"Is he going to be okay?"

Naruto stirred when he heard the voice. It seemed so familiar, he was sure he knew it. But right now, he couldn't seem to place who it is the voice belonged to, so he just listened trying to find out who the owner is.

"Yes." This time a voice completely unknown to the blonde ninja spoke. "He is recovering faster than expected."

"Oh…I see." The voice said a little relieved.

"Naruto is about to wake up. I'll give you two some privacy, Sakura-san." That's it! The voice belonged to Sakura-chan! And most likely she was talking to a doctor, which means he was in a hospital.

Naruto opened his eyes and was greeted by Sakura's emerald ones, the dejection in them almost making Naruto want to turn away. It was that look, that look she always had when a mission regarding Sasuke was a failure.

"We failed." Naruto said more to himself than Sakura. The pink-haired kunoichi held back tears that were threatening to escape. She knew this was harder on Naruto than anyone else since he was the closest to Sasuke. Why was it that no matter how hard they trained they just couldn't catch up to Sasuke?

"The doctor said you'll be here for at least a month." Sakura said, knowing that Naruto was going to ask that sooner or later. His countenance didn't change, as if that piece of information meant nothing. "Sasuke really tore you part this time but most of the damage done to you was because you called out your fourth tail. Maybe you shouldn't do-"

"No." Naruto cut her off. He knew what Sakura was going to say, that calling out his fourth tail is too dangerous for his body. Sakura had been persuading Naruto to stop summoning his fourth tail for a while now. And every time he would gently refuse her saying it was necessary.

Naruto could retain some of his senses even while using his fourth tail now, but what worried Sakura the most was the damage it caused to Naruto's body. She knew that using it consistently could shorten his life span and the fact that he knows it as well really scared her. He just keeps calling out Kyuubi's chakra without hesitation even though he knows the effects on him.


"We need it to get back Sasuke." He said firmly and Sakura knew that was the end of their discussion. Her eyes roamed Naruto's body. Almost every part of his body was wrapped in bandages. A lone tear managed to escape her eye. If only she had been more help then maybe Naruto wouldn't be in this state.

"Isn't there any other way for you to gain power?" Sakura asked, her voice pleading. She was going to stop Naruto from summoning the Kyuubi's chakra before he kills himself.

Naruto didn't answer. Truth be told, there was another way but it wasn't a path that Naruto could take so easily. He wasn't even sure if he wanted to take that other way of gaining power. Sensing that Sakura was becoming uneasy with the silence, he turned around his back facing her, as if getting ready to sleep.

"I'm tired and I want to sleep. Can we talk about this some other day?" Naruto said gently though Sakura knew it wasn't a request. It was his way of telling her to leave him alone. She gazed at Naruto's back-and how it was covered in bandages-for a moment before deciding to do as he wishes.

The door made a soft noise telling Naruto that Sakura already left the room. The blonde rolled over so that he was lying on his back again, his head resting on his arms as he thought about what he was going to do.

Sasuke was getting too strong for him to catch up to. He could fight on par with him if he just stayed in his normal form but that damned cursed seal was the real problem. It was the only thing that separated Naruto from getting back Sasuke. If only that cursed Orochimaru hadn't decided to plant one on him in the first place. Well, it wasn't as if Naruto could do anything about it. Sasuke killed him already.

'Well, well kit…you should really be more considerate of others.' A voice that Naruto knew all too well said.

'What do you want Kyuubi?' Naruto asked not really happy at talking with Kyuubi right now. Didn't that vixen know he wanted to be alone or at least as close to that as he can get? She must be doing this on purpose.

'That offer I made is still up, you'd do well to accept it, kit.' Kyuubi said the last part in an almost forceful way. She couldn't believe she got stuck with an idiot for a vessel. Can't he imagine the vast amount of power he'll obtain if he takes her up on her offer?

'I'm not interested besides why are you so hell-bent on helping me?' Naruto asked irritated at the vixen's persistence. She had been making him that offer for months now without end now; it's been driving him crazy.

'Because you can only call out my fourth tail two or three times more before your body gives out and you die.' Kyuubi warned him partly for her sake. She didn't want to die just yet.

'Then I'll just have to make those two times count.' Naruto said his voice filled with resolve not to accept Kyuubi's proposition. Even if he will gain power, he was sure nothing good can ever come out of her plans.

