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"Let's Go" I snapped at Edward as I slammed the door to Jake's house. I bound down the ramp and was at Edward's side in less than a second. I could see Andrew in the distance walking slowly back up the road with his head down. "Good we don't have to go find him." I said as I grabbed Edward's arm and pulled him down the road towards Andrew. I could see out of the corner of my eye that Edward was giving me a worried look. I could tell he wanted to say something but was thinking better of it. I could not blame him. I am sure I looked a little crazed at the moment.

Edward stopped me a few hundred yards away from Andrew. I pulled to keep walking but he spun me around and grabbed my face so I could not look away. "Bella please, tell me what you are thinking."

I could not help but sigh, the anger draining out of me. "He thinks I owe him an explanation, but what about him. He is the one that left. Just up and left. Basically kicking me out of his bed and dropping me off like I was a two dollar whore, and he thinks I owe him an explanation!" I could feel my anger starting to build again and I knew I needed to calm down. Andrew did not need to see me like this. I had to be the stable one, I was his mother. "He would give me nothing. When I told him I wanted an explanation. That he was the one that walked out not I, he clamed up. He just turned his back on me and would not say anything."

Edward started rubbing small circles on the back of my arms with his thumbs and it was helping me calm down. I leaned my head against his chest, finally losing my fight. "What was he thinking Edward" I whispered. "Did his thoughts give away any explanation for why he left?"

"No sweetheart" Edward whispered back. "I think he is too angry at the moment to be thinking straight. His thoughts were full of anger towards me. He was also angry towards you, thinking that you always chose me over him."

"But I haven't always chosen you. It wasn't always the right choice, but I chose him once."

"I know love, but he is angry, unjustly so in my book, but still angry. And it was not a mistake." I looked at him confused, what was not a mistake. "It was not a mistake to choose him that once, we got Andrew." He gave me a soft smile and I could not help but smile back, tiredly as it may be.

"Mom, dad, can we go home now." I turned to see that Andrew had finally met up with us. I gave him a shy smile and pulled him into a hug that I hoped would not leave bruises.

"Of course son, let's go home" Edward said as he put his arm around Andrew's shoulders and pulled him into a fatherly hug. "But we will have to run, your mother and I didn't really have time to rent or buy a car when we landed, and you know how she is about stealing" Edward said with a wink.

"I think I can make it" Andrew said with a smile and what sounded like a little bit of pride in his voice. "You will not even have to carry me; I think I could run forever" I tried to hide my shudder but could see Edward wince as Andrew said that. I guess our wish for our little boy to be normal was not going to come true.

"Come on then, you will love the house here in Forks." Edward told Andrew as he started propelling him down the road away from La Push and Jacob and towards our family. I could not help but look over my shoulder as I started to run away. I could see Jacob in the window looking at us. I could not help but wonder what my decisions had done and what the ramifications would mean for the future.

"Andrew you must be starving" Esme called as we ran up the drive way to the Cullen's Forks home. The entire family was standing out on the porch waiting for us. I could see the stress on their faces wash away as soon as they saw all three of us.

"Back already!" Emmett yelled "I thought we might have to come and fight you out. You are taking all the fun out of having a werewolf for a nephew"

"Sorry Emily, didn't mean to spoil your fun with my pain and misery" Andrew shot back with a smirk.

"How many times do I have to tell you not to call me that?" Emmett growled as he leapt off the porch and tackled Andrew to the ground. Surprisingly Andrew pushed him off with no effort. Emmett always played pretend rough and always watched himself around Andrew. But when Andrew called Emmett Emily he usually would hold him down.

Andrew looked shocked himself that he had been able to dismantle Emmett from around him so easily. We all stood there silently looking at Emmett on his back on the ground with Andrew standing over him. "I guess there are a few changes we are all going to have to get used to" Jasper said as he sent a sense of calm throughout us.

"Come on Andrew, Rosalie has made a fabulous dinner for you" Alice said as she grabbed Andrew's hand and started to lead him to the kitchen. "She has made you a steak and some ribs with extra barbeque sauce, grilled potatoes with garlic, corn on the cob and chicken salad. All your favorites"

"Thanks Rosalie" Andrew said as he gave her a quick peck on the check as he passed her by.

"You are lucky I am cooking for you at all after what you did. Running off and all, quite an inconvenience." Rosalie snapped back, but there was no edge to her voice. I knew she was as happy to see him as the rest of us and had been just as worried. Rosalie cooking was a sign of it. As soon as Rosalie had moved in with Charlie when Andrew was a baby Rosalie had spent all her free time learning how to cook. She must have realized right away that Charlie was a horrid cook. She claims she had started to cook right away so she would know how to cook when Andrew got older. But I knew it was because she, like Alice, had a soft spot for Charlie.

