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Inuyasha strides down the path toward the immense front doors. They are open, and as he strides in he glances around, reassured by the immaculate stone walls.

He had returned to the feudal era only two days before, spending some time with Sango and Miroku before heading here. He finds the right hall and heads down, pausing by a particular pair of doors. He smiles slightly and keeps going.

A page stands outside the doors and he glances at Inuyasha briefly before opening the door for him.

Inside Sesshoumaru looks up, smiling ever so slightly when he sees his brother. The twins are playing on the floor before his desk.

"You're back. I trust the miko did well with opening the well?" Inuyasha nods. A silence hangs between them before Sesshoumaru leans back in his chair. "Did she make it?" Inuyasha nods.

"She did." They stare at each other a long moment and Inuyasha smiles. "And so will you." Sesshoumaru scowls.

"Are you telling me or reassuring me." Inuyasha doesn't say anything, only smiles and Sesshoumaru scowls darker.

Behind Sesshoumaru the garden doors open slowly and Inuyasha smiles as a dark haired head peeks in. Sesshoumaru does not have to look back to know who it is and he chuckles silently and nods back behind him.

"She's been waiting for you. Would not leave me alone about it." Inuyasha walks slowly around the boys as the door opens wider.

Rin smiles at him, her smile growing wider as he nears, and she takes his outstretched hand, drawing Inuyasha out into the gardens, out to a time and place where he truly belongs.

Well, that's the end (sob)

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