Perfect Punishment

"We're getting a new maid today."

Naruto looked up from his breakfast. He didn't like the way his grandfather was smiling at him. He usually only smiled like that when he was thinking perverted thoughts. Naruto glared at the older man. "This isn't another one of your schemes is it?" he accused.

"What schemes?" Jiraiya asked, trying to look as innocent as a well-known pervert could.

"The ones that involve you paying women to seduce me."

Jiraiya chuckled quietly at the memory of his last scheme to get his grandson laid. Much to his chagrin his plan had failed and Naruto had ended up being extremely angry instead of sexually satisfied. "Don't worry Naruto; now that I know that you didn't want those women because you're gay and not sexually retarded I intend to leave your virginity alone."

Naruto blushed and grumbled quietly to himself before asking, "Why do we need a new maid? I thought we were already fully staffed."

"Because one can never have too many maids," replied Jiraiya sagely. "That and I agreed to do an old friend a favour."

"What favour? What friend?" Naruto asked suspiciously, knowing exactly what sort of friends his grandfather had.

"Sorry, that information is confidential," Jiraiya replied without sounding the least bit sorry. "Now hurry up and finish your breakfast or you'll be late for school."

Naruto obediently wolfed down the rest of breakfast before jumping up and rushing to find his school bag. "See you later Old Perv! Try not to molest the maid on her first day!"

Jiraiya chuckled evilly as the door slammed shut. "Don't worry Naruto – I think this maid has a much higher chance of being molested by you than me."

It was then that the phone rang. Moments later Jiraiya's butler walked into the room carrying the phone. "Judge Sarutobi for you Sir."

Jiraiya took the offered phone. "Sarutobi! How are you?"

"I'm fine thank you Jiraiya," answered the old judge cheerfully. "I thought I'd call to confirm you were still willing to go through with this."

"Of course I'm willing! Don't worry, I'll have him back on the straight and narrow in no time. If I can get my grandson to give up his troublesome ways I can sort this kid out as well, no problem."

Sarutobi laughed quietly. "I doubt it'll be as easy as you make it sound. This one has a lot of problems and a lot of black marks against his name. If this wasn't his last chance of redemption I wouldn't have asked you to come up with one of your crazy schemes."

"My schemes may be crazy but they usually work." Jiraiya paused before changing the subject. "So, when do I get to meet him?"

"He'll be escorted to your house after school by his social worker. Would you be able to take him home afterwards?"

"Yes, no problem. Stop worrying Sarutobi – everything will be fine."

"I hope you're right Jiraiya, I sincerely hope you are right."

"Hey! Grandpa! Have you molested the new maid yet?!"

Jiraiya looked up from his laptop as Naruto burst loudly into the room. "What? No hello? No 'how was your day'?"

"It looks like you spent the day writing one of your sex books so I already know that you had a good day," Naruto said as he dropped down onto the couch. "Now answer my question."

Jiraiya shook his head with slight exasperation. "How can I molest someone who hasn't arrived yet?"

"Given time I'm sure you'd find a way," Naruto said casually as he shrugged out of his school blazer.

Jiraiya laughed at that. "Go upstairs and get changed, I'll call you when they arrive so that you can make sure I don't do anything inappropriate."

Naruto nodded and left the room, dragging his bag and blazer behind him. Ten minutes later he heard the doorbell. He shook his head sadly. Poor girl didn't know what she was letting herself in for. Naruto decided he should go and find out what she looked like to judge how badly his grandfather would chase her.

Abandoning his homework, Naruto quietly made his way down to the top of the bottom staircase. Looking down he was surprised to see two males in the hall. One was a man in his mid-twenties and the other was a boy about Naruto's age. The boy had blood red hair and was wearing a very battered school uniform that Naruto didn't recognize. Naruto was instantly intrigued by the redhead and his purpose in their home. However, the evil that is homework called to him and made him return to his room. He needed to get it done after all and he could always question his grandfather about the redhead later.

