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Tsunade stood staring at the window, her back facing the ANBU squad that was just about to tell her their report. Her aura emanated out of her fiercely, making the squad hesitant to tell her their failed attempt at locating Naruto's whereabouts. Despite the tension the air in the room contained, the leader of the squad had managed to muster up enough courage to speak.

"Hokage-sama…" As soon as the leader spoke, Tsunade's chakra flared, reinforcing the sense of foreboding already present in the room. The leader gasped in disbelief. It was as if Tsunade just knew they weren't going to say anything good. Despite the signals flaring in his head not to speak anymore, the leader continued, knowing that either way he had no way out of this situation. "Hokage-sama...I'm afraid we weren't able to locate Naruto's location." A second before Tsunade exploded, the leader quickly made a follow-up. "B-but we have confirmed that he is in Otogakure and we have been informed that Danzo-sama's going to mobilize his Root squad to search for Naruto."

"Well what're you standing around for!? Go join the other search teams and don't report unless you've found Naruto!!" Tsunade screamed as she turned to them, finally losing her temper.

"Y-yes!" The ANBU squad said then disappeared in a puff of smoke.

"Damn Danzo…it would be troublesome if he's the one who finds Naruto." The blonde kage whispered to herself. It had been three days since Naruto's mysterious disappearance and since then all of Konoha has been disarray. No one really knew how Naruto could have disappeared just like that. Even with the Kyuubi's regenerative healing abilities he wasn't in any condition to move, much less escape though one certainly couldn't put it past Naruto to do something like that. His sheer will alone was a major factor accounting for his unpredictability. Tsunade massaged her temples at the possibility of Akatsuki pulling off a fast one on Konoha. After all, it was highly probable that they had been monitoring Naruto's fights with Sasuke to make sure he stays alive for their purposes and then simply took the chance to abduct him in Naruto's most vulnerable moments. 'It still doesn't make sense. Even if Akatsuki was responsible Naruto just couldn't disappear without any trace.' Sakura and Shizune were in the hospital and there was no way the Akatsuki, no matter how skilled they were, could have infiltrated the hospital without alerting her two apprentices to their presence. Also, since it was confirmed that Naruto was already in Otogakure, Akatsuki couldn't have been responsible. Tsunade sighed. Whatever the reason, Naruto was gone and Tsunade knew she had to find him fast before things get any worse.

"You'll grow wrinkles if you think too much Tsunade." The statement broke Tsunade's train of thought and she turned around to see Jiraiya grinning at her. The blonde wanted to smack him straight to the moon for his rude comment but held it back. She knew Jiraiya had some information regarding Naruto's sudden disappearance. "It looks like you're having trouble finding Naruto." The amusement in Jiraiya's tone made Tsunade raise an eyebrow.

"We just confirmed that he's in Otogakure but we're still having trouble pinning down his exact location." Tsunade said then looked at Jiraiya in the eye. "I assume you have information on Naruto's whereabouts?"

Jiraiya shook his head but still kept the grin plastered on his face, annoying Tsunade somewhat. "I don't know where he is but I think I may have a way to get him back."

"What? How?" Tsunade asked curiously. The method Jiraiya was mentioning piqued her interest. Was there really such a way to get back Naruto? It seemed so convenient that it was almost too good to be true. The blonde kage almost didn't believe Jiraiya if not for the look in his eyes which confirmed he wasn't in the slightest bit lying about what he was saying.

"You know how Naruto and I made contracts with toads, right?" Jiraiya asked. As soon as he asked that, Tsunade's eyes widened in realization. Of course! How could she have not thought about it earlier!

"Yes, of course! Because you both made contracts with toads you can summon them from anywhere and in turn they can summon you from anywhere as well!" Tsunade said her face showing how pleased she was with Jiraiya's proposal. Her face turned serious however as an issue concerning Jiraiya's method arose. "But that's a gamble as well right? If Naruto is captured then there is a possibility they might have taken measures to prevent him from being reverse summoned."

Jiraiya only nodded. "Yeah but it's the best bet we have at getting him back plus it's not like we have anything to lose."

"Then let's do it."


"K-Kyuubi…" Naruto said her voice heady for an unknown reason. The said vixen glanced at Naruto. The sparkle in her crimson eyes was a telltale sign that she was enjoying whatever she was seeing.

'Hmm?' Kyuubi replied lazily, barely paying any heed to the call of her name. She was much too interested in watching Naruto amateurishly pleasure herself.

"A-are you sure this is going to make that feeling go away?" Naruto asked, surprising Kyuubi that she even managed to speak despite the moans that kept on interrupting her. Kyuubi observed the way Naruto moved her hands across her nether regions. Truth be told, she wasn't any good at masturbation but then again she never did do that even when she was still a boy. Even though Naruto was moaning, they weren't quite as intense as when Sasuke was the one touching her.

'Yes, it will suppress your sex drive temporarily but at this rate…' Kyuubi smirked. 'You're better off having Uchiha touch you. At least he's not afraid to put his fingers inside your vagina.' The statement hit Naruto bull's-eye.

"S-shut up! It's still my first time doing this! You can't blame me if I'm afraid of putting my fingers inside!" Naruto replied with a blush staining her face. However, whether it was from the thought of Sasuke fingering her or the pleasure she was feeling was unknown to Kyuubi.

'You really are stupid. Even girls who do it for the first time put their fingers inside.' Kyuubi said, reprimanding Naruto. 'I mean it's not like it's disgusting or anything compared to being swallowed by Orochimaru's snake during the time you took the chuunin exams.'

"Alright fine! I-I'll put it in." Naruto slowly put her fingers inside her and as soon as she did the pleasure she was feeling multiplied ten times. 'Ahh…I can't believe it feels this good just by putting my fingers in!' Naruto thought in excited pleasure.

'It'll feel even better if you imagine it's Sasuke's dick that's inside you.'

"S-shut up!" Naruto said, her blush becoming a deeper shade of red. The blonde continued experimenting with herself, finding the spots that she liked to be touched the most. It didn't take long before she felt her walls tightening around her fingers. Her body temperature also seemed to get hotter. "H-hey…Kyuubi, w-what is this I'm feeling? I feel strange and hot and my pussy is really tight right now."

'It seems like you're ready to cum. Well, just continue what you're doing and when you feel like you can't take it anymore scream 'I'm cumming!'' Naruto nodded and a few seconds later, just when she was about to reach her climax, the blonde vanished in a cloud of smoke.

"OH GOD I'M CUMMING!!!" Naruto screamed just as Kyuubi told her when she finally reached her orgasm. She was panting heavily now, fingers still inside her. She still felt horny but it didn't seem like she was going to lose her mind anymore. As her senses came back, she realized she was in a different room than before but before she had time to think about where she was she heard two familiar voices call out her name in unison.

"N-naruto?" Jiraiya and Tsunade in shock at the same time.

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