonna end up like the other crazy girls, might as well have fun with it' he thought to himself.

"What are you doing outside anyway?" sasuke said as he walked to a table near by, looking at here intently.

"i just didn't feel like being in a place so crowded where I don't know anyone" hinata said blushing lightly and sitting in the opposite side of the table.

"Mm I see" sasuke responded while lifting an eyebrow. "I get pretty bored of this type of parties too" sasuke said as he leaned back relaxing.

"you have a beautiful house" hinata said shyly while blushing. "hm" was the only answer on sasuke's part.

"you're new at school right?" he said as he leaned close to her.

"emm yeah, I saw you with your band, you guys are great" she said as she leaned back feeling herself getting redder and redder by the second.

"hm, thanks" he said as he leaned back again rather amused.

"if we get back I'm sure we can get some drinks, want in? sasuke said with a half of an evil smile.

"um I don't know, my dad is there, I don't think he would like to see me drink when I'm not suppose to" hinata said shaking her head.

"common" sasuke said as he stood up and walked away.

'oh okay..' she thought

Hinata started putting her heals back on and walking slowly to the party behind him, getting inside overwhelmed her but she tried to manage among the people following as close as she could, someone accidently step on her, making her trip, when she was waiting her butt to hit the ground hard closing her eyes just for the impact, she felt someone wrapping his arms around her, it was so unexpected that her eyes got wide open, and she saw his black eyes, so intense she felt like fainting, he was so handsome, light skin a little older than her with long black hair, his smirk was half way, a little evil, but oh so charming, she just couldn't help but stair at him.

"Are you ok sweetheart?" itachi said leaning close to her. Making her snap out of it.

"Oh yes I'm so sorry" she said while standing up and getting her balance back.

"Careful, I wouldn't want that beautiful face to get damaged, or.." he said while looking at her butt "… any part equally as important"

"haha, thanks" she giggled awkwardly as she backed away, 'jeez that was…unexpected' she thought as she started walking.

She felt someone grabbing her by the arm turning her slightly "are you ok?" sasuke asked with a hard but concerned face. "yes im fine" she said blushing.

"Hinata" someone said in a not so happy tone.

"Dad!" hinata stood up straight taking sasuke's hand off and looked at him. "Something wrong?" she said sadly.

"Hello sasuke" hiashi said looking at him. "Hello Ms hyuga" sasuke answered putting his hands in his pockets

"is hinata giving you any trouble?" hiashi said while looking at hinata. "not at all, im just merely showing her around since we go to the same school now" he said raising his head.

"I see. I have to stay and talk about business with sasuke's father, you can head home now" hiashi said looking at her with strict eyes before he walked away.

"well, umm I better go then, maybe we can drink some other time" she said half smiling.

"do you need a ride?" he asked without expression.

"no no, I actually live close, but thank you" she said smiling with her face blushed completely.

"no problem then, I'll walk you home" he said guiding to the door with his hand.

"oh its fine realy" she objected.

"well, you know where I live, its only fair if I knew where you live too" he smirked while walking.

they walked together, close enough for them to brush their hands together, making her hold her own hands so that wouldn't occur again and he simply put his hands in his pockets, not giving it to much thought. Only a block away, they started feeling heavy drops fall to their faces.

"oh oh" hinata said as she looked at the sky. They stopped for a second and felt the heavy rain get over them from one second to another.

"let's hurry" sasuke said while he started running. After a phew seconds, he noticed that hinata wasn't following so he turned around and saw her just standing there with her eyes closed and facing the sky, even though she was getting soaked, she looked beautiful like she belonged to be there under the rain.

There was something about the rain that she always loved, she just couldn't resist staying there and feeling how it went all over her body, it was so peaceful, like nothing could get to her, she was in her own little bubble until something wrapping around her hand brought her back to reality.

"lets go, its getting cold, I wouldn't like it for you to get sick" sasuke said softly while smiling at her.

She was overwhelmed by his touch; she doesn't touch people unless she trusts them, it took her time even with her own family.

