'I love her like a sister…it's always been like that…'

Harry recalled his words to Ron following the destruction of the locket Horcrux with a rueful sigh and wondered why all of a sudden they no longer felt like the truth. Why now on the eve of his wedding to Ginny was he thinking things about his best friend that he shouldn't think about anyone but his future wife?

Though he and Ginny had both had their stag and hen parties two weeks earlier, he'd readily agreed to Ron's suggestion that the two of them and Hermione go out for a few drinks tonight. But after a few rounds, Hermione had accepted an invitation to dance and Ron – a professional Quidditch player for the Chudley Cannons – had disappeared with a pretty blonde claiming to be his 'biggest fan'. Harry hoped Ron would be up to performing his best man duties tomorrow – he was already dreading the speech after George had offered to help him write it.

But if he was honest with himself, his thoughts were not on Ron or his speech right now. They were fixed on the woman in the middle of the dance floor, the woman he had known for eleven years.

His eyes travelled up her body over the jeans that rode low on her hips and hugged her slender curves like a second skin. Her t-shirt was pink and emblazoned with the words 'Muggle-born and proud of it!' It was clinging and perfectly outlined her petite breasts. Her brown hair now sported a few blonde highlights and its previous bushiness had given way to gorgeous curls. As she danced, she lifted her arms in the air, which made her top raise up a little and Harry caught sight of the jewel sparkling in her navel.

He felt a measure of surprise – the decoration was so un-Hermione and as such was all the more sexy. As he continued to watch her dancing, her partner watching her with equal appreciation, her body lost in the rhythm of the music, he felt himself growing hard.

Immediately cursing his unruly body, he tried to push thoughts of Hermione from his mind. He felt disgusted with himself that just hours away from marrying the woman he loved, he was getting turned on watching his best friend dance.

Then as he watched, he saw her partner move closer to her and put his hands on her hips. Though he knew he had no right to be jealous, he couldn't stop himself from marching up to the dance floor and putting his hand on her shoulder. She turned at once and broke into a smile. His 'rival' appeared to recognise him and immediately backed off.

"Harry?" she said, still smiling. "I thought you didn't dance."

"I…I…I…" When the other wizard had invited her to dance, she'd tried to get him to join her, especially as Ron had been engrossed in having his ego stroked by the girl at the next table., but he'd declined. He wasn't a fan of dancing.

She laughed and took hold of his hips, pulling him closer. "Come on, its fun."

Being so close he could smell her scent and he could see her nipples pressing against the fabric of her top, making it obvious that she wasn't wearing a bra. Merlin, he was getting hard again and this time mind over matter wasn't going to work. He hoped she wasn't close enough to notice.

He couldn't understand why this was happening to him now. He and Hermione had always been just friends – nothing more. He had been in close proximity to her before – they hugged on countless occasions – but all of sudden, just dancing with her was turning him on. The only explanation he could come up with was that he'd had too many firewhiskeys and his brain was starting to play games with him – making him wonder what he'd be giving up by marrying Ginny. Well he didn't need to wonder. He loved Ginny and Hermione was just a friend. Now if he could just get his body to remember that.

Thankfully after the next song, Hermione elected to head to the bar for another drink and he happily followed her. But as she signalled to the barman, her top rode up, showing off her navel stud again.

"I didn't know you had that," he said, pointing to the glittering gem.

She followed his gaze and her face took on a self-mocking expression. "You like it? I haven't decided yet. Ginny convinced me to get it."

The adjective that had come to mind earlier was not something he cared to repeat to Hermione, especially as he was trying not to think of her that way.

"It's cute. So what are you drinking?" he asked, not wanting to dwell on a rather dangerous topic of conversation.

"Rum and coke, please."

After getting served, they returned to their table, Harry being careful no to sit too close to her.

"No need to ask where Ron is," Hermione said.

"Garnering some more publicity for the Cannons, no doubt." Since the Cannons had won the Quidditch Cup, Ron had been more popular than ever and had been the victim of a couple of kiss 'n' tell stories in the Daily Prophet.

"'Oh Ron, I'm your biggest fan.'" Hermione said, mimicking the girl Ron had disappeared with. "I'm surprised his ego could fit through the door."

