Final Chapter



It was a beautiful day with a light breeze and the sun coming in and out of the clouds. Magnum kept a close eye on his friend as the services went on. He looked as if he was losing a part of himself, Magnum couldn't explain it, but he knew his theory of Higgins actually being Robin Master may be clouding his judgment a bit.

As the services closed, Higgins stood a few feet from the casket, alone. Magnum had kept his distance from the front, but as the people began to clear out, he could now see tears in his friend's eyes. He watched for a moment before approaching slowly.

The two stood there in silence for a while, before any words were spoken.

"You were right."

It was three words Magnum seldom heard from his friends mouth, in fact he wasn't sure if he had ever heard them before that day.

Magnum knew what he was right about, but said nothing. That day he had lost a friend, and watched a friend lose a part of his identity, it would be some time before the subject would ever be brought up again.


Years Later

"Thomas, you heard of this new author? Its great stuff man, they're actually comparing him to Robin, can you believe that?"

Magnum smiled. "That happens a lot in the literary world Rick, I'm sure there will be a lot more they will compare him to."

"I don't know Thomas, this almost sounds exactly like Robin, trust me."

TC approached the bar. "What's up?"

"Rick thinks Robin's been reincarnated in the author of the new book he just bought." Magnum replied, taking a sip of his beer.

TC smiled. "Right Rick."

"I mean it…fine, once I'm done you can see for yourself." He scoffed and flipped another page.

"Where did you get it?" Magnum asked.

He took the book from his friend and flipped it over to view the title and author.

Lost IdentityAuthored by: John Hillerman.

Magnum turned to the camera, smiled and raised his eyebrows. And the viewers at home couldn't help but smile with him.


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