The redhead ran the brush over the bones.

"HEY ROX! Come check this out," He called out, he was frowning staring straight at the second and third skull. A blonde appeared next to him.

"What is it Axel?" Roxas said, leaning over the redheads shoulder. He stared in wonder at the skeleton that his partner was digging up.

"I think its Cerberus," Axel said, digging more dirt from the site. They'd already found a hydra with at least one hundred heads. "It's the last one right?"

"Yep, now that we have several of the artifacts do you reckon we can go back to the castle?" Roxas said. He poked the skull of the dog with his trowel.

"I dunno… I think we have to go to whatever Plant next to find an Ancient," Axel said waving his hands above his head. The heard someone clear their throats behind them. They froze slowly turning towards the noise. To their horror Hyades was standing behind them, the arms crossed over his chest.

"Boys? Care to explain?" Said the god. Axel gulped. Roxas fidgeted next to the red head. Xemnas had told them the escape plan if anyone ever found out about the project.


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