Seven year old Cory and seven year old Shawn ran around Cory's room chasing imaginary aliens. They shot their toy guns at the imaginary aliens. Shawn suddenly fell down on Cory's bed.

"I've been shot! Go on without me, Cory. Save yourself!"

Cory laughed and sat down on his bed next to Shawn. "Okay. I'm sick of this game."

Shawn moved so that he was laying and his head was on Cory's pillow. Cory laid down next to his best friend.

"Shawn, my dad and mom think that you're not a good kid. And they think that maybe I shouldn't be friends with you anymore..."

"Really? Did they tell you that?"

"No. But I heard them talking."

"Then maybe I should just stop hanging around. Make your folks happy."

Cory took Shawn's hand. "No. I never want you to stop hanging around, Shawn. You mean too much to me."

Shawn smiled and turned onto his side. Cory copied his action, not letting go of Shawn's hand.

"Shawn, promise you'll never stop being my friend."

"I promise, Cory." Cory smiled. "And, Cory, promise you won't ever stop being my friend."

"Of course I promise, Shawn."

Shawn leaned forward and pressed a short kiss to Cory's lips. Cory's face turned red. He leaned over and pressed a slightly longer kiss to Shawn's lips.

"Shawn, I love you. Don't ever stop hanging around."

"I love you, too, Cory. And I won't ever stop hanging around."

"Shawn, when we grow up, will you marry me?"

Shawn pressed yet another short kiss onto Cory's lips. "Yes."

The two of them fell asleep just like that. Amy and Allen came into the room to make sure they were in bed. They smiled when they saw the two boys holding hands and sleeping. Amy quietly put a blanket over them, turned off the light, and left the room, followed by Allen.