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Kagome had, had a wonderful day. She had gotten an A on her Math pop quiz, and she had gotten to go out to a movie with her friends. Fridays were so nice. She sighed as she relized where she had to go. She went inside and quickly packed her bags. Sometimes she thought going back to the feudal age was a waste of a weekend. She waved to her grandfather, and jumped into the well. When she stepped out, the village was ablaze with fire. She sank down on her knees and gaped. She quickly took a gallon of water out of her bag, and ran to attempt to put some of the fire out. All the villagers where about a 1/3 of a mile away from the burning buildings. She decided that they were more important than the village itself, so she looked at them. She saw minor injuries on few. Most were unharmed. Sango was crying into Miroku's shoulder, and Shippou was mouthing something. Kagome guessed it was because all the houses were burning, but came closer to see. ::eee. noo... yaa... shhaa...:: Inuyasha? No! He couldn't still be caught in the village!

Kagome's heart stopped beating as she ran in the flames. The smoke filled her lungs, and she could hardly breath. Kagome didn't care. She heard weak growling from the hut next to her. She ran in, and found a crumpled body. She poured some of the water she had brought with her on its head. ::coughs:: "Kagome..."
"Don't talk Inuyasha, can you stand?" Weakly Inuasha stood, but fell against Kagome. She didn't notice the extra weight. She dropped the water, and used both her hands to support the half demon. When they got out of the ruckage, Kagome checked to see if he was still breathing. His short, husky breaths reassured the girl.

Inuyasha turned his golden eyes to Kagome, and whispered quietly, "I owe you one." he dropped his head, and fell asleep.

When he awoke, Keade was warming up some ramen noodles, and Kagome was sleeping on the ground beside him. He was wrapped in a sheep skin blanket. He sighed quietly when he saw Kagome's face. She looked like an angel. He wanted something, but he didn't know what. He snapped out of his thoughts when he saw Keade carrying the noodles toward him. "I see you are looking at Kagome. Do you like what you see?"
"Feh. Wench, is that Ramen? "
" Yes. Kagome asked me to make it for you. She was up all night caring for you, she needed rest." Kagome cared for ME?
"Why did you go back into the village, Inuyasha?" The old woman asked. "Ah..ah..I..." he stammerd. "I thought Kagome might have been there..." Inuyasha turned red. Kagome was half awake when she heard Inuyasha. She sat up, and hugged him. Inuyasha turned a brighter shade of red then he had ever before. He loved Kagome, but how could he tell her?

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