Civil War Hulk

By Michael Weyer

Marvel Comics owns everyone, I don't. I don't know why this hit me, it just did and thought I'd jot it down fast. I'm pretty much putting this on as a one chapter so far to see if anyone likes it enough to continue. So let me know if that's a yes.


I am Uatau. Like the others of my race, I am pledged to Watch but not interfere in the affairs of other planets. It is a pledge I have tested several times over the years I have watched over the planet Earth. Despite all their flaws, this species of humanity still has a special place in my heart and I feel the need to aid them if I can.

But I do not simply watch over this one Earth. I can peer into various other realities, worlds where events took different turns. One such Earth follows much the same timeline as the world you know although some of the details differ.

The most glaring is that in this world, the Sentry exists only as a comic book character. Bob Reynolds is a happy family man living a normal life, not a powerful hero. Still, most other events remain the same, including the banishing of the Hulk from Earth by a coalition of Earth's heroes. As on your world, the Hulk landed on a battle torn world, became its king only to lose the woman he loved. A loss that drives him to go back to Earth for revenge.

But here is where another detail is changed. That the Hulk's forces arrive much sooner than they did on your world. That they arrived at the climactic battle of the forces waging war in Manhattan over the Registration Act. A war that in this reality does not include a time-lost Captain Marvel. Also, in this world, the forces of Namor do not arrive on the battle scene. Thus, Earth is left without two beings who could defeat the Hulk. How will this change events? Watch…and see.


Tony Stark bit back a glob of blood as the shield smashed into his face again. His armor, comprised of the finest materials available was still not enough to stand up to the world-famous shield of Captain America. It left enough of a crack for a red-gloved fist to smash into his jaw and knock him back.

Steve Rogers' costume was ragged and torn but still as proud as the look in his eyes as he marched on his long-time friend. The sound of battle erupted about them, clashes of power and might, fists and energy beams ripping about with gunfire breaking out here and there. Tony had no idea who was winning or losing and was frankly too busy to care. All he could do was try to hold back Steve's assault.

He threw out a punch but the armor was a weakness for once, slowing down the drive and Steve dodged it to smash the shield once more into his face. The impact made Tony's head ring and he could feel his control of the Extremis fade a bit. That was what Steve needed as he smashed Tony again and again and again and then one final two-fisted shot to knock him on his back.

Tony gasped, peering up through his now shattered faceplate. "Go on, Steve," he croaked out. "Do it."

Captain America stood over him, frozen as if not believing he'd just beaten Iron Man. His shield was held up high and Tony could see the fight in his eyes, the desire for victory against caring for a friend. That distraction might be just enough time for him to reboot his systems and…

Without warning, a loud booming sound echoed through the entire city. It was felt as much as heard, causing every combatant to stop what they were doing. Fists were in mid-air, guns aimed at targets as everyone automatically looked up. High above, a shape appeared over the city. It was a massive craft the size of three skyscrapers hanging hundreds of feet in the air. Its design easily dwarfed the SHIELD Heli-Carrier and even those who had never been off-planet could tell it was too advanced for Earth.

"Oh, great," a voice went up and Tony knew it had to be Spider-Man. "An alien invasion! Because of course, we didn't have enough on our plate so naturally we had to get an alien invasion! Honestly, God, isn't this piling it up little too much?"

There was a pause as the various civilians who had fled the area stared upward, all curious as to this new threat. There was a flickering and then an image appeared below the craft. It was a massive hologram, nearly a hundred feet tall, grey but clear. It showed a massive figure in what looked like a loincloth with a silver headband and its left arm covered in a massive metal cast with a spiked shoulder. While the color of the hologram was grey, everyone could tell by the shape alone who this was.

"Oh, Lord, it's the Hulk!" someone from the villain side yelled out unnecessarily.

The massive hologram looked about, seeming to soak in the cries of terror and panic from the people before it spoke, its voice booming through the city. "Puny Humans. I've come to smash. And you should know why."

"Aw, crap," the Thing muttered from a side street. "I thought old Green Jeans finally decided to take a vacation. So much for his not being a problem, huh, Reed?" He paused and turned his head to the side. "Reed?"