Meanwhile, down in the hallway Jiraiya was beaming at said redhead who was giving him a glare of maximum intensity. He was just as Sarutobi had described him. The kid radiated hostility and his piercing green eyes promised anyone who crossed him a swift death. It made Jiraiya chuckle internally when he thought of how different the kid would be when he'd finished with him.

"Gaara was it?" The redhead remained silent. "You can call me Lord Jiraiya; I'll be your boss as long as you're working here. I'm sure your social worker has already told you that you're not to cause trouble while you're here and to do everything I say so I'll skip all that and just get to the part where I tell you what you'll be doing, which is basically cleaning. I don't really need to explain what cleaning involves do I?" Silence. "Good! But don't think that you can slack off just because I'm not there watching you all the time you're here. My grandson will be supervising you for me; you'll meet him as soon as you've changed into your outfit."

This time Jiraiya did get a reaction. A quizzical lift of invisible eyebrows. Jiraiya handed over a box and waited for the boy's reaction. Eyes (expectedly) widened in horror before narrowing as he aimed a glare at Jiraiya who merely grinned as if there was absolutely nothing wrong with the boy's outfit.

Gaara's first words to him were ground out through clenched teeth. "I am not wearing this."

Jiraiya smiled innocently. "But this is the outfit all my cleaning staff wears."

"I'm not part of your staff."

"Your punishment is to be an un-paid member of my staff until I see fit to let you go, therefore you will wear the uniform. Remember, you have to do everything I say."

Gaara was very obviously furious. If looks could kill Jiraiya would be six foot under. But Gaara was able to refrain from lashing out. He knew he was on thin ice with the law and that violence would solve nothing in this situation. With great reluctance he hissed, "Where's the bathroom?"

Jiraiya's smile widened as he pointed to a door down the hall. Gaara stomped over to it and slammed the door behind him. Jiraiya chuckled quietly as he turned to Gaara's social worker. "Everything's alright here – you can go now if you want."

The man nodded and took his leave, saying goodbye at the same time as wondering what Jiraiya had done to get under Gaara's skin. The kid usually didn't flinch at anything so what could have possibly been in that box?

Once the front door closed Jiraiya shouted for his grandson to come down. Naruto rushed down the stairs, coming to a stop next to his grandfather. "What?"

"I want to introduce you to our new maid."

Naruto instantly knew something was up. Jiraiya's grin was far too wide and his eyes were full of mischief. Hesitantly, Naruto asked, "So where is she?"

"Gaara's getting changed at the moment, he'll be out in a minute."

Just as Naruto was beginning to work out what was wrong with that sentence Gaara stepped out into the hall. After that, Naruto's brain had to reboot because the shock of seeing the redhead from before in a French maid's outfit had made his mind shut down. Black satin dress that revealed his pale shoulders; white lace apron, gloves and head piece; black fishnet stockings; a black choker and black high heeled shoes. It was too much for Naruto to handle.

The whole thing was also almost too much for Gaara to handle. Gaara's face burned and he was shaking with anger and humiliation. He hated Jiraiya for making him do this, hated whoever had allowed him to do this. This was cruel and unusual and, damn it, this dress was way too short to be considered decent!

Jiraiya had to stop himself from laughing when the livid redhead started to walk towards him. It was obvious Gaara was not use to wearing high heels from the way he stumbled and kept coming very close to falling flat on his face. The scene made Jiraiya wish he had a video-camera.

Jiraiya felt like laughing once again when he turned to look at his grandson. It seemed Naruto had inherited his perverted genes from the way he was staring dazedly at the redhead. Smitten already – Jiraiya's plan was working perfectly.

When Gaara had finally reached them Jiraiya decided to start the introductions. "Gaara, this is my grandson Naruto. Naruto, this is Gaara – our new maid." Gaara flinched at the word 'maid'. Jiraiya internally cackled before continuing. "Naruto, you don't mind showing Gaara around and keeping an eye on him do you?" Naruto shook his head, most likely to clear away his perverted thoughts. "Excellent! I'll leave you to it then! Cleaning supplies are in the cupboard by the way."