'Like I said, you really should be more considerate of others.' Kyuubi repeated. 'If you die, then I die kit.' Naruto just ignored what she said. Kyuubi sensed this and continued on. 'You don't care if you leave Sakura alone?' Naruto remained silent but Kyuubi went on. 'What about your promise to get Sasuke back? You don't care if you break that? Face it, kit. Your body's too weak from the constant usage of my chakra to keep up with Sasuke's strength. There's no way you'll make those two times count.'

Naruto didn't say a word, too shocked that everything Kyuubi said was true. He knew it was impossible to make those two times count, especially with his body weakening. In his current state, Sasuke is miles ahead of him. If he keeps this up, he'll die without even fulfilling the promise he made to Sakura.

Slowly, the blonde started to consider Kyuubi's idea. He was going to die soon and fail to fulfill his promise to Sakura, and if Kyuubi's plan was just going to kill him…then what would the difference be?

'Fine. You win…what am I supposed to do now?' Naruto reluctantly agreed. A feral grin spread across Kyuubi's face. So she finally got Naruto to accept her offer, although it took her longer than she expected.

'You're going to completely take my chakra as your own.' Naruto was confused by this and started to ask questions.

'You mean like fusing your chakra with mine?' He asked.

'Close, but not quite, kit. My chakra is going to totally REPLACE yours.' At this, Naruto couldn't hold his surprise. Was that even possible?

'What!? Then I'd just die! My body can't even handle four tails worth of your chakra let alone nine tails worth!' Kyuubi just smirked at this. Was Naruto really underestimating the great Kyuubi no Youkai? She wouldn't do this if Naruto was just going to die.

'Yes, your body won't be able to handle all my demon chakra and you'll die.' Naruto gulped. Kyuubi really didn't have to be so direct. 'However, that won't happen.' The blonde perked up at this. 'Because as I give you my chakra I'm going to turn you into a hanyou to make you be able to withstand the enormous demon chakra you'll receive.' Naruto was left speechless after that. He was going to become a hanyou? As in a half-demon? She has got to be kidding.

Hesitation filled Naruto's being. The villagers already hated him for just being the vessel of Kyuubi. How much more will they hate him if he becomes a hanyou? What will his friends think of him? Will they still be able to him the same way?

'A H-hanyou…' Naruto couldn't find the right words to say after that. He was torn. If he accepts he'll most likely have no more place in Konoha but if he doesn't then Sasuke will forever be out of his reach. Sasuke…he's the most important person in his life. He was like a brother to Naruto, though he knew the raven-haired boy wasn't very fond of brothers.

Kyuubi waited patiently for Naruto to make his decision.

"Okay…when do we start?" The blonde asked, hoping that he wouldn't regret his decision for the rest of his life.

'As soon as possible, of course! Oh kit, I just know you're going to love being a hanyou…after all, they age slower than humans, have increased speed and power, unfortunately being a hanyou doesn't increase your intelligence.' Naruto glared at Kyuubi when she said that. 'Well, those are just some of the good sides of you taking up my offer, now let me tell you the…um…'bad' sides.' Naruto gaped at Kyuubi. As if being a hanyou wasn't bad enough!

Whatever Kyuubi had to say didn't get out of her throat as Naruto interrupted her. 'Unless you want me to change my mind about this, I don't want to hear the bad sides. Knowing that I'll become a hanyou is all the bad effects I want to know.' Kyuubi just smirked at him. He was such a coward. If he doesn't want to know the cons of their deal, then so be it. It's his loss, anyway.

'Hmph. You'll find out about it soon enough anyway.' The vixen said smirking mischievously at her container. Oh, is he going to be in quite a shock once this is all over. Maybe he'll find the downside a fate worse than death? Kyuubi just snickered at that.

'Whatever, let's just get this started.' With that Naruto met Kyuubi inside his mind. His eyes widened slightly in surprise at the sight of her in her human form. She had crimson hair, ruby eyes, and red clothes. 'You really like red don't you?' Naruto asked automatically.

'I like them just as much as you like orange.' She replied dryly then, katana in hand, she sauntered over to Naruto.

The blonde ninja stared at the katana held by Kyuubi, thinking it was beautiful. The blade was obviously sharp, it looked as though it could cut the hardest of metals and the hilt and the guard of the sword was decorated with incomparable beauty. Naruto almost had the urge to ask Kyuubi if he can have the sword instead.

