Opposites Attract – A Naruto Fanfic

First off, this is my first attempt at a fanfiction but I hope people will enjoy it. The idea is for it to have practically everything in, fighting, love, attempted humour etc etc. I also want to make it a long story, though it might involve planning later on. For now, I'm winging it. I won't reveal pairings yet, though you can probably work out my faves. By the way, I'm not into superpowered characters that can beat anything.

In terms of timing I'm writing it to the point the anime is at (look at the date). I should mention: If anyone mentions Manga plots I will come after you, its difficult enough avoiding them anyway without people directly telling me. If you don't want anime spoilers then stop reading……….now.

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto, the Manga or the Anime though I wish I could contribute plot lines. If by chance Masashi Kishimoto ends up reading this (yeah, I know…..) I can give advice anytime. As a side note I don't see why everyone complains about writing disclaimers, they take two seconds and then can be copy/pasted for the rest of time. Ah well.

Chapter 1: Introduction

It had been a week since Gaara's death and subsequent resurrection, and Naruto, Sakura, Kakashi and team Gai were all just returning from the Sand village. It had taken them two days to return the Kazekage back to his village and the remaining time had been spent at the funeral of elder Chiyo. They had all recognised how powerful she was and what a loss it was to the sand village. However, it was Sakura who had been most affected by her sacrifice.

"I owe the fact that I survived against Sasori to her, she was so strong" Sakura thought, imagining the enormity of the decision to revive Gaara.

"Would I have been able to do that in her situation?" she thought to herself, and she found herself wondering who she could do that for, feeling the familiar stab of pain associated with Sasuke.

"But we got information from Sasori about Orochimaru, she didn't die for nothing, and we took him out" she considered, feeling happier than she had since the whole incident due to both facts. However her serious thoughts were rudely interrupted by something off to her left-

"I CAN SEE KONOHA! WE'RE BACK" Naruto shouted as he began running, earning a sigh from Sakura. She looked up, and sure enough the towering walls of the village were moving into view, backlit by the lowering sun behind the Hokage Mountain.

"If you think I'm losing to you, you've got it all wrong!" Naruto heard behind him and looked back to see a rapidly accelerating Lee on his tail.

"Ha, I've got a head start Lee!" Naruto called back, while accelerating himself.

"Though this could be close…" he thought worriedly as the jump suited boy gained speed.

As they ran the distance to the gates was rapidly decreasing and though Naruto was pumping massive amounts of chakra to his legs, Lee would always be faster due to the sheer amount of training he had undertaken over the years. Naruto looked back, Lee had taken a massive bound, and in the period he was airborne he swept out the weights on his legs in one swift movement.

"Crap!" Naruto shouted inwardly, realising what this meant.

"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" Naruto called, and four other Narutos appeared ahead of him, quickly turning and throwing him as hard as possible towards the gates. Naruto was now definitely ahead, but Lee had already opened the first gate and was quickly moving through the others.

"Life gate: Release!" Lee shouted, his body turning red as the power to his muscles increased.

"Only about 10 meters to go…" Naruto thought as he rocketed through the air. He saw Lee disappear, his eyes now unable to follow his friend's movement and at the exact same moment landed on all fours, skidding inside the gates. A split second later a line of dust was thrown up alongside Naruto, followed by a gust of wind.

"Ha! I Won!" he celebrated triumphantly to himself, watching as the figure of Lee reappeared some distance from the gates entrance. Mere seconds later, the black haired boy was beside the blonde.

"Congratulations Naruto-kun, you defeated me" Lee smiled, his teeth catching the light in a way known only to himself and Guy.

"Yeah, it was a good race. Isn't there something that you normally do as 'punishment' now?" He asked, and stepped back as Lee's face lit up.

"Yes! I promised myself that I would do 10,000 press ups using only my little finger before sundown, otherwise I'll have to run around Konoha 20,000 times before the sun rises" He threw himself to the floor, the gate guards watching bemusedly "1, 2, 3…..".

"GO LEE! There are no barriers against the power of youth!" Gai screamed leaping through the gates in support of his pupil.

"Lee, that's impossible" Tenten wailed as she stopped in front her team-mate "At least go for something approaching realistic".

"He can't hear you Tenten ("24, 25, 26, 27"), Neji pointed out, making a point of not looking at Lee. "Look, shall we report to Tsunade-sama, I've got better things to do with my time than watch this" he waved a hand in the general direction of the pupil and the master, the latter screaming encouragement at the former. "Plus" Neji thought to himself "I have to get Guy back for that 'hands in' business" he shuddered.