Suddenly the two teenagers were alone in the hall. Naruto coughed to try and break what he thought was an embarrassed silence. "So, err, best get started then."

Gaara nodded reluctantly and wobbled over to the cupboard. Naruto blushed and hurriedly looked away as Gaara bent over to pick up the supplies. He was not a pervert like his grandfather; he would not stare at Gaara's ass. He would also not appreciate the delicate curves or the-ah!

When Naruto was able to bring himself back to reality he noticed that Gaara was waiting for directions. Naruto led the way through to the posh living room that had thousands of ornaments that needed cleaning. The furniture would also probably need a clean since it had been ages since the room had last been used. This living room was only for entertaining really important guests and that didn't happen often.

Gaara set to work dusting while Naruto hung back and watched. After a minute he began to wonder if it had been a good idea to let Gaara near the easily breakable ornaments. The redhead was still trembling with anger as he ran the dust cloth over the china.

The scene made Naruto wonder why Gaara was there. It obviously wasn't by choice so that must mean someone had forced him. For once Naruto knew his grandfather wasn't guilty of this crime. Jiraiya was a twisted pervert but he was one-hundred percent straight and so would receive no profit from doing this. Then Naruto remembered that Jiraiya had told him he was hiring Gaara as a favour for a friend. Naruto had been suspicious about this before but was doubly so now that he had found out Gaara's gender.

Feeling he should calm Gaara down before his iron grip crushed something, Naruto gently placed his hand on the redhead's shoulder. Gaara jumped in surprise at suddenly being broken off from his internal ranting. He glared at Naruto, angry at the other teen for catching him unaware.

Naruto smiled placidly in the face of Gaara's glare. "I can tell you're mad at being in this position but you need to chill or you'll be working for longer than necessary to pay the old perv back for breaking his ornaments."

Gaara, seeing the sense in Naruto's words, took a deep breath and released it slowly. There was no point in letting his emotions take control and extending his sentence. He could bear the humiliation; he would not give the old man the satisfaction of seeing how much this affected him.

Naruto's grin grew as Gaara took his advice and cleaned the ornaments more carefully. He regretfully removed his hand from the redhead's shoulder and took a step back to give Gaara his space.

As Gaara continued to work, Naruto found himself becoming bored. He flopped down onto the sofa and looked about the room for something to occupy his short attention span. Unfortunately for Naruto (or fortunately, depending which way you look at it) the only thing of interest in the room was Gaara.

Every time the Gaara turned his head his short red hair would fall back to reveal his pale neck and shoulders. When he bent down to his box of supplies the black dress would ride up far enough that Naruto was graced with a lovely view of Gaara's thighs and ass. Finally, when the redhead tried to move about he would stumble in his high heels and only just be able to catch himself before he fell. The glare Gaara gave Naruto for witnessing this, coupled with the blush that dusted his cheeks, made him utterly adorable in Naruto's eyes.

It took all of Naruto's self-control to stop him from ravishing Gaara. The boy in the maid's outfit really didn't know how delicious he looked. It didn't help that Naruto was a teenage boy with raging hormones that didn't care about the consequences of his testosterone induced actions. Naruto was smart enough to know that he wouldn't get out of molesting someone unscathed.

Naruto groaned in frustration at his predicament. This made Gaara pause and look up curiously at the blond teen. "Are you alright?"

It wasn't that Gaara cared about how the blond was feeling, he was merely curious. The other boy had been relatively kind to him so far and Gaara was suspicious as to why. It was obvious Naruto's grandfather was out to humiliate Gaara so why didn't the grandson even smirk when he stumbled? The boy intrigued Gaara enough that the redhead had decided that he wasn't going to all-out despise the blond.

It also helped matters that Naruto looked very hot in low cut jeans and baggy black shirt that had the name of one of Gaara's favourite bands emblazoned on the front. Gaara had long ago accepted that he was gay and it was one of the reasons he was currently in trouble with the law. More than once had he been insulted or attacked because of his sexual preferences. Gaara had often returned the abuse thrown at him with his fists and many of his victims had been hospitalised. In Gaara's eyes they deserved what they got; he only wished the law saw it the same way.

