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by Warringer

The brave ship Thunderchild


[BGM: Lux Aeterna]

With a distance of nearly 50 lightyears to Earth Mu Arae, G3 star not much different from Sol, just barely belonged to the Corian Expanse and with that to a piece of space not explored by Jurians or Minbari.

The planet Mu Arae b hung in space above its mother star Mu Arae. A triple system of rings surrounded the massive gas giant, one and a half times as massive as Jupiter as it moves on its orbit around Mu Arae. Two giant storms each much larger than Earth were visible, chasing each other through the atmosphere of the giant ball of gas.

Between two of the rings, still one half and a million kilometers from the outer fridges of the massive gas giant, a blue green world hung in space, just barely smaller than Earth, backing up the theories that it was possible that gas giant could have terrestrial moons.

Not having been discovered by the nearby Centauri, the world catalogized as Mu Arae c VIII, had been undisturbed for millions of years until a small pirate guild had found it. Building just a small city on its surface and placing their shipyards in orbit. But the presence of the pirates had only lasted a few decades before the pirate guild had been destroyed in 2004 by a combined action of the dreaded pirate Ryo-oh'ki and the Earth ship USS Stingray.

Only after the end of the Doranian War, the planet had been opened of resettlement.

Called Blackwater by its settles from Britain, the moon slowly became a thriving colony of Earth, one of the first five extrasolar settlements.

But even being a rather obscure little colony, it did not protect Blackwater from the dogs of war.

High above the earth-like moon fighters and battlecruiser analogues moved closer and closer towards the world, the natural Slipstream interference of Mu Arae c, keeping them from getting closer towards the world in slipstream.

As the ships of the Third Space invasion force moved closer towards the world, what few freighters and other private ships belonged to the settlers left the atmosphere to escape the glassing that was known to follow when the Third Spacer attacked a settled planet.

But even than fleeing their colony might not work as the Third Space ships were faster than the civilian vessels.

It was than as a jump point tore open space time, the swirling blue funnel to jump space not showing anything of the interference Mu Arae c showed towards Slipstream, and a blocky gray shape exited.

A large Union Jack, painted on the dorsal armor of the massive vessel, was visible to everyone in the yellow light of Mu Arae as it turned about and its engines began to propel it towards its opponents. Painted beneath the Union Jack was the name of the vessel, painted in a white flowery script.

It was a Warlock. HMS Thunderchild, moving at full acceleration to come to the rescue of the fleeing civilian ships, having been the ship that was closest to help the people of Blackwater.

Smaller shaped began to separate from the massive vessel, fighters launched by the Warlock, powerful Thunderbolt Starfuries and nimble, fast Cobras. Moving ahead of their mothership the fighters pulled accelerations that would have them engaging the Third Space in a short time, where the capital vessels would trade shots at a distance.

The twin long ranged Particle cannons of Thunderchild stabbed out toward the first of the Battlecruiser analogues, punching through the hastily erected shields and searing long lines into its armor. Ending near the massive bulge that was the energy source of the massive blue armored vessel, the pulses of high energy particles sending a surge into the reactor.

The energy source pulsed once, expanding for just a moment, eating its own containment system and resulting in the destruction of the cruiser analog.

The remaining two cruiser analogs turned around, increasing their acceleration, moving towards Thunderchild. Their long ranged weapons spiked, beams of brilliant blue energy reaching out for Thunderchilds shields, impacting and punching through the first shield layer.

Already known side effects of the Third Spacers weapons send massive feedback energies back into the projectors and shield generators, resulting in more then one short lived detonation inside the massive hull of the Warlock, damaging surrounding sections.

But Thunderchild returned fire. Her GOD cannons undamaged and her primary and secondary weapons now in optimal firing range, opened up on the next Third Space cruiser analog. Particle beams, plasma pulses and rail gun shells impacted into now fully active shields merely weakening them as the two ships continued to fire on the now damaged Warlock.

Meanwhile fighters meet. The Thunderbolt Starfuries were more manoeuvrable than the Third Space fighters, while the Vipers were faster, but the Invaders fighters were much larger and their weapons more deadly.

Where one Third Space fighter died, one Thunderbolt and two Vipers were destroyed in retaliation.

The massive dog fight was more of a sideshow as the three massive warships fired at each other.

Where the continuous fire of Thunderchild slowly ate away on the shield strength of the second cruiser analog, Thunderchild lost one shield layer after the other.

Aboard the civilian vessels, the people stared at their displays, most of them realizing what happened. One ofter the other people began to chant the name of the warship that had come to their rescue.

They errupted into cheers as the second cruiser analog turned into a short lived sun as its energy source lost containment.

But at the same time, Thunderchild had lost its last shield layer, the last remaining enemies weapons biting down into the Warlocks armor.

The bright blue beams of the Invaders weapons raked over the thick armor, punching through it and exposing its innards to open space.

Yet, Thunderchild fought on. Her engines began to glow, overcharged with energy well,m past its safety margins, pushing the ship forward with twelve gravities and towards the last remaining Cruiser analog, her last remaining weapons blazing.

Charging at the enemy, the eerie radio silence was broken by the Captain of Thunderchild.

"My last dying breath I spat at thee!"

Her GOD cannon firing one last time, stabbing out at the Cruiser analogs shields at short distance, the engine section of the mighty Warlock blew, pulling the massive hull to port.

Instead of just the bow, the entire port side of the defender impacted into the shield, the entire weight and velocity turning into kinetic energy enough to break through the tough, but weakened shield.

The pointed, long bow of the Cruiser analog pierced through the massive armored hull, poking out through to the other side as the massive hull of the Warlock moved closer, crumbing the smaller spikes of the Invaders hull.

One of the smaller spikes tore into one of the missile dumps, tearing it open and causing the warheads to detonate in a massive display of destructive energy.

The brave ship HMS Thunderchild was destroyed in a blaze of glory, her ammo cooking off and her rectors failing, taking the last of the three attacking Cruiser analogs down with it.

Her sacrifice would be remembered, like the sacrifice of Alexander before it.