Tenten giggled "Yeah, ok. Are you guys coming with us?" She turned to Kakashi, Sakura and Naruto as Gai continued screaming encouragement with no sign of letting up.

Naruto made a face "Do I have to?" he protested "I really need some food; all you let me eat on the way back was soldier pills. Plus ramen helps with emotional stress" he gave his most winning smile getting him a Look from Sakura.

"The hell it does, idiot!" she made as if to punch him but found him a little too quick. Kakashi interjected before there was bloodshed.

"Actually, I should be able to fill her in on our part of the mission so go ahead" he gave a wave then blinked at the dust that had just risen, "Well that was quite quick, ah well we better get on with it".

"He has actually grown up though, hasn't he?" commented Sakura "He never would have even asked before he went away" they both thought at the exact same time.

Of course, Naruto was on his way to get ramen from Ichiraku's and though he was indeed fast, he had yet to gain the control required to run at that speed while at the same time thinking about his favourite food without running into something. First in the way was a fence that Naruto could have sworn wasn't there before he went off with Jiraiya, his passing marked by a smoking Naruto shaped hole in the wood (by the way has anyone noticed that those holes also include the shape of their hair, that's always struck me as odd, needless to say it was one of those holes). However the second obstacle was a little too tough and sent him flying.

He jumped back onto his feet instantly apologising to the prone figure.

"Oh god I'm so sorry" he apologised quickly.

"I'm just in a bit of a rush. Ramen emergency" He helped his victim up "Gotta go, sorry again" he shouted back as he ran.

"Ow" Hinata said to herself, rubbing herself softly where she had just been run into.

"What, no who was that?" she thought, now brushing herself off as realization slowly dawned.

"Orange blur…clumsy… blonde hair…Ramen?!" she looked back at the rapidly retreating figure.

"Naruto-kun?" Her heart leapt at the thought of the hyperactive boy.

"When did he come back?" she asked herself, before her thoughts turned to other matters.

"I barely got a look at him…" she realised, pausing "…I wonder how he's changed…" her heart sank as she realised something else.

"He didn't recognise me…" she thought sadly, and started to twirl a lock of hair around her finger.

"…But I didn't recognise him at first either" she paused, lost in thought.

"I'll find him tomorrow" she decided smiling, "Then I can say hi properly, if I can get a word out…"


Meanwhile, Naruto was reaching Ichiraku's and cursing himself for knocking over some innocent bystander and not making a real apology. There was something oddly familiar about that person too. He was just considering going back to apologise properly when-

"Hey". Naruto looked down and to his right. Both Chouji and Shikamaru were sitting at the counter, though now Chouji's attention was back on his food.

"Oh, hey there guys" Naruto smiled.

"I heard you were doing something with the Sand village" drawled Shikamaru, leaning back and looking away from Naruto.

"Oh, are you asking after Temari?" Naruto joked, Shikamaru turned right back towards the counter. "She's fine, she said she was going out with this guy in her village, Kei-something, well it began with a K…"

"Huh!" which was more of a reaction than the normally intelligent Shikamaru should have given, and he knew it. "Shut up, you're annoying", he sighed.

Naruto laughed and sat next to Chouji.

"A bowl of miso-ramen please!" he called.

"Coming up!" was the call back.

Naruto turned back to the two ninja next to him and began telling the two of them about the whole mission, though some of the story later became slightly muffled by ramen. He explained the start of the story as he had been told it, that Gaara had been kidnapped by an Akasuki member who used explosive clay and how Gaara had saved the sand village. Then how Kankuro had gone after Gaara and been defeated by another ninja using puppets which poisoned Kankuro.

Naruto remembered how Sakura had pulled off the amazing surgery to heal Kankuro.

"Have either of you seen Sakura use medical ninjutsu?" he asked. Chouji shook his head but Shikamaru nodded.

"I've been on a few missions with her while you were gone, she's progressed really well" he leaned forward with both elbows on the counter as if to rest from sitting down.

"She hasn't healed any major injuries for me, but the injuries I've had during a mission she's been able to heal perfectly. Plus…" he sat up to look at Naruto, with a small smile on his face.

"…She's got some frightening physical strength, you might want to think before you piss her off now" Naruto grimaced at the pineapple haired boy's words..

"Yeah, I've kinda already experienced it first-hand" he rubbed his cheek remembering the hit.

"I am never doing the seduction technique anywhere near her again" he promised himself.

"Anyway, back to the mission…" the blond said brightly, continuing his story.

