"It's a boy," Harry said excitedly as the healer handed him a tiny bundle.

He looked over at Hermione who lay back against the pillows, her curly hair damp, her face flushed and her mouth curved into a smile. She looked exhausted but happy.

"James Sirius Remus Potter," she said.

Harry grinned. When they'd been discussing names prior to the birth, Hermione had suggested that if it was a boy, they call him after his grandfather and his two best friends.

Shortly after the events of the wedding that wasn't, Hermione had discovered she was pregnant, having conceived on that first night she spent with Harry, who had joked that it wasn't like her to forget a contraceptive charm. She'd replied that clearly his incredible sex appeal had driven reason from her head. Nevertheless, both were ecstatic at the thought of becoming parents.

They kept the news a secret for the first few months, knowing it wouldn't be well received after what had happened and it was only when Hermione started showing that had begun to tell their friends, most of whom had declined to takes sides after the wedding fiasco. Seamus had even admitted to Harry after a few too many firewhiskeys that he'd always thought the two of them would end up together.

And one night during Hermione's eighth month, Ron had called at their flat to give his congratulations and the Trio were reunited. It was discovered that Ginny had urged Ron to make peace since she had moved on and started dating Neville, even though she wasn't yet ready to forgive them. Ron, it was also revealed, had given up sowing his wild oats and started dating Luna; he had even agreed to be the baby's godfather.

Harry placed his newborn son in Hermione's arm and pressed a kiss to her forehead. "You were amazing."

Hermione looked down at her son, whose little head was covered in dark tufts. "He has your hair."

"And your nose."

Just then baby James opened his eyes, which were the exact same shade as his father's.

"Green eyes," Hermione said with a smile.

"I love you," Harry said.

"And I love you."

"Will you marry me?" He held up a gold ring with a sparkling emerald that matched his and James' eyes.

Hermione's eyes filled with tears but she was smiling. "Oh yes, Harry, of course I'll marry you."

He slid the ring onto her finger. "It was my mother's. After she died, Dumbledore gave it to Remus to keep safe. I found it after the war when I was going through his things and then I forgot all about it until recently. I'm glad you're going to be the one to wear it."

"Me too."

Just then the door opened and Ron poked his head round.

"Knock knock – any room for a godfather?"

Harry beckoned him in. "Ron, come and meet James Potter the second."

"Hey, little man. I'm your Uncle Ron." He allowed little James to curl his tiny fingers around one of his. "Luna's on her way up – she just stopped at the gift shop to pick up an instant camera."

While they were waiting for Luna, Harry filled Ron in on his and Hermione's latest news, at which Ron was thrilled. When Luna arrived she was clutching the Wizarding equivalent of a Muggle Polaroid camera.

"Time for a photo of the new family. You too, Ronald."

With Harry standing to the left of Hermione, Ron moved to stand on her right. Baby James snuggled into the folds of his blanket as he lay cradled in his mother's arms.

"Say cheese."

"Cheese!" yelled Ron, Harry and Hermione together as Luna took the photo of the three best friends and the first in the next generation.

The Trio plus one.