Well here's the second chapter! La! R/R please! (I forgot to tell you! The villagers got the fire out, and are now rebuilding the village. They built a little hut in the clearing for Keade, Inuyasha, and Kagome, so they could get some rest. K? la!) This chapter may be a bit odd, but bare with me.

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Inuyasha ate his noodles, and settled back into his bed. He was still having a little trouble breathing. He felt his hand. It was hot, and he assumed he had gotten a bad burn. He realized that Kagome was looking at him. He blushed, and slid under the blanket. She was worried. Worried about him. He fell into a feverish sleep, and had nightmares about Kagome.
* He was calling her, but she didn't come. He smelled her scent, and ran to it. She was in a box. A box full of human blood. *
He awoke breathing heavily. Kagome was beside him. She was trying to sooth him. "It's all right Inuyasha." she cooed in a whisper.
"Kag..Ka.." He stammered.
"Shhh.... you're alright." Kagome sighed. (Sorry I am making it so mushy, but you'll see why... I think.... oh well... La! -Checks)

Kagome put a dampened cloth on the half-demon's forehead. She noticed that his fever was gone. She chuckled to herself. "I forgot that he heals faster than a regular human."
Kagome was broken from her thoughts when she heard a loud shriek. "Eeeeeeeek! You pervert!"
Kagome knew what this was about. Miroku had obviously done something Sango didn't like. She laughed, and looked at Inuyasha. His golden eyes looked back. Kagome blushed. "What has the pervert done now?" said the very annoyed half breed.
Inuyasha jumped out of his bed, and Kagome was still looking at him. She flushed crimson when she realized he didn't have any garments on. Inuyasha blushed too, and he grumbled something under his breath. Kagome rushed out of the hut.
"I didn't see anything!" came the voice of Kagome outside of the hut. Inuyasha blushed again, and hurried to get his Kimono on. Inuyasha thought, and suddenly he knew what he wanted. (Nothing lemony let me assure you...)

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