FanFic 100 Challenge #:: 084 – He He

To her, he's been everything.

In the beginning, when she'd been an eleven year old girl who'd been a very intelligent and gifted witch, he'd been her transfiguration professor.

He'd taught her how to transform a hair into a needle in her first lesson – she'd been the only successful student and he'd been very proud.

In the following years, he'd become her mentor: knowing how talented she'd been, he'd told her that she could easily become an animagus. She had followed his advice – with his help.

After seven years as his student, she'd had to leave Hogwarts. But they'd decided to stay in contact.

So they'd become friends, writing each other letters on a weekly basis.

When she'd been 27, she'd returned to Hogwarts as a teacher and he'd become her colleague.

It hadn't taken long until he'd become her best friend and favourite chess partner.

Now, he was her best friend, favourite chess partner and the man she was walking to while the band played their wedding march.