'Are you ready, kit?' She asked, obviously challenging Naruto. The blonde glared at her, obviously falling for her taunt. It amazed Kyuubi on how he managed to survive this long with that reckless attitude, but then again…she was the one helping him survive those near-death situations.

'Yes.' Naruto answered, his voice not letting the slightest bit of hesitation escape. Kyuubi smirked at him. No matter how hard he tried to hide it, she could see through his fear of undergoing this transformation. He may be able to hide it in his voice, but his eyes betrayed every uncertainty and every anxiety he felt. The look reminded Kyuubi of how weak most humans were, but with this Naruto wouldn't just be some human. Naruto will become a hanyou soon enough and Kyuubi was going to make sure he becomes the strongest one.

'Then…' A feral grin graced Kyuubi's beautiful face as she pointed the tip of the katana towards Naruto's chest. 'Stab this in your heart.' Kyuubi sensed Naruto's doubt increase so she decided to alleviate it by explaining. 'Don't worry, you won't die. We're just going to use this katana for your transformation.'

'I'll have the power to bring back Sasuke with me, right?' The blonde asked, his voice quivering. Kyuubi glared at him for being so afraid but she did understand a little, though. He was going to sacrifice his humanity just for one person and Kyuubi knew that most humans have difficulties in doing that. Kyuubi knew Naruto wanted a guarantee, it's written all over his face.

'You'll have the power to beat ANYONE.' Except her, of course. Naruto, no matter what he does, will NEVER beat Kyuubi. She was certain of this fact and showed it by smirking cockily at him. 'Now…do it.' She ordered him. It took several seconds for Naruto to get rid of his hesitation but when he did, he thrust the katana straight through his heart. He was surprised by the fact that he felt no pain from stabbing himself but instead felt peaceful.

Naruto then felt something warm coursing through out his body, making him fell relaxed. That sensation didn't last however, as warm quickly turned into scorching. He let out an agonizing scream; it felt as though his body was burning. Was this how Kyuubi's chakra felt at its full extent? The pain went from excruciating to unbearable in a matter of seconds, making Naruto want to die.


After what seemed like an eternity of pain and torture passed, Naruto awoke to find himself lying down in an unfamiliar forest, feeling drained and mentally exhausted. He tried as much as possible not to move, the raw pain still lingering on his tired body. The only thing that made him smile was the fact that he felt more powerful, though to what extent he didn't know. Trying to talk with Kyuubi, he closed his eyes and went inside his mind.

Kyuubi greeted him with a very approving smile plastered on her face. This surprised Naruto since he wasn't sure when Kyuubi last gave off that smile. But he pushed that thought aside, wanting some of his questions answered. He spoke, his voice weary.

'Kyuubi…where are we?' Worry welled up in the blonde when he heard his own voice, somehow his voice sounded unusual but he discarded it as an after-effect of his transformation into a hanyou. The red-haired vixen's smile turned into a smirk at Naruto's apparent unawareness. She was sorely tempted to tell him his situation but decided that the expression on his face would be more worthwhile if Naruto finds out later.

'If I had to guess…I'd say we're in a forest not far from Otogakure…' Naruto tried not to look surprised but failed miserably. Even without having to think about his reaction, Kyuubi knew what was on her container's mind but didn't say anything about it for fear of him acting recklessly. 'I used a demon jutsu to teleport us here since I knew you were going to attract a lot of attention from your screams.' Kyuubi explained.

'Otogakure…' The hanyou murmured so softly that Kyuubi almost didn't hear it. 'Sasuke must be nearby…' He said to himself more than Kyuubi. The desire to bring back Sasuke burned in him more fiercely than ever before. He could bring back Sasuke now.

'I don't doubt what you say, kit. Your transformation started as soon as I sent us here, so there's a good chance Sasuke sensed it.' Kyuubi stated a matter-of-factly. Eyes burning with resolve, Naruto prepared to track down Sasuke. This was his chance, that teme's so close now. There was absolutely no way Naruto was going to let this chance slip by. He was about to move but Kyuubi stopped him. 'I don't think it's a good idea to take him on right away.' She said, earning a glare from Naruto.

'Why not? I can take him on now, right?' The blonde shot back, heatedly. Why was Kyuubi stopping him now?

'Not right now, your body still needs time to recover.' Kyuubi told him, not bothering to hide the concern in her voice. Even though she wouldn't admit it, Kyuubi came to regard Naruto as something more than her container. She saw him as a friend and she was certain Naruto did too, sort of. They don't talk in a friendly way towards each other, but they certainly didn't hate each other.