We all sat down around the kitchen table as Andrew started to eat. It was a family tradition that we did every night. Just because we did not eat did not mean that that was not a normal family aspect that Andrew was going to miss out on.

I looked around at my family and could not help but smile. We were nowhere close to out of the woods of our new problem, but at least at this moment it was like we were back before this started. Back to just an ordinary night where we talked about our day. What our upcoming plans were. Quizzing Andrew on his test the next day. Jasper and Emmett teasing Andrew about his new crush. Just the normal family dinner chit chat.

But this time the chit chat was different. "How are you feeling" Carlisle asked Andrew as he finished off another rack of ribs.

"Emotionally or physically, cause right now they are two different answers." I grabbed Andrew's hand to give him my supports and felt Jasper send another round of calmness our way. "Physically I feel great. Maybe a little tired, but great. I think I could run a marathon no problem and I am obviously slightly stronger if I was able to take on Emmett over there." Andrew said sending Emmett a smirk that so resembled Edward.

"Emotionally I really don't know. I understand why you did not tell me about Mr. Black mom" Andrew said directing his attention towards me, "but I still think you should have given me some sort of warning. I have never been so scared in my life. I didn't know what was happening. One second I was in the hospital bed burning up and the next thing I know my bones are cracking and reforming. My skin started to change and I was getting hair everywhere. One moment I am human the next a dog."

"Oh hunny we are so sorry." Esme cried out as she jumped from here chair to pull Andrew into a hug. "That sounds horrible. I wish I could have taken your place."

"It's alright grandma, don't fret please." Andrew said with a blush, but didn't try to pull out of Esme's hug.

Andrew looked around at the family looking everyone in the eye and holding their gaze for a brief moment before he landed on Edward and eye. "As much as you both wanted it I was never normal. No one in school has parents that drink animal blood and are going to live forever. I understand that you did what you thought was best for me. As confused and a little bit angry as I am I know you loved me. All of you" Andrew said as he looked around the room. "No other kid could ask for a better family, but I am going to have to learn about the other side of me. I just don't know if I can face Mr. Black and his friends at the moment." Andrew said as he looked down at his plate.

"You do not have to do anything you do not want to do" I told him seriously. There was no way I was going to make him meet the La Push pack if he did not want to. I also had to admit there was a part of me that was happy to hear him say that. I knew at some point he would have to meet them all and spend time with them, learn from them. But the selfish part of me wanted to keep my family the way it was, just us.

"Well we can help you practice and learn your strength. We might not know much about werewolves and their myths but we do know how to master urges." Jasper offered.

"Ya, you think you could help me?" Andrew asked perking up.

"Of course kiddo, what else are uncles for" Emmett said with an evil grin, jumping up from the table, causing Edward and I to jump up just as fast.

"You be careful starting out until you know his strength" I called out after their three retreating backs.

"Don't worry, I will go supervise" Edward said as he gave me a kiss on the forehead and then followed his brother's and son's retreating backs.

I collapsed back to into my seat and looked around at the rest of my family, before letting my head flop onto the table. "Raising a son never gets easy" I mumbled at no one in general. I could hear Alice and Carlisle laugh and Rosalie scoff.

"Well you might want to call your father Bella; I can see that he is not that far out of Forks." Alice sang as she started to clear the table.

"What!" I squeaked "Who called Charlie?"

"Well I did of course." Rosalie stated matter of factly. "You know we have a strict policy of keeping each other in the loop when it comes to Andrew."

"But you called Charlie about this, I thought that little pact of yours was more keeping each other up to date on first steps and later grades and school plays." I could not believe Rosalie had called Charlie about this. He would be freaking out and planning different ways to hurt Jacob. He had been looking for an opening for years and here it was. The worst part was is that he could actually do it now.

"Oh don't be silly Bella, do you really think I would keep something like this from Charlie?" Rosalie asked with a raised eyebrow. Sometimes I really disliked how close and protective she was of my father and son. "He was not able to catch a flight out of Alaska, and you know how much he hates Kate's driving and how much Kate hates his driving so they are running down. They are making really good time if I must say so myself"

"Kate is coming too" this was not looking good for Jake at all, not that I really cared but no need to start a war.

"Well you didn't expect me to come without her did you?" I spun around to see my father standing in the door way.

"Hey dad" I said softly. "Hey Kate" I said to the beautiful women standing next to him holding his hand. "Please don't start world war three." But looking at their angry black eyes I knew I had my work cut out for me.

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