Ok so this is the only time I will do this. I do not own Twilight, we all know who does. Now I want to explain something first and I recommend reading in. Bella chose Jake at the end of Eclipse not Edward. I am putting a little twist on it, but don't worry Edward will be coming back. Now I must warn you all I am in a dramatic mood lately… so you have been warned.

"Bella, wake up," came his husky voice bringing me from my peaceful sleep. "Charlie is going to be worried if he finds out you are not home."

"Mmhhmm" Was all I was able to respond with. I was too content just laying there at the moment to care about anything else. I looked into his deep eyes and smiled, but my smile faltered when I saw something in his eyes that I had never seen before. It was an emotion that I had never seen before and I could not understand what it meant, and it terrified me.

I felt his warm body move away from mine as he climbed out of his small bed. "Jake what is it?" I could sense my voice shaking and I hated myself for it, but I could not help it he had never acted this way before.

"It's nothing Bells, its just I really should get you home. I don't want Charlie suspicious." Jake said without looking at me.

"Jacob Black, my father is on a fishing trip for the weekend with your father so you can drop the 'don't want to get caught' act". I said, I could sense myself getting a little hysterical, but I had been left before. No, Jake would never do that to me, he was different, we were different.

"All the same" was all he mumbled coldly as he threw my jeans and T-shirt at me before walking out of the small room and shutting the door roughly behind him.

I sat in his bed for a long time trying to figure out what I had done wrong. I could feel the tears burning my eyes trying to escape, but I refused to shed a single one. He just woke up on the wrong side of the bed, I told myself. But as much as I tried to reason away his actions I could not fully convince myself that something was not wrong. Even on Jacob's worst days he never acted this cold to me. I finally pulled on my clothes and walked out into the kitchen where Jake usually had toast waiting for me but there was nothing. "Ready" was all he said as he grabbed his keys to the Rabbit and silently walked out the door.

The ride back to my house was uncomfortably silent. When we pulled up into the front of my house Jake did not turn of the ignition like usual. "I will see you around?" I was able to say through the now flowing tears. But I knew that I would not. Even after everything we had been through, I could tell it was over. I could not help but be mad. I had given up one love for him and after less then a year he was breaking up with me. With out a final word I climbed out of the car and was barely able to make it in my door before I broke down completely.

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