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Only One Dean…Please

Sam blinked his eyes sleepily at the ringing tone of his brother's phone. Sam rolled on to his stomach. "Dude answer the damn phone" Sam snapped burying his face on the pillow ignoring the sharp pain from his cut on the forehead. He was tired as hell and wanted nothing but to sleep.

They were hunting down a witch and the gig didn't go that well. Thanks to the neon sign 'Come and hit me' that Sam seems to carry around he was knocked out of cold for couple of minutes and Dean had to destroy the altar alone since Sam was far too dazed to help. Dean was worried about Sam's concussion but thankfully it was mild. Few painkillers and Sam was dead to the world.

The phone rang few times then Dean picked it up. Sam gave a silent thank inside his mind. He heard vaguely Dean snap "Get your ass here now". Sam wondered to whom Dean snapped. Confused Sam opened his eyes and searched for his brother. Dean wanted someone to come to there motel really badly. He sounded angry and urgent. It can't be dad, Bobby or pastor Jim since Dean usually don't snap at them. May be Caleb…but why? Curiosity made Sam up into a sitting position.

" What's going on?" Sam asked rubbing sleep out of his eyes. Dean was sitting on the other bed with the laptop on his lap. He looked and smirked at Sam. " Finally up sleeping beauty". Sam rolled his eyes and got onto his feet. He was sure that he heard water running in the bathroom. Sam ignored it thinking that he was still too sleepy. "What are you doing" Sam asked stretching his hands and legs.

" Trying to hook you up with a hot chick" Dean mumbled his eyes glued to the laptop. "Huh?" Sam asked raising his eye brows" Dean gave him a halfhearted look. " I'm researching princess" Sam blinked few times. That must be a really bad hit on the head yesterday. "And that is ?" Sam asked curious. " How to reverse a curse or something similar" Dean said not taking his eyes out of the screen.

"Ok…who was calling you?"

" Number 3"

"Huh?" Sam asked surprised trying to recall whether Dean was hit on the head too.

" You found any thing? " A voice unbelievably similar to Dean asked inside the bathroom. Sam swirled around to bathroom in surprise. When the door was opened Sam froze in shock. There was another Dean wearing a towel around his waist running a hand through his short hair walking into their room.

Sam was so shocked for a moment he couldn't believe his eyes. Sam rubbed his eyes and stared really hard at the second Dean hoping this is just a trick in his sleepy concussed head. Dean wearing the towel went to his duffel and grabbed some fresh clothes. Sam immediately looked at the bed. Well Dean was still sitting there searching something in the lap top. Few feet away there's a Dean clad in jeans with a t shirt in his hand . Sam was confused, shocked and more than anything scared to the hell. There are two identical Dean Winchesters in the room and both are doing entirely different things. Sam held his breath, his eyes frantically moving back and forth looking at the two Deans.

Once the Dean from the bathroom fully dressed up, he looked at Sam who was standing there eyes widened and mouth slightly open. He was gasping. Dean gave him a small smirk.

"Sammy you ok?" Sam looked back at the bed. Dean working on the laptop was looking at him too.

"Dean? " Sam whispered weakly still shocked. Dean on the bed frowned slightly and slapped his forehead. " Ah…crap I forgot to tell him"

The other Dean glared at his other self. " You forgot !"

"Dude I was researching." He gestured the laptop.

" Great…look at him man he's shocked to the death"

"Not my fault" Dean working on the laptop, placed it on the bed and swung his legs out of the bead.

" Whatever… where's number 3"

" Sent him to get coffee"

" You what?"

While the Deans were at each others throat Sam managed to get his shotgun. Ok this is some kind of a sick joke. Either they are shape shifters…but then there would be only one and why the hell it hasn't attacked him. The two Dean seem to be ok with each other presence. They are not trying t kill each other but on a usual banter like he and Dean do. Sam was bewildered wondering whether he's still asleep or is it because of the concussion or is this real.

" Who the hell are you?" Sam asked his voice slightly cracking. The two Deans looked at him and his shotgun aimed at them.

" Whoa Sam…put the gun down" Dean who did research said to Sam.

"Who the hell are you? Where's Dean ?" Sam bellowed in anger and fear that the real Dean would be in trouble.

Both Deans grimaced identically making Sam shiver.

" Look Sammy…" Dean who came out of the bathroom started but he was cut off by Sam.

