By: Trivette Lover Heather


Magnum slept comfortably until he peered his eyes open to see Higgins standing at his bed side. He jumped briefly then between a yawn asked, "Higgins don't you ever knock...?"

Higgins didn't reply and only switched on the television. Magnum rubbed his eyes and squinted at the screen.

"We bring you very sad news this morning. World renowned author and scholar, Robin Masters, was found dead this morning. His butler phoned for an ambulance, but it appears as though Mr. Robin Masters passed on in his sleep. Cardiac arrest is the present known cause of his death. It is indeed a very sad day for fiction readers of this mans work…." The report was silenced as Higgins switched off the TV.

Magnum was sitting up now. "Higgins…I'm sorry. Are you alright?"

Higgins lifted his chin up, his head hung a little lower than Magnum was used to. "Fine," came the quick reply, though Magnum swore he saw tears welling up in his friends eyes.

"Look Higgins, if you need to leave for the funeral, I can take care of things…"

Higgins shook his head. "Yes, well there are some things you just can't take care of…"

Magnum looked confused. "I don't understand."

"Never mind, you wouldn't." He seemingly avoided the question and continued. "Did you want to attend the funeral as well?"

He sighed. "Well Higgins, I mean, you were closer, you should…"

"Right." Higgins interrupted again. "I will leave instructions in the kitchen for the Lads care and the grounds while I am away." He started out the door.

Magnum was standing now. "Wait, Higgins…" He cleared his throat and eyed his friend. "Do you want me to come with you?" It felt like minutes but only seconds passed as he waited for a reply.

Higgins turned around. "I would like that."


Higgins arranged to have help at the Estate, while He and Magnum flew to San Francisco for the memorial service and procession.

Magnum watched his friend carefully and noticed he would frequently walk away from televisions or switch off radios if any talk of the late Robin Masters was mentioned. He flipped open a newspaper once, then tossed it aside, almost angry, this left Magnum curious.

As Higgins walked towards the restroom, Magnum picked up the paper and viewed the article. "The End of a Legend." Magnum shrugged, he knew Higgins was close to Robin, but not this close. He was intrigued but wouldn't pry; not then anyhow.

The flight was fairly quiet and Higgins was engrossed in a novel the majority of the time. But Magnum noticed his friend gazing into nothing more often than actually reading. A conversation began in the row ahead of them.

"Can you believe about Robin Masters? Just upped and died in his sleep."

"I know, I loved his stuff, it's so sad to think we won't get to enjoy any more of his work."

The third person, directly in front of Higgins began to chime in as well. "Well, not to speak ill of the dead, but I thought his work was junk. I could barely get through the first chapter of one his novels…"

Just then the stewardess began to dispense coffee and drinks to the passengers, when the man in front of Higgins received his, Higgins dropped his novel and on the retrieval bumped the mans seat causing him to spill his drink.

"What the?!" The man hollered, patting his now soaked shirt and pants and turning around.

Higgins looked sympathetic. "I am terribly sorry sir, I simply dropped my book, and I must have bumped you as I reached for it…terribly sorry."

As Magnum watched it all unfold, his mouth hung open in shock, a few minutes passed and he now noticed a small smile plastered on his friend face, and it remained there for the rest of the flight.



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AN: Yes, this is a story where we will find out if Higgins, was or was not Robin Masters…or will we??