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Chapter 12

Sam tried to calm his breathing and it wasn't easy when there was pain running through his battered body. He closed his eyes, and with a huge effort took a few deep breaths and concentrated on calming his breathing. The way the guy said he had an old friend to see meant trouble, and Sam needed to keep his cool to face whoever this so called 'friend' was.

Sam vaguely heard a footsteps coming towards him. Now that he had his eyes closed, it was far more comforting to slip into sleep. But he had no chance when someone grabbed his hair. Sam winced. 'I'll be happy if you leave my hair alone.'

"Open your eyes boy." His hair was yanked again. Sam opened his eyes and let out a growl which sounded more like a groan. It was the guy again, smiling like an idiot. Sam glared at him.

"Now…now Sammy…" A shrill voice said and the fingers gasping his hair left. Sam gently turned his head towards the voice.

"It's Sam," he said, grinding his teeth at the woman who was smirking at him. There was something familiar about her that Sam couldn't place just in. 'So she's the old friend!'

"Well, whatever… But the important question is how is your brother doing…? Or my bad, brothers…doing?" It took a few minutes for him to realize what she said as he was trying to remember when he had more than a one brother. And the realization hit him hard.

"You are that …hoodoo witch?" Sam said, flinching as she ran a hand through his brown mop.

"Congratulations, Sam, for figuring it out. Although, I was worried about the concussion. Well done, but lets get back to my original question…How are your brothers doing?" she asked, playing with his hair.

"When they find you… You'll wish… You didn't ask that question," Sam growled at her, trying weakly to turn his head from her hands.

"Oh…I don't know." She smiled sweetly. "It depends on few things actually."

"You're … Doing the… Ritual?"

"Our coven is... So is this the reason why you're here? Because of the rituals?" she asked, her eyes narrowing.

"We…GPS your… Phone" Sam smiled smugly at her, although it was a weak smile. She was obviously pissed and glared at him. "Then saw... The… The pattern…I don't even… Fit to … It… And… " Sam swallowed as he was feeling more drained with each minute now that the initial adlenerine rush had worn off. "And… Dean will be here…" Sam let his tired eyes close. He didn't care what the witch was up to. His big brothers would come and he'd be safe.

His hair was yanked again and it was becoming annoying. Sam opened his eyes with effort and glared at the witch. "How much do you know abut the ritual?"

"Enough…To…Stop you" Sam muttered, his eyes closing. His eyes snapped opened again as she slapped him. 'What the hell?' Sam growled at her angrily as she grabbed his collar.

"I want to know how much!" she demanded, anger blazing in her eyes.

"We…Age pattern…On 20th midnight…Summer solstice…" Sam licked his dry lips. "Only have…To…Find you." Too tired to see the reaction from the crazy woman, Sam let his eyes close. He was shoved back and his head connected with something hard. Sam winced at the added pain. He heard some angry shouting but they were not clear, most of the words were muffled. Sam slipped into blissful darkness… Away from pain and fear.


Sam was rudely awakened by someone roughly dragging. He felt his already battered body hitting a damp floor and his breath was knocked out . The youngest Winchester blinked, shivering as the floor was cold. He curled up, trying to overcome the shivers and was surprised to find he wasn't bound anymore. He blinked again, finally getting a clear view. He saw the guy who had been a prick, yanking his hair. The guy snarled at him saying something about needing to keep him away from the ritual place. 'Damn is it already midnight?' Sam thought worriedly. Apparently he wasn't going to be dragged into the ritual but Sam was worried about others. 'I hope Dean found those guys before too late.'

Sam hugged himself, curling up to find warmth. He flinched when the door was slammed. Slowly, Sam let his eyes close, too tired to keep them open. He drifted in and out of consciousness, shivering from the cold and pain.

Sam barely noticed the soft touch on his forehead. The cool hand was comforting and Sam leaned into the touch unconsciously. There were soft spoken words and the fingers were running through his hair, and for a change not yanking at his hair. Sam opened his heavy eyes and blinked seeing the bleary figure bent over him, talking. He caught the word 'Sammy' and the gentle fingers running through his hair meant only one thing. His big brother. Sam winced and a small whimper slipped out of his lips when Dean's hand touched the side of his forehead that was throbbing. He blinked at the bleary figure still with unfocused eyes and called out to Dean in a small whisper not wanting it to be an illusion and wanting to make sure. "Yep Kiddo it's me." Sam sighed in relief at the comforting words.


