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Never again would Seeley Booth accuse Temperance Brennan of not understanding the concept of getting drunk. He shook his head at the goofy happiness radiating off of her and Angela Montenegro as they stumbled back from their third trip to the bathroom in half an hour. Temperance stopped and leaned on the pool table, holding her stomach in an attempt to control her giggles. When she looked up, her bright blue eyes met his and she shot him a dazzling grin.

"So, whaddya think of my little dive bar?" Jack Hodgins asked (quite literally, considering he owned the joint), dragging Seeley's attention away from the beautiful anthropologist.

"I love it, man. Reminds me of a place we used to go when I was at Quantico. Strong drinks, good music, and beautiful women," he grinned, clinking his beer bottle against his buddy's. He took a deep swallow as the beautiful women in question sidled up to the bar.

"Whatcha doin, boys?" Angela asked, slinging a slender arm around Jack's neck.

"Just talkin' about all the hot women here tonight," Jack answered, earning a grin from his fiancée.

Tempe nodded emphatically. "I am hot. Aren't you guys? It's like a sauna in here," she commented literally. Her brilliant mind switched gears quickly as a very familiar Foreigner song came on the juke box. "Boooooooooth!" she screeched, wrapping her arms around his neck. "It's our sonnnnnng!" she giggled drunkenly. "Dance with me," she shouted in the voice of someone who thought she was whispering seductively. He only shook his head at her silliness and grinned, taking the hand she offered and spinning her out.

"Not like that," she grinned, turning her back to him and wrapping his arms tightly around her waist. "Like this," she said, grinding her ass against him.

Jesus Christ she was drunk. Even at the drunkest he'd ever seen her, and that time she had a methamphetamine contact high, she'd been nothing like this.

"Uh, Bones," he began in her ear.

"What?" she asked innocently, reaching up and wrapping her arm around his neck.

"Nothing," he said. "I forgot," he finished lamely.

She nodded and told him if it was important she was sure he'd remember eventually.

Oh, it was pretty important all right, but he was just planning to grit his teeth and power through, praying neither of his heads exploded.

A few moments later, the song and the sweet torture of dancing with Temperance ended. "Thanks for the dance, Bones," He smiled gently, planning his escape to the back of the bar to stick his head in the cooler. But first, unable to resist the temptation of all that beautiful flushed skin, he moved to drop a kiss on her cheek. Apparently disarmed by his sudden movement, she turned her head. And his kiss landed directly on her lips with a wet 'smack.'

Part of him said to pull away, that not only was he not the type of guy to take advantage of a woman, this one was his partner. The other part of him (the latter part that was currently beating the crap out of the former) screamed for him to tangle his fingers in her hair and shove his tongue down her throat. Common sense persevered with a happy medium and he pulled back for a moment, dropping another gentle kiss on her incredibly soft lips. If he didn't get canonized for his incredible display of self-restraint, he was going to be picking a big fight with St. Peter.

"Booth," she sighed, looking up at him with lust-colored eyes, "do that again," she whispered.

Well, hell. He also wasn't the type of guy to make a woman beg.

He cupped the back of her head gently, placing another teasing kiss on her lips. "More," she groaned. And then she shoved her fingers into his hair, holding his mouth tightly against hers, and he damn near spontaneously combusted on the spot. He managed to think clearly enough to walk her backwards to a dimly lit corner booth. She slid onto the table and hooked her booted feet gently around his calves, the whole time kissing him for all she was worth.

"Where'd Bren and Booth end up?" Angela asked jack, glancing back at the dance floor where they'd come from.

"Oh. My. Uh, Baby…?" Jack interrupted himself, grasping Angela by her upper arms. "You have to promise not to freak out. Because you're going to want to scream." Angela's eyes narrowed in confusion.

"Jack, what the hell are you talking about?" she asked, bouncing from one foot to the other. "I just want to find Bren so I can go pee."

"Never mind. Just don't scream," he requested. He turned Angela around and pointed. "She's right there."

"Oh. My. G-" Jack clapped a hand over Angela's mouth as the other bar patrons turned and stared at them.

"You promised," he chuckled, dropping a light kiss on her shoulder.