" Don't call me that. Tell me where is my brother"

" Dude you are pointing the freaking gun at him" researching Dean snapped and the other Dean smacked him on the head.

" I know this is weird but Sam we are Dean"

" What the fuck are you talking?" Sam spat angrily. His Dean could be in real trouble and may be bleeding to the death, captured by some shapeshifters and these two imposters are playing games with him.

" If you don't tell me I'm gonna shoot both of you…so tell me where real Dean is"

Sam didn't get to hear where was real Dean is as the motel door opened and a cheerful voice saying " Hey guys" greeted them. Sam swirled around forgetting the other two completely and much to Sam's shock it was another Dean wearing the leather jacket and his usual shit eating grin. Sam froze to the second time in past 15 minutes. He was far too numb and shocked to block Dean's punch as one of the Deans knocked him out of cold.


Something cold was resting on his forehead. He heard a voice buzzing around. Sam wanted to stop the buzz but it wouldn't. He let out a small groan and turned his throbbing head away from the voice. The buzz stopped for some minutes but it started again. Little by little the buzz turned into a voice and Sam recognized it. 'Dean' Sam clamed himself down. It's Dean and that means he is safe. Sam felt someone was next to him. Knowing it was Dean and nothing to be scared Sam turned his face to Dean's direction. Dean's fingers were gently running through Sam's hair. Sam leaned into the touch of safety. There was silent again and Dean's voice was back. It sounded like Dean was talking with some one.

" You shouldn't have hit him" Dean's voice dimly filled in Sam's ears.

" He was pointing the damn gun at us man. Didn't had a choice"

'was that Dean's voice. Is Dean talking to himself? Well that's new.'

" Yeah but he already had a concussion."

" I know but he'll be alright. He must be just sleeping"

' sleeping… sounds good'

" What hell really happened? "

'Ok Dean is really talking to himself. That's not good…is this real or was I hit that badly yesterday ?'

" This dumb ass forgot to tell him. Sam got excited and tried to shoot us to find real Dean"

'Real Dean…Oh God…'

Sam's eyes snapped open as the earlier events came to his mind. He was asking those two imposters where his real brother is. Dean was sitting on the bed next to him softly stroking his hair with his ever so familiar worried and concerned look. Sam blinked few times staring at him.

" Hey little brother" Dean took his hand away giving Sam the opportunity to look around. Sam's breathing hitched when he saw two more identical worried and concerned looks. He looked back at the third one too. Someone got to be kidding him since there are three Dean's looking at him with the exact face expression and worried eyes. Sam screwed shut his eyes hoping and praying that it was only after effect of some bad concussion he had. But when he opened his eyes still there were three Deans.

Sam tried to get up. He felt a bit dizzy and the head was aching. He frantically searched for any sort of weapon to hit them. But there was none.

" Hey…Sammy calm down" The Dean next to him pinned him but Sam kicked and thrashed. With the help of other Deans, Sam was pinned to the bed successfully. Sam looked at them eyes filled with horror . The three Deans sighed at the same time freaking Sam out.

" Sam listened to me….I know you are confused and scared but you gotta trust us. We are Dean. We don't know how this happened. But I swear you on mom's grave we are really Dean. If you stop struggling and attacking us we can explain you how much we understood about the situation. We are not gonna hurt you ok? So Sam what do you say?" Far too shocked to talk Sam simply nodded weakly to say that he agrees. The three Deans let go of him and Sam slowly got up and sat down on the bed resting on the headboard and trying to scoot as far away possible from his three big brothers. They sighed again together and sat down on the other bed. One of the Deans, the one who was at the bathroom began to explain the situation.


" So you mean you three really are Dean?" Sam asked still confused. He was hugging himself unconsciously during the whole explanation. Sam was glad that they were wearing different clothes or it would be hard to recognize them apart.

" Pretty much."

" You three together make Dean"

" Well yeah kinda. It looks like we are split into three. I only feel interested in hunting and to kick someone's ass. It feels weird but yeah and that jerk made me do research…man I hate it. " The Dean with the laptop said pointing to the one from the bath room.

" I was at the shower ass. It won't kill you to do research once in a while!" the other Dean glared at him. Sam wondered whether either one of them understood the fact that they were really scolding at each other.