24 hours earlier

Dean was fast asleep when Brad shook him awake from his wonderful dream. Cursing, Dean got up to see the panicked face of Alec. Worried himself, he got up quickly.

"What's going on?" Dean asked, rubbing sleep out of his eyes.

"It's Sammy," Alec said while rummaging through the duffel wildly and grabbing

"Sammy?" Dean asked, panic setting in. "Dude what's going on?"

" Brad went to the bar to hustle. Sam went with him to get the dinner. It's almost an hour and a half since he had gone and I tried to call Sam. His phone is out of service and then Brad called your phone saying that there was a guy that went missing at the diner. Brad had tried to call Sam too, he can't reach him. I hope he's okay," Alec said, grabbing the guns and throwing a one to Dean who caught it.

"Let me get something on." Dean hurried to the duffel and got some clothes out for himself. "Brad's got the Impala, we should walk to the diner. We might spot something. Sam would have taken that road," Alec said full in hunter mode. Dean sighed worriedly. 'Shit we shouldn't have left him all alone.'


Dean and Alec hurried along the road, around flashing the lights to check for anything unusual. Alec took the left side, while Dean walked on right side. It was a 15 minute walk to the diner from their motel.

Dean replayed the whole event of the kidnapping in his head. Of all the guys that were kidnapped, they had the same age pattern as their father noted in the journal. But Sam didn't fit the ages. A 23-year-old had already been kidnapped. Dean frowned. 'Did we miss something in the connections…or…'

"Shit!" Alec's curse brought Dean's attention back.

"What?" Dean asked, rushing towards him.

"There's blood here" Alec said darkly, kneeling down on the ground. They shared a worried look. "It seems fresh, there's a trail. Whoever was hurt must have been dragged away," Alec muttered and got up. Dean flashed the light around. 'This is so not good.'

"Sam!" Alec called out, walking along the blood trail that led to the small forest along the road. Dean and Alec followed the trail. It led them away from the main road to a small driveway. There was a small puddle of blood on the pavement. Alec kicked the ground angrily. "They must have taken a damn vehicle"

Dean rubbed his forehead. 'Fuck!'

"Okay, alright. We should be going back to the diner. Brad might have found something," Dean said with a huff and hurried back to the main road. Alec followed him, cursing.


There were quite a number of people gathered at the diner. They found Brad looking at the diner with a scowl.

"Hey," Dean called. Brad who turned to look at them, sighing in relief.

"Man, am I glad to see you two. These people are driving me nuts," Brad muttered. "What's going on?"

"A guy called Jason is missing. He was in the search party for Ritchie. He came here with them and headed back home but he never made it home. I asked the woman who owns the diner. She's the one who gave the take out to Sammy and then had said good bye to Jason," Brad said, frowning. "They're waiting for the sheriff to come, so they can figure out what's going on and try to find the kid. Any news of Sam?"

"We found a trail of blood. It went along the woods to a small driveway. But after that nothing. They must have taken a vehicle," Alec said, clenching his fists.

"I shouldn't have left him alone," Brad said, staring blankly at the diner's wall.

"It was not your fault. We didn't know about this." Dean sighed, leaning onto the Impala next to him. "Hell man I don't even get it."

"You know what? We shouldn't be hanging around here, we should be going down that road and looking for Sam," Alec said, throwing his arms up.

"I know, but we also have to tell the sheriff Sam's missing. We need help from people who know this place," Dean said in a matter-of-fact voice. "What I don't get is what happened. You know all these kidnappings—they're not just randomly picked up. Only the guys that fit the age pattern are kidnapped."

"Someone on the inside is doing this," Brad said, drawing his lips into a thin line. "Which means we can't trust everyone here."

"Sam's missing might not have any connection to the kidnappings at all," Alec said, rubbing his forehead.

None of them heard the footsteps of the sheriff as they were far too engrossed in their own worry and conversation. The sheriff cleared his throat and brought their attention to him.

"I would like to talk with you." The sheriff didn't look pleased and he was scowling at them with cold eyes.

The brothers eyed each other worriedly, wondering what they had gotten themselves into.


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