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Fate: Requiem of Souls

By: Lord Commander

Chapter 1: A Dream

Secret Mobile Corps HQ, Soul Society

"Corp Commander Cypher of the Patrol Corps reporting as ordered, Commander SoiFon."(1) The tall man said as he entered the presence of his commander.

"Good, I have a mission for you from the Commander-General. Strictly for your eyes only." SoiFon said non-chalantly while turning around and tossing a small bamboo like scroll towards him. The man caught it with one hand and quickly read the contents.

The man looked kinda young to hold such a post as Corp Commander. On first glance he looked like he was in his early twenties with a hairstyle that reminded him of Grimmjaw the Espada.(2) However, SoiFon reminded herself that age did not matter here in Soul Society.

The Commander-General's about 2000 years old and he still looks beefier than Arnold Schwarzenegger for crying out loud!(3)

"Do I have permission to use lethal force or is this a pure stealth reconnaissance?" Cypher asked his leader.

"You have a green light on the usage of lethal force as well whatever you may require. Seems the lack of souls is causing an imbalance and we want to know why there is such a thing."

"Very well, I shall deploy at once." Said Cypher before giving off a salute and disappearing from sight.



Fuyuki City, Japan

Shirou was dreaming again.

He had been having these weird dreams lately. About a man with a giant hole in his chest walking around.

That's stupid, how a man could have a hole in his chest the size of a cannonball still walk around

As he absent-mindedly pushed the dream aside, a familiar voice called out to him.

"Senpai, breakfast is ready. You can come out and eat now." Said Sakura as she slid the thin wooden door open.

"Ah, thanks Sakura-san. I'll be there in a minute!" I wonder why she is so helpful, not that I'm complaining of course.

Soon, Shirou is dressed and at the dining table, along with Sakura and Fujimura-sensei. With the usual banter and childish antics of Fujimura-Sensei, it's hard to not be amused every day.

"So, Usagi-san,we meet again, for the last time!" Taiga says as she wolves down an entire plate of rabbit stew.

"There is no need to rush Fujimura-Sensei, I made extra." Interjects Sakura. "There won't be enough when I'm done!" says with a mouthful of stew, some of it flying all over the place.

"Hey, I don't need essence of Fujimura on my rice thank you." Shirou says as he picks up a piece of chewed on stew with his chopsticks and puts it aside.

After breakfast, Sakura quickly helps clean up while Shirou returns to his room to get ready for school but stops to ponder as he sees the stuffed lion sitting on his desk.

Well, it's been a year Saber, still wishing you were here. Though it sounds crazy and you'll probably be worried, I sometimes think I can hear your voice in the wind.

His train of thought was broken when he looked at the clock at the side and started to get changed quickly.

"Sakura-san, why don't you go on ahead? I'll see you there at school." Shirou said the moment he realised he was going to be late. "Okay Senpai, I'll see you there!"



Shirou was walking along the road, all the while thinking of Saber. Ever since she'd left after the Holy Grail war, Shirou seemed to do it everyday when he walked to school.

"Talking to yourself again, Emiya-kun?" startling Shirou when he heard the familiar voice of Rin Tohsaka. She was only about an arms length away from him when he started to look up to the sky and mumble to himself.

"R…Rin! How long were you behind me?"

"Oh, long enough to hear you mumble. Anyway, I have a favour to ask."

"What is it this time?" said Shirou quickly while jumping into his save-all-leave-none attitude.

"Just a simple favour of temporary residence at your house during the holidays."

"Why'd you wanna stay at my house, Rin? Your's is bigger."

"Ask no questions and I tell no one of your daily mumbling tendencies to yourself. Deal?"

Damn, should have known Tohsaka to pull something like this. "Fine…" Shirou said while quickly trying to run away before she blackmailed him some more.



Class today seemed to end quickly today. Well, maybe it was because most of Shirou's year already finished their exams and were getting ready for the winter break. However, Shirou was on his usual repair duties until late evening before deciding to call it a day and head home.

Man, it's starting to get cold already? Shirou thought as he walked along the familiar road to the park. A sudden gust of cold wind swept through him which brought along a misty cloud.

"Well, well, well. If it isn't the boy who got my girl." A familiar voice came through the mist, trying to sound as arrogant as possible.


As the mist cleared, Shirou's fear was realised. It was none other than Gilgamesh. Wearing as much gold as he could; standing no more than 20 paces away from him.

Letting his instincts gain control, he quickly summoned the two blades which he hadn't summoned in a year.

"Trace…on." Said Shiro as Kansho and Bakuya materialised in his hands.

"Oh, you want to fight me? You don't stand a chance mongrel!" said Gilgamesh as he lunged forward with one of his special swords drawn. Shirou managed to parry the blow aimed for his heart before Gilgamesh struck him with a fist to the head.

Damn, been out of practice.

"Pah, can't you see that resistance is futile? I always get what I what and today, what I want is you're LIFE!" Gilgamesh shouted the last word as he leapt to deliver a coup'de'grace onto a prone Shirou. Fortunately, Shirou managed to block it but have his blades pushed against his chest.

"Give it up already, you know you can't win."

Damn, gotta find a way out of this.




Gilgamesh brought up his blade just in time to block a stream of golden light but was slammed into the ground a few feet away. Eyeing the opportunity, Shirou immediately picked himself up and got ready for the counter-attack. However, the sudden realisation hit him and he quickly turned around.

And there she was. In full battle armour and Caliburn in her hands.

"S…Sa…ber?" Shirou stammered pathetically, not believing his eyes. Not giving a damn about Gilgamesh, he quickly dashed forward to embrace her. The year long wait finally over.

"Sh…Shi…rou, I've missed you." As she dropped her sword and buried herself in his warm arms. "I've missed you for too long." Hugging her even tighter. Afraid that she would go away again like last time.

"Sorry to interrupt this pathetic scene, but I can't stand it any longer." Gilgamesh charges forward, Ea in hand.


As he was about to land a blow on Shirou, he suddenly felt his momentum disappear and was locked in a ridiculous position. Upon further inspection, he found his arms bound behind his back by a barely visible black rope.

"What the…"

"Wow, you're almost as despicable as a mongrel yourself." The three of them traced the voice to a man standing atop the wall. The man was dressed really odd, with a Blue Greatcoat and blue hair in a 'spiky' sort of sense.



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(1)In Soul Society, the place where all human souls go to after death, there are organizations whom are the regulators of the world. One of them is the Secret Mobile Corps. The corps is divided into five branches lead by Commander SoiFon. The patrol corps is one of the branches.

(2)An Espada is an Arrancar who is within the top ten most powerful amongst them. Arrancars are Hollows who have removed their white masks to unlock their potential. Hollows are human souls turned malignant ghosts with white masks over their faces.

(3)It's TRUE! Trust me on this.

(4)Sai is a Kido spell, or demon magic to those who don't follow Bleach. Sai translated as Restrain. Sai basically locks a target's arms in place behind their back.