He pumps in and out of you. You feel him almost ready to climax. So are you, but he's going to make sure you come first.

He always wants you to come first.

He's your boss, your friend, your roommate and mostly, your lover.

He pumps into one last time before you see white. You feel your sticky seed burst over your stomachs. You tighten around him, pushing him over the edge. You feel heat burst into you. Pumping a couple more times, and then he flops onto your chest.

You feel blackness engulf you. Death is tugging at where your heart should be.

The next day you're thrown on the Garbage pile. Your body is limp and not going anywhere.

"It's okay Axel, I'm sure Demyx wanted to go that way," Roxas said to your lover. Your last lover.


This is in the line of the 100 fanfictions that I'm doing. But to make them easier on myself (How selfish) I'm doing them in under 200 words. And there will be lemons and Axel pretty much all the way through.