Tempe knew. Logically, she knew that to an extent, her drunken behavior was a chemical reaction, and she was kissing Booth not because she was intoxicated, but because she wanted to.

Yes. Chemical reaction.

Captain Morgan's reaction to her blood.

Johnny Walker's reaction to her blood.

Jose Cuervo's reaction to her blood.

Was it just her or was all alcohol named after men?

Whatever.Like it matters. You're making out with Booth. No alcohol called Seeley Booth. Mmmm. Seeley. But there should be. And it should be strong. Like Booth. And warm. Like Booth. And…

She snuck a hand between the buttons on his blue oxford shirt and dragged them over the smooth, warm skin of his abdomen.

Muscle-y. Like Booth.

Yes. "More," she whimpered. Oh, dear. Did that wanton growl just come out of her? At that point, straight-laced Dr. Temperance Brennan, anthropologist, could have cared less. Mostly because she didn't seem to be in the room. No, straight-laced Dr. Brennan had been booted -- by free-spirited Tempe Brennan, drunken seductress.

Holy fuck. Seeley tried not to jump back in shock at the feel of Tempe's hand caressing him through his jeans. He needed to get it reigned in before she tried to take them beyond his control. He only had two problems: number one, she didn't seem interested in stopping. Number two, he'd wanted this for way too long to be interested in convincing her that they should stop.

Her tongue slid over his easily, like they'd been doing this for years. She pulled back a second and gave him a grin that simultaneously weakened his knees and stiffened his cock. "Seeley." She sighed and her smile disappeared, being replaced by a look of sheer possession. Her lips crashed to his and he was in Heaven again. God. He was about to get off on making out with a woman in a bar. He hadn't run into that problem, well, ever. Usually he could at least maintain a shred of control. But the women he'd made out with in bars before sure as hell were not Temperance Brennan.

Somewhere off in the distance, she could hear someone clearing their throat. Like a cat that had a fur ball. She dragged her mouth away from Booth's to glance to her left to see who the hell was standing there and why they were hacking their displeasure of her kissing the hottest man in the bar.

"Can I borrow her for a quick sec? I'll bring her right back," Angela had dragged her halfway to the bathroom by the time she even figured out what was going on.

"Bren. Bren, Bren, Bren. I love you, Sweetie, I do. But what in the hell are you doing?"

Tempe tried her best to smile at Ange, but could see in the bathroom mirror that it looked more like the grin of a crazy woman in the throes of a stroke. "What?" she asked.

"You're making out with Booth. In a bar. Or did that escape you?"

"Ange, you said I should get drunk! Have a good time! That's what I'm doing! Was doing! Until you played little miss zoom kill and dragged me in here!"

"Ok, sweetie, first, it's buzz kill, not zoom kill. Second, when I told you to have fun, this was not exactly what I had in mind!"

"I'm having fun, Ange! You know, Booth is an excellent kisser!" Tempe explained loud enough for her friend and half of Washington to hear.

"I don't doubt it for a second, Bren, but you're drunk. I just don't want you to wake up in the morning with a big minty piece of FB eye candy on your pillow wondering what you did."

"Ange, it's not a big deal, okay? Promise. I love you, Angie. Just, you know… freeze out," Tempe rolled her eyes and walked out the door.

"CHILL, BRENNAN. IT'S CHILL OUT!" Angela shouted after her.

"Ready to go home?" Seeley nearly broke the glass beer bottle in his hand when Tempe walked up behind him and reached around him to rub her hands down his chest. He turned to face her and nodded slowly, glancing between her and Angela trying to figure out why Angela's face was pinched in concern.

"Well you're sure as hell not driving," Angela muttered under her breath.

"Nah, I'll take her. It's okay," Booth volunteered.

Jack did his best (which wasn't that great) to stifle a grin. He cleared his throat at the death glare he received from his fiancée. "You sure, man? We can take her. Not a big deal."

"Totally not," Angela agreed seriously.

"Do you think you all could stop talking about me like I'm not here?"

"Ooookay, Bones, time for bed," Booth wrapped an arm around her waist, leading her away from the hostile situation.

"Booth," Angela began as he headed for the door of the small establishment.