"you are so boring dude. I'm the real deal…I got three numbers from these really hot chicks and beside who wanna hunt and research? I'll rather be happy to go to a strip club tonight or to a bar have a beer, earn some money and get laid …" the Dean with the leather jacket said and was interrupted by Sam.

"Whoa wait…you mean you don't wanna hunt?" Sam asked rubbing his forehead. By the time this conversation ends he's going to have a massive headache.

"Huh…why waste this body on damn hunting? Although chick digs hunters and scars…" Dean said raising an eye brow.

Sam watched three of the Deans speechless. This has to be some sort of a nightmare. His big brother is split into three personalities. The hunting, kick-ass ,tough , stubborn and hard headed, sarcastic one. Understanding, selfless , peace making one. And another one as a smart ass chick magnet . Sam closed his eyes and tried to calm himself.

" Why did you knock me out?" Sam asked indignantly remembering what one of the Deans did.

" Dude you were fucking excited. Could have shot one of us!"

" Well what was your reason? I was seeing three Deans. If it was three of me you wouldn't have asked." Sam snapped. The three Deans looked hurt and Sam immediately felt guilty.

" Well we are sorry we didn't have a choice"

" Look I'm sorry too. This is so damn frustrating" Sam said looking at the three. He still can't believe it.

" Yeah tell me about it" the trio chimed together making Sam more uneasy.


As the Deans have explained after they had woken up in the middle of the night feeling weird, they had found three of them on the same bed! Sam blocked the image from his head. First they have got freaked out and then they have realized that all of them were part of each other. Sam asked how they guessed and they said they felt they are connected to each other and that they could feel each other which made Sam freaked out more.

"So you took the whole incident ok?" Sam had asked incredulous at their calm behavior.

"Hell no dude…we are split into three fucking bodies" The kick ass Dean snapped.

" how come I was asleep the whole time?"

"well painkillers had done pretty number on you"

"Beside we didn't have a choice here Sammy …other than being ok. We guess it was that witch. We ended her game" Dean from the bathroom said.

" What a bitch!" Other two Dean exclaimed together.

" So you were researching to find what happened?" Sam asked. The Deans nodded.

" We gotta find the witch first"

" Well we went back and she was gone…poof …disappeared…. I knew we should have killed the bitch" Researching Dean said darkly.

"We can't kill a human ,number 2" Dean who was in the bathroom said glaring at his other self.

" Number 2?" Sam asked raising his eye brows. One with the leather jacket scratched his head and looked at the others.

" well we were bit jumpy and the whole deal of you-being-torn-into-three make you really excited and anxious" One of the Dean's trailed and the one wearing the leather jacket snorted. " So we just called ourselves 1,2,3"

" Actually we were far too worried to think about names…" The other Dean supplied quickly.

"So you settled to be Dean number 1, 2 and 3" Sam asked and the trio shrugged together.

"how did you just name yourselves into three. Obviously you might have argued whose gonna be number 1 " Sam asked and the three Deans blushed as the same time.

"Well?" Sam asked impatiently.

"I was the one with the clothes….so I was number one" Dean from the bathroom muttered softly and Sam thanked the painkillers whole heartedly for not waking him up.

" Fine but now we need to find real names"

" I'm Dean" Number one who was the bathroom Dean immediately exclaimed.

" Hey no fair!" the other Deans exclaimed together.

"Remember I was with the clothes"

" I'll be Alec then" number 2 , research Dean muttered. "At least it's smart Alec"

" Ok Brad" number 3 with the leather jacket said. As the other three looked at him odd and number 3 shrugged. " Brad Pitt is hot!" Others shook their heads.

"We gotta fine the witch. If she cursed we got to reverse the spell and why the hell did she split you into three? " Sam asked rubbing his sore neck.

"Ask the chick!" Brad muttered.

" Anyone called dad" Dean nodded. " Went to voice mail" Sam grimaced.

" Ok then. We'll try to find that witch. Let me get dressed." Sam said getting up from the bed. He ran a hand through his hair frustrated . His head was aching but that can wait. Sam absently rubbed his temples. He has a big brother to get back and hopefully a one Dean Winchester.

When he looked at his three big brothers. They were looking at him with the same worried and concerned look… "I'm ok and don't look at me like that, you are creeping me out" Sam said heading to the bathroom. His brother may be split into three personalities but one thing was same to all three of them. They were concerned about their little brother and protective.


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