"o-o-ok" she stuttered a little bit, she was getting cold.

As they walked to the house, she just couldn't keep her hand with his, it was just too much for her so she dropped it casually and he just took his and put it in his pocket yet again, she didn't want to hurt his feelings but she just wasn't comfortable with that yet, with anyone.

"this is me" hinata said as she got close to the door, hesitating if she should ask him to go inside or not, but before she could think clear he answered the question for her.

"I'll be getting home now, it was nice talking to you" he said as he backed away a little bit.

"wait" hinata said, making him stop and look at her with puzzled eyes.

"the rain's getting worst, why don't you get inside and wait a little bit, I have dry clothes from my cousin that might fit you" hinata said shyly, it wasn't actually her best idea, but she was polite before anything else.

"ha" sasuke chuckled "we don't live so far, I'm sure I'll be f…" he said as he got cut off by a striking lightning that was so close it scared the crap out of hinata.

"I insist" hinata said as she got inside the house and motioned with the hand for him to get inside to.

"very well" he said with a smirk in his face as he walked inside and stopped next to her.

"umm, I guess we could go to my room, I still have some boxes around I hope you don't mind" hinata said shyly as she went upstairs.

"not at all" sasuke answered with a smirk in his face, as they passed 2 doors before getting to her room.

When he got inside, he noticed it was probably half the size of his room witch made it still pretty big, there were a couple of boxes in a corner, the bed was queen size, there was a tv on a furniture against the wall in front of it, it wasn't as big as sasuke's but no one would complain about it; the room wasn't such a girly room, since the walls were a mix of green and blue making the color particularly look like dark aqua, there was a full size mirror behind her door and a desk on the other side.

"The clothes?" sasuke asked as he looked at her.

"Right" she answered as she went through her drawers on her big closet.

"You have men clothes in your room?" he asked lifting an eyebrow and getting to conclusions quickly in his head.

"haha, yah… my cousin lives with us, when he stops using clothes he gives it to me so I can wear them as pj's" she answered awkwardly.

"Here" she took a white shirt and some blue navy shorts and gave it to him.

"You can change here, hang your stuff at the door, I'll take care of it after I take a quick a shower" hinata said as she went through another door straight to her bathroom.

Sasuke threw the clothes on the bed while he started undressing, he could see some pictures around, one was her with her sister and her cousin he assumed, another one in her nightstand was a woman that looked a lot like hinata but she had short hair and her eyes were slightly whiter while hinata's had a hint of lavender on hers.

'hmm I guess pretty girls runs in the family'.

When hinata stepped on her bathroom she felt how her body started to blush all over, she had better control now of her childhood problem of blushing over anything, but getting in the shower would make her feel better, so she waited for a phew seconds for the water to get warm and got inside, after she was done she got outside noticing while drying herself with a towel that she didn't get close for herself.

'crap…' she thought as she poked her head out the door.

Sasuke turned around dressed with the clothes she gave him, witch made her blush since she'd worn them the night before.

"mm?" he asked, looking at her with a raised eyebrow.

"Umm im sorry to ask you this, but do you mind turning around for a second, I forgot my clothes" hinata answered as shyly as possible.

"Sure thing" he said turning around.

She started walking out slowly and turned to her left to get to her closet, as sasuke heard her steps, he couldn't help but just take a glimpse at the mirror and saw how she was bending over with her hair dangling at her sides, just wrapped with a short towel making her thighs very exposed, soft and milky, it was like a porcelain doll. When he kept looking, the bottom started rising up a little bit showing the lower part of her butt, still continuing with the smoothness that it made him feel hot inside.

Sure he's been with girls from time to time, but it was more of a lust motivation and a releasing feeling that he needed, now it was a little different, he remembered her, he was captivated by her, the way she acted was way different than any other girl he's ever met before.

Thinking over how she made him feel different was something that caught him by surprise, deciding it was best to just stare at the wall because it was simply absurd for him to think that way, when they've just met, 'Idiot' was what went through his mind, he had to be stronger and not let himself get trapped by a girl.