"Isn't it a little weird for you," Harry asked. Just as he and Ginny had resumed their relationship after the war, Ron and Hermione had gotten together, but had split up last year.

"A little, I guess. But Ron and I haven't been together in over a year and I've kinda got used to it. He seems happy."

"What about you?"

"I'm ok. Sometimes I miss him, but I think what I miss most is being in a relationship, having someone who loves me. It was great while it lasted but in the end he wasn't the one for me." She paused, before continuing. "Now you and Ginny – there's a perfect match."

"Yeah, and one day it'll happen for you, too, I know it."

"Maybe. Maybe not. I'm just glad you're going to be happy."

He smiled. He and Ginny were going to be happy together. And the fact that for the last ten minutes, he'd been able to sit and talk with Hermione without once having inappropriate thoughts made him realise he'd been stupid to worry about his feelings for his best friend.

They continued talking and drinking until it got to such an hour that they realised if they didn't go home now, neither would make it to the wedding on time the next day and the thought of facing the wrath of Molly Weasley was enough o send them in the direction of the exit.

He offered to escort her home – even when you're a witch, walking home alone isn't a good idea. They would have apparated, but Hermione lived in a Muggle apartment block and there was no need to risk exposure. When they reached the door to her place, she unlocked it before turning to Harry.

"Well, I guess I'll see you at the Burrow."


"Night, Harry." Reaching up, she hugged him and for the first time in eleven years, he realised how perfectly her body fit with his, her braless breasts pressing into his chest. Suddenly all of his earlier lustful thoughts and feelings came rushing back to him. As her soft lips pressed a kiss to his cheek, he groaned, his hard-on returning with a vengeance and he had to step back before she was able to feel it.

As he looked at her he tried desperately to understand what was happening – how one minute he could be enjoying a nice evening and having a nice conversation with his best friend and the next be getting turned on by a hug and a kiss on the cheek. It didn't make any sense, but he knew one thing for sure. If he didn't leave now, he was going to do something incredibly stupid, like kiss her.

"Night, Hermione."

But as she turned to open the door, he grabbed her arm.


She turned back with a frown on her face. "What is it? What's the matter, Harry?"

He was torn. A big part of him knew he should let her walk through that door so he wouldn't jeopardise their friendship or his relationship with Ginny. But another part of him needed to know, needed to know what she tasted like, felt like.

When he didn't answer, her frown grew deeper and she stepped closer. "Harry, you're scaring me."

Suddenly, his need overwhelmed him. His best friend was standing in front of him and yet he was seeing her in a completely different light and he just couldn't help himself. He wanted her; he wanted her more than his next breath.

Without even considering the consequences, he seized her arms, pulling her into him and kissing her. It only lasted a matter of seconds before she pulled back with a gasp, her hand immediately flying to her lips.


"Hermione, I…"

But he didn't have time to finish the sentence because her hands were cupping his face and she was pulling him to her and kissing him back.

He didn't even stop to question why she'd done that. All thoughts of Ginny and their forthcoming wedding were forgotten as, still kissing him, she opened the door and dragged him through it. As soon as the door was closed, he pushed her up against it.

Their kisses grew more passionate, their tongues tangling and their breath mingling. While one of his hands played with her hair, Harry slid the other down her body, pulling her closer so she could feel how hard she made him. Hermione's hands meanwhile slid down Harry's back to play with the hem of his t-shirt.

The hand that was in her hair slid down to her waist before moving back up to tentatively cup her breast over the material of her top. She moaned against his mouth, drawing a groan from his as she pressed her breast into his hand, encouraging him to touch her. He brushed his thumb against her nipple and she gasped, her hands fisting with his t-shirt before sliding up to bare skin of his back, while she lifted her leg and, having slipped off the sandals she'd been wearing, rubbed the sole of her foot up and down the back of his leg. The hand that was resting on her hip moved to lift her leg higher and curl it around his hip.

Her other leg joined the first and he pressed her more firmly against the door as his hard, throbbing flesh pressed against her centre. He could feel the heat of her through two layers of denim. She pulled her mouth from his to press kisses to his neck as her fingertips traced his spine and her hips bucked as she ground herself against him.

