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Hello peoples. This is a little introduction to my first fan fiction; it stars Piccolo (cuz he rocks) and takes place a few months after the Cell Games. I'm debating whether or not to include the Buu Saga at this point, but the World Tournament is definitely coming up, just not in this segment. Well, here it goes, I look forward to your reviews (just don't rip me to shreds please) and I hope you enjoy it!



"What's wrong Dende?" Piccolo asked as he saw the young Guardian of Earth stir. In truth though, Piccolo had also felt something. Perhaps it was just Kami's abilities, but ever since the full moon had appeared, a feeling of uneasiness and death had been in the air. "An odd chi has appeared," Dende said. Piccolo searched in the area Dende was looking at and immediately found the chi he was talking about. "It's close, I'll check it out," Piccolo removed his weighted cape and turban and took off from the lookout towards the odd chi. It was close; it actually took longer to get down to earth then to the site. Piccolo felt nervous; he hadn't paid attention to his senses earlier, but now that he was in the vicinity of this chi, the death and evil clung to the air and made him feel like he would choke on it. There was also a smell, one he knew well too; someone had just been killed. He saw bodies outlined by the moonlight.

There were nine of them. He didn't even bother to check if they were alive, he could tell from a distance. Not only did they lack chi signatures, but he could also tell from their wounds. Whatever had done this was brutal, deep gashes, body parts torn from their owners body, internal organs spilled, and all were laying in a pool of blood. Piccolo stayed silent and bowed his head in reverence. At one point in his life, such a scene wouldn't have phased him, but now… he was a different person. "We have bodies Dende," Piccolo communicated telepathically, "I'll bury them once I track down whatever did this to them." "How many?" Dende questioned. "Nine- three of them are children…" No reply, just silence, remorse most likely, had left the little guardian speechless.

Piccolo examined the area more closely, there was no way someone could kill these people and not get blood all over themselves and leave a trail to follow. Normally, he would just track down the thing's energy signature, but according to his senses, it was all around him. This was odd, he normally could pinpoint his enemy to its exact location and not a general area, but nothing about this was normal. Piccolo was squatting to observe a footprint when his super-sensitive ears picked up a rustle behind him. He had hardly time at all to react as a huge mass charged him. Piccolo sidestepped it, but sharp claws still raked his chest opening deep gashes. He staggered and winced in pain. The thing took advantage and went for another attack but Piccolo was able to counter this time. He side-kicked it across the clearing as it approached. It yelped, but was back on its feet and attacking again instantly. Piccolo and the creature fought fiercely, and although the Namekian warrior was stronger, he was having a hard time fighting it due to its insane speed and stamina, only clipping the creature with every attack. Finally, he landed a brutal back kick square in his enemy's chest. He felt and heard bones break. The monster hit the floor and didn't stir. Piccolo hadn't killed it yet, but he certainly wounded it critically.

The Namek relaxed a moment to catch his breath, and then he cautiously moved towards it. Faster then Piccolo could trace, the thing pounced him and sunk sharp teeth into his shoulder. His body went rigid; pain erupted from his shoulder and spread through him. Piccolo tried to attack but his body felt heavy, paralyzed. He pushed aside the pain and forced his arm to move, slowly raising his arm, placing it on the creature's stomach and released a blast that completely obliterated it from abdomen and on down. He pushed aside the rest of the corpse and staggered to his feet. Everything around him was spinning. Piccolo focused on what attacked him and was astonished to see it changing into something humanoid.

"Have you found it yet?" Dende spoke into Piccolo's mind once more. "I think so." "Are you alright?" "Yeah, it just, it bit me, and I feel really weird and… and once I killed it, it changed into something that looks almost human." "What? Are you sure it wasn't human-like the entire time?" "I'm positive Dende, nothing human-like could fight the way it did, and it doesn't have teeth sharp enough to make the wound it gave me. Besides, it defiantly looked like an animal." "You don't sound too good, come to the lookout so I can heal you, okay?" "But I… I gotta… gotta bury the bodies." "Let me heal you first, it's not like the bodies are going to get up and go anywhere." Piccolo managed a weak chuckle, "Alright fine, I'm… I'm coming." He took a step forward, but stumbled to the side. He was dizzy, disoriented, and his head and shoulder throbbed unbearably. He tried to move forward again but lost balance and fell over. He turned onto his back and looked at the sky, waiting for everything to stop spinning before he attempted to get up again. "I can't get to you, I'm too dizzy," he finally sent to Dende.. "Are you bleeding that badly?" "It's not that, I haven't bleed out enough yet to effect me like this yet. It's, I don't know what it is- I've felt like this ever since I was bitten." "Alright, stay there, I'll come to you."

"Alrigh-" Piccolo started to say but caught sight of the full moon. An odd sensation filled the Namek's body. "Piccolo? Piccolo?! Hold on, I'm coming!" But Piccolo didn't even hear Dende as another wave of that odd feeling flooded his body, followed by agonizing pain. His heart raced, he painted hard, desperately trying to breath through the pain. He turned over and got to his knees, he didn't know what was happening. Then, an even greater pain swept through him as he began to transform. His rib cage shifted and grew larger, as it did, so did the rest of his body. He cried out in pain, then the transformation quickened and completed. Piccolo was no longer in control, he had become what was thought of as a myth among humans: a werewolf.

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