"ok thanks" she whispered as she headed back to the bathroom. He let out his breath even though he didn't know he was holding it all that time.

Hinata came out with a sweatshirt and some boxers that went mid thigh, she was hiding her hands inside her sleeves, she didn't know what to do with him, growing up with almost no friends made her have not much of social skills but it was way worst with guys than girls.

Sasuke stared as she walked in again, she looked nervous and not knowing what to do looking at him back from time to time making her blush more and more , he couldn't resist but to smile a little bit, she looked extremely cute, and for a that time he didn't mind to feel the way he felt before, he was back to reality when he heard her speak.

"Its still raining…" she said almost disappointed, hurting him slightly.

"I should just go" he said while turning around and grabbing his clothes.

"No! No, im sorry I didn't mean it in a bad way, I-i-I just don't know what to do with you now, I've never had any friends and specially boys…" she whispered, feeling so embarrassed but she wanted to make it clear that she was the one with the problem not him.

"hmm" he said looking at her.

"well lets see, maybe we could watch a movie while we wait the rain to stop" he offered looking at the tv and smiling on one corner of his lips to try and make her feel more comfortable.

"Umm ok, well the only dvd I have out is a present my cousin gave me, its called mm paranormal activity? It's supposed to be horror or something like that" She said as she looked around.

"You like horror movies?" he asked confused, mostly girls were just happy with a romantic comedy and they were done.

"Yes, I've liked them since I was young, I used to watch them a lot with my dad, but I haven't seen any in a while now" she answered while she kept looking.

"Aha!" she proclaimed as she took it out from the drawer under the tv.

"Ok so, you can get comfortable while I go downstairs, make some popcorn and dry your clothes" she said as she grabbed his clothes.

"How about I make the popcorn, and you can get the clothes dry" he suggested getting close to her with a smirk in his face.

"Oh, ok" she answered while walking downstairs.

"Its really quiet here, is it just you and your dad?" sasuke asked entering the kitchen.

"no, my sister sleeps upstairs, but she's staying with some friend tonight to study, and my cousin's usually down here in his room, I guess he went out, he just comes and goes whenever he wants" she answered as she gave him the popcorn for him to microwave and went to the laundry room.

"I see" he said opening the wrapper and putting the popcorn in the microwave that was in a top counter.

"Would you like something to drink?, I think we have lemonade" hinata asked as she got into the kitchen again.

"sure" he answered, leaning back against the sink knowing that liquor was out of the question.

Hinata started reaching over on her tiptoes next to him and still couldn't reach, sasuke noticed that so he placed himself behind her and reached over to grab two glasses, pressing his chest against her back spreading heat from her neck to her thighs, it was so sudden that she bent over and pushed him in the crotch with her butt making him jump back and drop a glass on her head.

"gah!" she gasped while rubbing her head, feeling how the bump was getting bigger by the second.

"I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to startle you" she said as she sat on the floor of the kitchen while rubbing her head with her eyes closed.

"Stop apologizing, it was my fault, I should've been more careful" he said moving fast to get ice and bringt it to her head.

"Here, it'll make it better" sasuke said positioning the rag with ice in her head while kneeling right in front of her.

"Thanks" hinata breathed as she kept her eyes closed just trying to make the pain go away.

"Are you sure you're ok? I could take you to the hospital and make sure you don't have a concoction" he said moving his hand to the side of her face to hold her better.

The touch made her react, opening her eyes to see him concerned and looking at the bump like a catastrophe.

"im fine" she said while taking off his hand and getting up.

He helped her and grabbed her steady just in case she would collapse.

"lets go see the movie, you got me excited now so don't disappoint me" she said, giving him a warm smile and trying to let him now she was just fine.

"ok" he answered, leaving her to stand by herself while getting the popcorns and taking the drinks.

"I have to eat popcorns while I watch a movie, if I don't I don't understand it in the end, weird uh?" she said looking at him as he ate some popcorn.

"ha, I guess I can relate" he chuckled while they went upstairs to the room again.

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