Hey everybody.

I haven't updated this story in a while for two reasons:

1. Life has been happening. I am on the fencing team, and varsity at that. The whole season has been a roller coaster ride for me, missing practices and meets for various reasons, having 3-4 meets a week (they go after school until 6:30 pm- 9:00 pm) thus barely having time to even do my homework. Being in AP Drawing, the projects are higher in quality that I have to do, thus more time consuming, so they take up any free time I might have after I am done with traditional homework.

And since I vowed to myself at the beginning of the school year to do better this year than previous year (for college and personal reasons), I haven't found a class where I don't have to pay attention and write freely and still get an A or not have the teacher tell me to "stay on task in class." So that limits my writing time down to after school, yet all that time is being eaten up by homework, as mentioned above.

2. HERE'S A SPOILER FOR THE NEXT CHAPTER: SASUKE AND OROCHIMARU ARE GOING TO HAVE A BADASS FIGHT. And it is for this reason that I am having trouble writing when I DO find a few minutes here and there to write. You see, with Sasuke, I don't know his character inside-out. Meaning, I don't know his fighting style. I don't know the full scope of his abilities. Sure, I have a general idea of what he can do but nothing definite. This makes the borders of his skills hard, so I'm going to have to re-read the fight with Deidara in the actual series to get a feeling of how far he progressed.

With Oro, I don't know how he fights or what his abilities are. (All I know is that he uses snakes. A lot. XD ) I read the manga, but I can't remember what his techniques were. ;-; Ohhh damn. Time for another approximate-adjacent-timeline-abilities-evaluation. :D

So Ch. 26 might be out by mid-March. No promises though. I've been developing a drawing bug lately. XD

I love you all. I won't drop this story. I promise it will be finished. DATTEBAYO!!