He moved on to describe his team's pursuit of Gaara and the fight with Itachi highlighting his new powers; especially his new Rasengan, and then later how they managed to get into the Akasuki lair after meeting up with team Guy.

"But that explosive bastard was sitting on Gaara, right on him!" he couldn't put into words what it was like to see another jinchuuriki who had been so badly mistreated in life, being mistreated in death too.

"And then he ran, well flew, like a coward!" Naruto's face told as much as his words did what he thought about that. Chouji finally spoke up

"And then what happened, he didn't get away?" he quizzed.

"Oh…er…" Naruto hesitated, the effects of Kakashi's Mangekyou Sharingan opening a rift came next but he didn't really understand what had happened.

"I don't really know what happened but whatever it was it tore off the guy's other arm, and Kakashi said that it had missed…" they all shared the same thought.

"If it missed and it took off the guy's arm, we're talking about a serious move" the lazy Chuunin broke the sudden silence.

"So he lost both arms, I'm assuming you got him?" Shikamaru raised his eyebrows at Naruto's lack of response. But the blonde didn't want to let on about the bit involving the Kyuubi.

"The others seemed okay about it, so far" he looked at Chouji and Shikamaru.

"But how would they react? Or anyone else?" he wondered. He still got dark looks in certain places in Konoha; from people who would never trust him while he had the Kyuubi inside him.

"I don't want to lose anyone ever again, for any reason" he told himself straightening up. He finished the story with how Chiyo had appeared with Sakura and sacrificed herself for Gaara. He tailed off and Shikamaru breathed out slowly.

"So one Akatsuki member is down and another exploded, Gaara survived but only due to the sacrifice of this Chiyo woman?" he summed up.

"That's the basic gist of it really, yeah" he agreed.

"Though that doesn't really do the story any justice, and especially not Chiyo…" he took up another bowl.

"Still, Shikamaru's like that I guess" he thought to himself, turning to Chouji.

"Anyway" he said, hiding (or at least trying to hide) his slight feelings of depression.

"You seem to have gotten bigger as well by the way" Chouji's head snapped round, and Naruto felt the pressure of the larger boy's stare.

"I only meant he'd grown, crap" Naruto thought.

"By the way, where's Ino?" Naruto went on, changing tack as fast as possible.

"She's normally with you guys right?" he raised his eyebrows, the question also on his face. Chouji at last made a proper contribution to the conversation.

"You think Ino would be here?" He turned and started a mock impression with a pout and a high-pitched voice.

"Ramen?! Ramen?!?! Imagine the cholesterol, it could kill me. Worse, it'd make me fat. Do you want to make me fat? Do you?!" He grinned, pleased with his performance.

"I keep telling her she looks great" he paused.

"Not that I mean anything…" he paused again and found Naruto grinning this time, his usual bright persona making it seem as if he had not a care in the world.

"Uh-huh?" he asked, the grin still evident.

"Something going on here maybe?" Naruto thought.

"Look I just meant she didn't need to diet any more, okay?" Chouji explained.

"Okay" Naruto repeated back to him, still smiling.

"Damn it you are annoying, let's go Shikamaru I'm finished" he stood up and started to walk off.

"Sorry man. See ya later" Shikamaru gave a lazy wave with his back to Naruto as he followed Chouji.

"Hey guys wait, wait! I was only kidding…" He chuckled to himself "Ayame, am I annoying?"

"You're our best customer; to us you're the least annoying person in the world. Though you can be a bit slow"

"Huh, what?"

"Nothing, don't worry" she said smiling.


Sakura, Kakashi, Neji and Tenten had made it to the Hokage's office and both Sakura and Kakashi had just finished reporting their mission, Sakura filling in the gaps of Kakashi's story with how she and Chiyo-baa-sama had fought Sasori.

"So the Kazekage survived, after that amount of time?" the Hokage asked.

"Hai, Tsunade-sama. It seems Chiyo's technique managed to completely restore him even after he had been dead for far longer than possible for normal resuscitation techniques to work on him" she explained.

"I really wish I could know how that technique was done" Sakura found herself thinking.

"It seems we still have some things to learn from the sand village then" Tsunade commented.

"Blasted old baggage! How did she keep something so hot under wraps for so long?" she fumed, turning to Tenten and Neji.

"And your team?" she enquired. Tenten stepped forward.

"We ended up fighting this fishy-looking guy with a massive sword" the blonde Hokage noticed she looked slightly ashamed.

"But we – I mean; Me, Neji and Lee got caught in one of his techniques, so Guy-sensei had to fight him alone".

