Yes, this is another high school fanfiction but this time it is for the fandom of Tales of the Abyss. This chapter story will contain a wide variety of couplings and all characters will be manipulated in some fashion to better suit this tale. This is a fanFICTION: my facts -will- be different compared to the actual game so please do not tell me I have my information crossed. I've completed the game: I know.

Chapter knowledge required: Cadette (grade nine, freshmen)

Disclaimer: Characters included belong in their game of Tales of the Abyss.

It's another glorious year and everyone is getting ready to attend Abyss High. Those transferring from middle school are expecting great things from crossing the street to the tiny high school. Those whom have already attended for at least a year are hoping to make it through this year with as little traumatization as possible. Summer in this small back country town isn't the highlight of every kids year. Those smoldering days could never be truly fun. Why? Because nothing can compare to that first moment you step into the doors to the best years of your life.

"How many of you are happy to be here this morning?" The ever cheerful Principal Peony called out to his school.

Every year this was the same routine. Their Cadette year (grade nine, freshmen) welcoming ceremony? Never in a gym like most schools. Instead it was a single voice radiating from the intercom.

Some returning classes gave moans and groans while others chorused with laughter that was far from humorous. All those new students still lingering in the halls trying to find their classes gave small cheers with big smiles.

"Liars." Came the voice again, dampening the newcomers spirits. "Now, welcome back to Abyss High all you older kids. This announcement doesn't really have anything to do with you so all you need to do is make sure to say hello to at least one new face. Also, whatever smart-alike locked my adorable PJ in the janitor's closet this morning can be promised a year of misery. That is all."

There was a buzz in the air, a rustle and finally a cough.

"What?" The principal questioned quite obviously not to the school.

A sigh from a separate being. "Principal Peony, are you not forgetting something?"

A long pause. "Uhh ..."

The intercom crackled and soon a new voice came about. "Good morning student body and welcome all Cadettes to our school. This is your vice principal Jade Curtiss speaking on behalf of the entire faculty. We hope you all have a good year here and if you have any questions at all, feel free to ask an upperclassman. They are always happy to help. Have a good day." And finally the line went dead and silence followed. The school paused a moment in case another forgotten announcement was made and then continued on with their scheduled day.

That was usually how the welcoming ceremony went. Unorganized, far from personal and definitely confusing for new students. In short, it was such a pointless play of events that even if you had arrived late it wouldn't have made a difference.

Speaking of which ...

One of the side doors gave a heavy shove and in stumbled a little being with dark gray hair tied into pigtails by yellow ribbons. Catching her balance, she cast her light brown gaze around to notice no one else wondering around.

The classic late Cadette. There was one every year.

"Need some help, little Miss?" Someone questioned from a corner.

As the new girl glanced over, she saw a rather tall man standing off to the side, his blond hair laid flat against his ears, blue eyes watching her questioningly. He was wearing a green t-shirt covered by black overalls. He held a broom in one hand and upon his right breast strap held a stitched on patch.


The little girl looked him over, brought her hands up to her face like she often did in panic and nodded her head.

"You're a Cadette, right? Did you just get here?" Guy questioned.

She nodded again. "Could you tell me where the main office is?"

The janitor in question looked reluctant to respond but smiled all the same. "Of course. Just take a left through the middle hall, go all the way to the end and its on your right. Big sign: trust me, you can't miss it."

"Thank you, sir." She beamed.

Guy grinned, leaning against his broom. "Fair warning." Was all he said as she waved to him and took off down the hall.

She nearly missed the 'turn left' but the moment she was going the correct way, she understood how she couldn't miss it. As her legs took her closer, the wall she saw at the end of the hall was painted with the big, blue letters of MAIN OFFICE, quite literally stretched to fit the entire wall. The lockers she passed varied in the four different colours of red, blue, yellow and green. Never two of the same color beside one another.

Her shoes gave a terrible squeak when she slid before the office door. Looking up at it only a moment (a bit surprised to find it an ordinary door) she latched onto the door handle, yanked it open and was before the secretary's desk immediately.

The man with dark skin and white hair didn't even look up. "Mini maps of the school. Take one." He pointed a pen to a small pile of pink paper.

The girl grabbed one for future reference but tapped her hand on his desk impatiently.

"Is there something else you need?" His voice was monotone, like he alone had the pleasure of saying that all morning.

The girl nodded. "Yes sir. I'm Anise Tatlin and I lost the schedule that got sent in the mail. Is there a chance I could talk to the principal to get another?"

This caused the secretary to look up and Anise finally got to see his face.

"You don't want to do that." He advised.

Anise blinked. Did this have something to do with that cute janitor's fair warning?

The secretary gave a sigh and turned to his computer. "Tatlin, was it?"

"Yes sir." She nodded with a smile. So far, everyone was quite friendly. That was good, she'd been terrified everyone would be rude and apathetic.

Something brushed against her leg, causing her to jump to the side. A baby rappig looked up at her with the most delicate of eyes. Her smile turned into a grin as she got down on her knees and patted its little head. It had a green ribbon for a collar.

"Aren't you precious? What's your name, little fella?" She questioned sweetly. Clapping her hands together, she grinned wider. "Oh let me guess it. Hmm ... Annabelle Lee?"

The rapping made a cute grunt and Anise bit her lip. "No, huh? How about Abigail? Abigail is cute."

There was a groan from the secretary and a couple footsteps from somewhere else.

Anise followed up the black boots that stepped in front of her. The older man had soft brown hair and was currently pushing his glasses up his nose.

"Actually we find him just as troublesome as our fair principal so we call him Peony Junior." He sent her a smile. "PJ for short."

Anise couldn't help but stare a moment at the mischievous red gaze from behind those glasses. She'd never seen red eyes before!

"Is there something you find of interest?" He questioned with an amused look.

Anise smiled and got to her feet with a final pat to an excited PJ's head. The secretary cut in before she managed a word. "Your schedule is printed out. Feel free to retrieve it and be on your way." He pointed this time to the photocopy machine which indeed had a paper sticking out the side.

She thanked him joyfully and brushed past the curious man before her. Picking up her times table, she looked it over and nodded to herself.

"What was the problem, Frings?" The other man questioned.

"Lost schedule; nothing major." The secretary sighed and returned to his work.

Pulling out the mini map, Anise thanked Frings once more (who waved at her) and said goodbye to the other man as she left the office.

Jade watched her go with a hidden smile. "Who-?"

"Cadette Anise Tatlin." Frings replied immediately. "And Jade?"


"Leave her alone."

"I wouldn't dream of doing anything."

Poor Frings had worked with him long enough to know he was lying.

TBC ...

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