"Bedroom…" he gasped, speech becoming an issue in the onslaught of pleasure.

"Down there…" she panted, nodding her head in the direction of the hallway that lead off her sitting room.

With the movements of her hips driving him mad, he carried her down the hall, through the door she indicated on the right and into her room. He sat down on the bed and brought her mouth back to his as he pulled her top up and over her head, dropping it on the floor beside the bed. He groaned at the sight of her breasts. They were as perfect as he'd imagined them when she was dancing. Round, high, firm and perfectly sized with hard nipples that were begging for his touch.

She moaned and her head fell back as he brought his hands up to stroke them, rubbing the nipples between his thumbs and forefingers before replacing one hand with his mouth, flicking his tongue back and forth across one taut bud. She gasped at the sensation, arching her back and clutching at his still covered shoulders. Her hips picked up the pace making him ache for release.

As he returned to her mouth, she grabbed hold of his t-shirt to remove it, and he rolled her over so that she was beneath him, before standing up and undoing and pulling off his jeans and removing hers. He nearly came at the sight of her panties – a miniscule scrap of black lace. He peeled them down and kissing her again, he slid his hand between her thighs where she was hot and wet. She gasped against his mouth when he slipped two fingers inside her and rubbed her clit with his thumb. As he touched her, her eyes slid closed and her mouth open as she moaned her pleasure. But it wasn't enough – he had to taste her.

He kissed down the length of her body, stopping briefly to tease her nipples. When he reached his destination, he pressed his mouth to her pulsing flesh. Merlin, she tasted incredible. She cried out when he flicked his tongue over her clit and fisted her hands in his hair as the pleasure grew. As it began to overwhelm her, her cries grew louder and his hips began to rise and fall in rhythm with his tongue.


He knew the exact moment she reached her climax – her whole body stiffened and she screamed his name, before collapsing. As she lay there catching her breath, his eyes raked over her, loving the way her skin was flushed and her legs scissored helplessly as she tried to regain her composure. Suddenly her brown eyes slid open and met his green gaze. Her mouth curved into a languid smile and he was reminded of the still hard flesh pressing against her leg through the material of his boxers.

She noticed too and propping herself up on his elbows, she pulled his face to hers to kiss him before rolling him over onto his back and moving down his body to pull off the final barrier of clothing. Her eyes widened a little at his size and he thought briefly of all the jokes Seamus used to make about 'wand size'. But all thoughts of his former schoolmates flew from his mind when Hermione curled her soft hand around the aching length of his arousal.

The torment was brief but immediately intensified when she replaced her hand with her mouth, her tongue teasing him by flicking over the head. The feel of her hot, wet mouth surrounding him gave him a sense of what it would be like, being inside her body and he knew he wouldn't last long. As he felt the tell-tale tingling in the base of his spine, he wound his hands in her hair and pulled away.

"Please, Mione…I need…inside you…"

With a smile she crawled back up his body to kiss him, allowing him to roll them back over so that he was on top. As he moved between her legs to position himself at her entrance, she curled them around his hips, locking them in the small of his back and tilting her body towards him. He pulled back to look in her eyes as he slid inside her.

Nothing could have prepared him – it was impossible to describe how amazing it felt and he had to squeeze his eyes shut to stop himself from coming too soon. When he felt more under control, he began to move, thrusting slowly, then faster until her body joined him in the rhythm. As the pleasure escalated, she pushed him onto his back again so that she was sitting astride him, rocking her hips, her body on display for his viewing pleasure.

He reached up to cup her breasts and play with her nipples then changed his mind and slid one hand down to play with her clit. Her body clenched around him as her movements grew faster. He could feel himself teetering on the edge and knew she was there with him. When he felt her tense, he let go and they cried out together, both shaking as tremors rocked their bodies.

Then her strength gave out and she collapsed on him, her hair damp with perspiration and her skin even more flushed. He held her in his arms, pressing kisses to her quivering body. He closed his eyes as lethargy consumed him, the thoughts of the beautiful and incredible woman in his arms the only thing able to penetrate his mind, the ramifications of his actions not even figuring.