"How did you escape his technique?" asked Tsunade, eyebrows raised.

"Er… Neji saved me. And Lee, while Guy was fighting" she replied.

"I see"

"Then after the man-" Tenten continued, filling the silence.

"His name is Kisame" Kakashi interjected.

"Right. After Kisame was defeated his body turned into a different corpse just like Itachi with you guys" she nodded towards Kakashi and Sakura.

"Then what happened?"

"Well, you've heard the bit with the removal of the seals to get into the cave but after the seals were removed, copies of us appeared".

"Copies" Tsunade looked surprised.

"Yeah, not replications, or someone else transformed. They had our techniques, our weapons and our strength" Tenten frowned.

"But they didn't tire at all". Neji stepped forward as Tenten stopped.

"Anyway, we did defeat them eventually and then rejoined team Kakashi. You've heard the rest from there I believe" he finished. Tsunade smiled.

"Yes. You may go, your mission was successful. Congratulations" both ninja bowed and then left. The blonde woman turned back to Sakura and Kakashi with a more serious look.

"About this business of a contact of Sasori's, have you told Naruto yet?" she asked.

"No, what with the funeral and making sure that Gaara was okay I didn't tell him" Sakura answered.

"I actually feel kinda guilty about that" the pink haired girl thought to herself. She knew Naruto would want every little bit of information that would lead towards Sasuke. Tsunade sighed, seemingly relieved.

"Good, keep it that way" she told the two of them.

"What!?" Both Sakura and Kakashi looked surprised.

"You know how much finding Sasuke means to him… To all of us…" Sakura pleaded.

"How could she consider doing this to him?" She thought, bewildered. Sakura paused as Tsunade held a hand up.

"I know, but imagine Naruto finds out about someone who is a contact of Sasori's, an Akatsuki member and who works with Orochimaru. Even if he is a spy, what do you think Naruto would think of him? What do you think he would do?" It was basically a rhetorical question but it got answered anyway.

"He wouldn't think at all" Kakashi answered.

"and he would beat the crap out of the guy to get any info" next to the silver haired Jounin, Sakura smiled slightly

"He would do that" she admitted to herself; it was part of his character. He wore his heart on his sleeve and then shouted out what everyone else could already see, just in case they were blind. Tsunade smiled.

"Yes, and we need this information. From a live informant" the other two nodded.

"So what do we do? We will go in a team of at least three, right? This is an important mission and if Naruto isn't going then we need a replacement" Kakashi nodded again.

"There also needs to be a credible excuse for why his replacement is replacing him" Kakashi added.

"I know Naruto's slow but we don't want him catching on". The Hokage leaned back, and pondered for a moment.

"How about Kiba then? That way you get a four member team, including Akamaru and the excuse that you need him for tracking" Tsunade looked to both of them for approval.

"Kiba also has a similar approach to Naruto in terms of techniques and attitude, so it would probably balance the team the same way Naruto does" Kakashi agreed.

"But without Naruto's emotional baggage" Tsunade added.

But Sakura was a little more apprehensive, she had not really worked with the Inuzuka before, though she did see the sense in what was being suggested.

"He was part of the team that tried to get Sasuke-kun back as well" she considered. She added her opinion.

"Okay, if it's really necessary. We could add that it's a teamwork exercise, I haven't really worked with Kiba before" she put forward.

"I still don't entirely agree with leaving Naruto out though, there'll be hell to pay if he finds out" she thought as loudly as possible.

"If this mission does give us something Naruto will be part of the team that brings him back though, right? You can't take that away from him" Sakura asked. Tsunade nodded.

"Of course Sakura, but this is a sensitive mission and I still don't think Naruto can handle sensitive where Sasuke is concerned" she replied.

"He really cares too much, it affects his judgement and judgement is needed for this particular mission". The Hokage nodded.

"He will definitely be part of any team tasked with retrieving Sasuke" she assured the two of them, and opposite her Sakura appeared satisfied.

"Well, ok then" she conceded.

"I just have to make sure that this mission produces results" she thought to herself.

"Then it's settled, I will send a message out to Inuzuka Kiba now and have him briefed here" Tsunade smiled.

"Get some good rest - you leave tomorrow".


Yeah, that's it for now. If you think it's a little slow that's cos it's meant to be. I've read too many stories that have the relationships start like that (imagine someone snapping a finger). I want it to be more drawn out and more credible. That's the plan at least. There will also be fighting eventually (for the more bloodthirsty of you).

Let me know how I'm doing.