Gaara's question interrupted Naruto's mantra of: I will not molest the cute redhead; I will not molest the cute redhead; I will not molest-

Naruto's resolve immediately weakened when he saw the position Gaara was in. The redheaded teen was on all-fours and looking over his shoulder at Naruto. This would have been fine if it wasn't for the fact that Gaara was wearing a revealing maid's outfit, his ass was stuck up in the air and his legs were parted invitingly.

"I'm fine," Naruto mumbled as he raised his hand to his face to make sure he wasn't having a nosebleed.

Gaara raised an invisible eyebrow. "You look feverish."

To Naruto's great relief and utter disappointment, Gaara got up from the floor to get a better look at him. Naruto removed his hand from his face and gave Gaara a reassuring grin. "I'm fine; the room's just a little hot."

"I don't feel hot," said Gaara with a slightly suspicious tone.

"That's because you're hardly wearing anything." Naruto's face darkened as his brain caught up with his mouth. "What I mean is that you're showing more skin than me. No! You're not showing more skin than me! Your outfit's just more revealing. Wait! No! What I'm trying to say is that-"

As Naruto continued to try and correct his mistake, Gaara stood as stiff as a board. Was Naruto hitting on him? If so, should he be offended? He'd already admitted to himself that he thought Naruto was good-looking so he really shouldn't be offended by the other's ramblings. Still, the fact that the other had noticed how indecently he was dressed was rather worrying. Actually, it wasn't the fact that he had noticed (as one could hardly not notice that he was wearing a too-short dress and fishnets) but the fact that Naruto had apparently been dwelling on his risqué appearance that worried Gaara.

When Naruto decided he'd dug a sizable grave he stopped trying to make things better. He merely grinned weakly and said, "Please don't hurt me for thinking you're hot."


Naruto blinked in surprise. "What?"

"I said Okay."

Naruto was confused by Gaara's response. Did this mean that the other teen didn't mind the fact that Naruto had been hitting on him? Did Gaara want Naruto to hit on him? Or was he just not going to hurt him because he didn't want Jiraiya to think up another punishment for him?

In reality it was for neither of these reasons. Since Gaara didn't know how to react he was simply not going to react at all. He was going to pretend Naruto's little outburst had never happened and return to cleaning. However, he was going to make a mental note that his supervisor thought he was hot, as it may help him at a later date.

Gaara returned to cleaning, well aware that Naruto's eyes were on him. Naruto was carefully considering his next move. He could sit, do nothing, and be tormented by his hormones or he could act. Taking action could be dangerous but then it might also be rewarding. Seeing as Naruto was an impulsive person he decided he'd rather risk getting into trouble than sit around twiddling his thumbs.

Standing up, Naruto stealthily made his way over to Gaara. The redhead didn't notice Naruto was behind him until Naruto's hands were planted on his hips. He jerked and turned his head to look at Naruto in alarm. The blond smiled amiably back at him.

Gaara's eyes narrowed slightly as he asked, "What are you doing?"

"Just testing a theory," replied Naruto innocently as his arms moved to completely encircle Gaara's waist.

"What theory?" asked Gaara edgily.

Naruto's lips were pressed against Gaara's ear as he whispered, "The theory that I've just come up with."

Gaara repressed the urge to shiver. Naruto was too close for comfort. He was also being too damn seductive. The blond teen was trailing light kisses from Gaara's ear, down his neck and across his exposed shoulder.

Gaara both liked and disliked this new attention. He liked it because it felt really good but disliked it because Naruto was molesting him without permission. Gaara was actually surprised that he hadn't already done something to stop Naruto harassing him. At any other time he would have turned around and kicked the shit out of anyone who dared to mess with him. This time however…

Naruto's lips were back at Gaara's ear. "You know what? I think you like being molested."