Seeley shot her a grin over his shoulder and waved as they headed for Tempe's little silver sports car.

When they got to the car, Tempe obediently handed over her keys and slid in the passenger seat. "you sure you're okay to drive?" she asked him, suddenly serious.

"I'm good. I didn't really drink all that much. Not nearly as much as you did. 'Course I don't think half the people in the bar drank as much as you did. Combined," he teased.

She grinned and shrugged. "I just felt like letting loose you know? Having a good time?" she glanced over at him, licked her lips and grinned.

He couldn't help but smile back, even though she scared him just a little. "I've never really seen this side of you, Bones."

"You like it?" she grinned as she buckled her seat belt.

"It's different all right," he replied. He sucked in a breath when he felt her hand settle itself on his thigh. His upper thigh. He put his own hand over hers and gave her fingers a gentle squeeze.

"Home, James," she said with a smile, settling back into her seat.

He chuckled and glanced at her. "Did I get one?" she asked, eliciting another laugh from him.

"You did," he replied, squeezing her hand again. He took his eyes off the road for a second and glanced over at her. Her eyes were closed, a soft smile on her slightly puckered lips. Too bad she wasn't going to remember any of this in the morning.

"Seeley," she sighed softly.

"Yeah?" he asked.

Her only response was a soft groan and a barely noticeable shifting in her seat. She was asleep. He drove in silence the twenty minutes to her apartment and swung the car easily into her parking space when he reached their destination.

"Wake up, Princess," he whispered, reaching across the small car to cup her cheek in the palm of his hand.

"A kiss," she sighed.


"The princess. You're supposed to wake her with a kiss. Do I have to explain everything to you?" she asked with a soft smile, eyes still closed.

"Oh. Right. Sorry," he replied softly, dropping a gentle kiss on her lips. Her blue eyes fluttered open and in that moment he knew he'd never seen anything so beautiful in his life as his lady scientist waking, and he probably never would again. He got out of the car and walked around to her door, pulling it open and offering her his hand. "C'mon, Bones," he coaxed gently.

She took his hand and stepped clumsily out of the car, collapsing against his chest for a moment. "You okay to walk?" he asked with a slight chuckle.

"Mhm," she answered, trying to stand straight, but failing miserably. "Sorry," she apologized as she staggered into him.

"Nah. It's okay, Bones. Princesses were meant to be carried anyway," he explained, scooping her off the ground with ease. She snuggled into his chest and he bit back a groan. Sainthood. Or ol' Pete had better be ready for him. He made it the few yards to her building and dug the key out of her purse to get in the front door. He keyed his way in clumsily, managing not to drop the drunken princess in his arms.

By some act of a higher being (likely St. Peter who didn't want to give Booth any more reasons to pick a fight), they made it to her apartment and he was once again able to key his way inside without any mishaps. He made his way back to where he knew her bedroom to be and tried not to stagger backward as everything that was so Tempe assaulted his senses. He laid her gently in her bed, removing her knee high boots and her belt, covering her with the chenille throw he found at the foot of the bed. "Goodnight, Bones," he whispered, brushing a hand over her auburn hair.

"Kiss," she sighed.

"So now I've gotta kiss the princess back to sleep?" he asked. She grinned playfully and nodded slowly, her eyes fluttering open and shut. He kissed the soft lips that parted beneath his on a sigh, her tongue trying to coax his in to play. He gave her another gentle kiss, a little deeper this time, and pulled back before she started something he was going to have to finish.

"Baby, Imma rock your world," she sighed. His pants became instantly too tight and he stifled a groan.

"Bones. Not tonight. You're drunk. If you remember, we can talk about this tomorrow."

"I'll remember," she sighed sleepily. "And I'll still wan..." she drifted away and then back again. "I always wanna," she whispered.

Seeley cleared his throat softly. "We'll see. If you, uh, tomorrow, if you still, uh, I'll…"

"What, Seeley?" she asked. "You'll wha…?" he waited a few seconds in the doorway until he was pretty sure she was fully asleep this time.

He whispered his answer in her general direction, barely able to hear the words himself. "I'll let you rock my world."


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