Silence. Silence. The steady rasping of her own breathing was the only sound that reached her ears as she waited … waited… there! Suddenly, footsteps, hurrying, rapid, increasing in speed. The footsteps grew closer.


She found herself pinned against the wall, the wind knocked from her lungs.


Blinding light surged into her eyes. She squinted against the pain.

'Minerva? What are you – '

'You're leaving.'

'Minerva, you know as well as I that – '

'Were you even going to say goodbye? Or is this it? Was I to arrive at your classroom tomorrow evening only to discover you'd gone?'

'Minerva – '

'You can't leave me.'

She tried to be angry, but her anger had quickly given way to the fear and sadness that was now evident from the whispered plea.

'Minerva –'

'You -'

He kissed her then, a fierce claiming of her lips, an unspoken declaration of the feelings that had been unspoken between them for months. Finally, after a long moment, he pulled away and rested his forehead against hers.

'Please understand, love. I have to do this.'

'I know,' she whispered, tears burning hot tracks down her cheeks.

'I love you,' he groaned as he once more pressed his lips to hers.

'God's speed, Albus. Come back to me.'

'I'll do my best.'

She felt so cold when he finally released her, so alone.

She watched until she her reached the Entrance Hall, and with one longing glance he turned and disappeared.

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