'I don't care. I'm going to get back Sasuke, no matter what it takes.' Naruto said firmly. Kyuubi's gaze on Naruto hardened. He was always more stubborn whenever Sasuke was involved. The vixen suppressed the small mischievous smile forming on her lips. Naruto did have strong feelings for Sasuke. He regarded the Uchiha as a brother but can his feelings remain the same when he figures out his situation?

The retort Kyuubi was planning to say never left her throat as she felt a presence.

'Hmph. Looks like you're going to get your chance, kit.' Naruto remained silent trying to figure out what Kyuubi meant by that. 'He's here.' She continued. At that, the hanyou opened his eyes, leaving his mind. The sight before him didn't faze him the slightest. He was too determined to let fear enter his being. There, standing on the branch of a tree, was Sasuke. His onyx eyes as cold as ever.

"I sensed a large amount of Naruto's chakra so I thought he might be here." Sasuke began his voice as cold as his gaze. He was expecting to see Naruto, thinking that the beating he gave him wasn't enough. "But it looks like I'm wrong."

"You're not wrong." The blonde replied, her body aching as she struggled to stand up. The pain had lessened but only slightly. It still hurt like hell whenever Naruto tired to move. "I am Naruto." He stated. The Uchiha raised a brow at this. This was Naruto? With the fox ears and tail, it certainly didn't look like Naruto. Sasuke examined the blonde more and he realized it certainly was Naruto when he saw the three familiar whiskers on each cheek. He could never forget those whiskers, and also the eyes, it always shined with a hue that was unique only to Naruto's.

"So you really are Naruto…It looks like you've undergone some changes." Sasuke said uncaringly.

"I did it just so I could bring you back."

"You won't. The differences in our strengths are too great." Naruto glared at Sasuke. He was still being arrogant, it really annoyed him!

"We'll see about that." Naruto countered.

"Fine then. I'll just show you how stronger I am than you again." Almost in an instant, Sasuke was in front of Naruto. He tried punching him but the blonde managed to block it. He winced a little at the pain. Trying to move quickly was hurting his body thus Naruto couldn't move as fast as he wanted.

Naruto blocked some more punches and kicks Sasuke gave off but eventually one of Sasuke's attacks got through the blonde's defenses and sent him flying in a nearby lake. Naruto gave off a groan as he tired to stand up. His heart seemed to stop beating at what he saw. On the water which was supposed to show him his reflection, he saw the image of a beautiful girl instead. Naruto knew this was his reflection but why was it a girl's face? Just then, he remembered Kyuubi telling him that the transformation had other effects besides turning him into a hanyou. Was this one of them?

To confirm his suspicions, Naruto checked himself. His eyes widened at how much his body changed. His ears were replaced by fox ears and he had a fox tail sprouting behind him. But what really shocked him the most was how much his face and chest changed. His face was definitely more feminine with vulpine beauty and his spiky blonde hair grew considerably longer, now falling down to frame his face perfectly. It looked liked it reached down his waists and his eyes were bigger and more expressive.

If it wasn't himself he was looking at, Naruto would've been amazed at how beautiful he was.

Then the blonde touched his chest and was mortified. They're real! He had real boobs! He touched them again, hoping he might be mistaken, but he only felt their softness. He stayed silent for a while as Sasuke got closer to him. He wasn't stupid. Naruto could figure out what was happening. But the shock was just too much for him, leaving him speechless.

Naruto regained his voice when Sasuke was standing next to him.

"I-I'm a girl?" He asked dumbfounded. The thin lines in Sasuke's lips curved into a smirk, and then in an uncaring manner he spoke.

"It looks like you didn't even know the changes you went through, did you?" It wasn't a question. Naruto didn't reply. She was still trying to let it all sink in. She didn't want to believe it but it was hard not to, especially with Kyuubi screaming inside her mind telling her it's all true. "You disappoint me Naruto…I expected a hanyou to be much stronger…" Without wasting a moment, Sasuke used the Chidori on Naruto, effectively knocking her out.

He picked her up then stared down at her face. After a moment of contemplating, the Uchiha made his decision.

"It would be a waste to kill you, Naruto. I will make you my mistress and use you to build an even stronger Uchiha clan." And with that, Sasuke made his way towards Otogakure.

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