Gaara growled and reached up to grab Naruto's neck. Naruto immediately released Gaara, taking a step back to distance himself from the threat. Gaara spun around and grabbed hold of Naruto's wrist, spinning the blond around so that his arm was in a rather painful position. Naruto gasped as Gaara applied more pressure on his trapped limb. Gaara leaned in close, hissing in Naruto's ear, "Others have tried to take advantage of me before and they've all had sticky ends. Cross me and I'll make you wish you were never born."

Before Gaara knew what was happening Naruto had him in an arm lock. Gaara retaliated by kicking out, overbalancing them and taking them to the floor. They grappled for awhile, trying desperately to pin the other. In the end Gaara managed to pin Naruto down with his arms above his head.

Naruto chuckled quietly. "Guess those self-defence lessons were a waste of the old perv's money after all," he said with a tinge of bitterness.

Gaara smirked down at his prey. "Don't feel too bad about it; I've taken down guys twice your size before."


"Oh yes," Gaara said before moving closer so that his breath ghosted across Naruto's lips. He then added in a deadly seductive voice, "I've made grown men cry and beg for death."

Naruto shivered. Why was Gaara so alluring when he talked like that? Why was talk of death and pain turning Naruto on? And why the hell hadn't Gaara ravished him yet?!

Gaara involuntarily licked his lips as he stared down at Naruto. The boy looked so appealing with his flushed cheeks and half-lidded eyes. The sight along with the position was sending Gaara on a power trip. It was also making him very hot under the collar.

Gaara's face was so very close to his. All it would take for the gap to be breached would be for Naruto to tilt his head ever so slightly and then they would be…Then they were kissing.

It was soft, chaste, and it was their first from another boy. Both teens stared at each other for a few seconds before their lips reconnected and their eyes slipped shut. Again the kiss was tender, but it was more passionate than their first.

Naruto opened his eyes and stared up at the boy hovering above him. He chuckled embarrassedly before saying, "And I was the one to tell the old perv not to molest the new maid." Gaara's lip twitched as if he was trying not to smile. Naruto grinned then blushed slightly as he continued, "Mind releasing my hands so I can molest you some more?"

Gaara's eyes hardened. "I hope you remember what I said earlier: I don't like being taken advantage of."

"I'm not trying to take advantage of you," said Naruto earnestly. "If you don't want to continue then we don't have to. You do, after all, have the position of power at the moment."

Gaara studied Naruto for a moment as if he was trying to decipher the real meaning behind his words. His eyes then softened in acceptance and he released Naruto's hands. Naruto smiled and ran a hand through Gaara's short red hair. Gaara closed his eyes, seemingly content. Then the butler called from the hallway, "Master Naruto, dinner is nearly ready."

Gaara was quick to scramble off Naruto. He hurriedly scanned the room and was relieved to find that they had not been caught in such an intimate position.

Naruto was also blushing as he got to his feet. He gave Gaara a weak grin before saying, "Care to join us for dinner?" Gaara nodded, took a step forward and stumbled. Naruto had a hard time controlling his laughter. "You can leave the high heels here."

Gaara gratefully kicked off the accursed shoes. Naruto then wrapped his arm around Gaara's waist and started leading him towards the dinning room. Gaara looked at the arm curiously. "Won't your grandfather be angry if he sees you doing that?"

Naruto snorted. "No, he'll probably just wink suggestively and tell me where I can find good yaoi porn."

Gaara scowled. "Your grandfather doesn't sound very responsible."

"Trust me – he isn't. The only time he ever gets involved in my life is when he's trying to get me to copy his dirty habit of sleeping with women I have never met before and know nothing about! He's promised not to do that anymore though now that he knows I'm gay. Still, knowing him, he'll probably present me with some pretty boy in a sexy outfit and hope that I'll be attracted to him enough to want to have sex with him."

Both teens stopped in their tracks as they both had the same epiphany. Gaara was a pretty boy in a sexy maid's outfit. Jiraiya had set them up! And with that knowledge both Naruto and Gaara headed to dinner, silently making their own plans on how they were going to kill the old pervert.

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