Reed Richards was lying on the ground tended by the Invisible Woman. The look on his oldest friend's face was nothing Ben Grimm had ever seen before: Absolute horror with a huge amount of guilt. "Oh, no…"

An image appeared on the massive billboard over Times Square. The same image that was being broadcast to ever television outlet, billboard, computer and even radio in the world, all translated into the host nation's languages. It showed what appeared to be a recording of Reed, Tony, Dr Stephen Strange and Black Bolt, king of the Inhumans, standing together. "You call them heroes," the Hulk bellowed. "I call them killers. Watch."

The recording flared to life as Reed spoke. "I've always considered us friends, Bruce so this truly hurts. But you are simply too much of a danger to this planet and to yourself. So this was the only way. We've programmed the rocket to send you to an inhabited planet where you can be alone as you always wanted. I hope…you can find some peace."

The Thing and Susan Richards stared at Reed in absolute shock. "Stretcho?" the Thing whispered. "You…ya took me…I was joking for cripe's sake!"

"Reed?" Sue whispered. "You…you banished him? After all he's done…"

"They sent me to die," the Hulk continued. "I crashed on the world of Skarrar. I survived, with my Warbound." The hologram widened to show a collection of alien beings standing behind him, each looking as fierce and strong as the Hulk.

As the Hulk introduced the aliens, Cap looked down at Tony as if he'd never seen him before. "Tony, what in God's name have you done?" he whispered.

Tony Stark didn't answer but simply kept watching the hologram. It now showed an image of a beautiful alien woman standing with the Hulk before a cheering crowd. "I was their king. And Ceira the Oldstrong was my Queen." The monster's voice had softened, showing some true longing and pain. "But it didn't last."

"Oh, I do not like where this is going," Spider-Man summed up the feelings of everyone watching.

The image showed a gigantic explosion coming from some sort of craft, like a nuclear bomb taken to the tenth power. "Your 'heroes' sent a bomb. Killed a million people. Including my wife…and our unborn child." All the feeling had left the Hulk's voice as it rose in volume and rage. "Now this city will fall. You've got twenty-four hours to bring Strange, Richards and Stark to me. Otherwise…"

He reached below the hologram and pulled up a figure in a navy blue and black costume. It took a moment for most to recognize Black Bolt, mainly since his face was bruised almost beyond recognition. "I do this…" The Hulk finished. "To your whole stinking planet."

The hologram flickered and died out. For a long moment, silence reigned. Then the sound of yelling and screaming kicked in as civilians immediately began to run in blind panic. Most were rushing to their homes, either to bunker in or pack and get the hell out of town. Several began advancing on the site of the battle, murder in their eyes as they moved toward Richards and Stark. Only a phalanx of army troops and several other heroes kept them from going too far.

"Oh, shit," Venom was hissing, his tongue darting all around in panic. "Oh, damn…oh, damn…the Hulk? We've gotta fight the freakin' HULK?! I can't…I can't handle…"

A stream of webbing suddenly shot over his mouth, pinning his tongue down. "Nice to see you're still the same under that suit, Gargan," Spider-Man intoned as he flipped over to where Cap was standing over the fallen Tony. "Is it true?" he asked, peering down at the man he had thought of as a mentor. "Tony…did you do it?"

Tony was slowly getting to his feet, wincing at the pain. "Peter… he was out of control…"

"Oh, you don't know what out of control is, Tony!" The three looked up to see She-Hulk charging at them, her eyes wild with hate and anger. She was almost on them when the Thing managed to tackle her to the ground and pin her arms back. She fought against him hard even as Luke Cage and Ms. Marvel raced to help the Thing out. "Let me go, Ben!" she screamed. "The son of a bitch lied to me! He sent Bruce into space and he lied to me about it!"

"Trust me, Shulkie, I know how ya feel!" the Thing said as he threw a glare toward Reed. "But killing Stark now ain't gonna help us."

"Jen," Tony began. "You have to understand…"

"Oh, I understand!" She-Hulk snarled. "After all the times he's helped us out, you believe the worst and blast him into space!"

"I was trying to make him happy!"

"And great call, boss," Spider-Man said, sarcastically clapping. "Gee, might as well go to work for FEMA with that mentality."

Tony wiped his face. "Just let me explain."

"Yeah, let him talk," Cage bit out. "Maybe then we'll all wanna take a shot at him."


The single word cut through the chaos, silencing everyone. All eyes turned to Captain America, who stood resolute on a pile of rubble. "We can argue about fault later," he said. "Right now…" He took a deep breath. "The Hulk is here. He's angry, he's intelligent and it looks like he's been learning how to fight better. And it looks like that ship is carrying an army of aliens who appear ready to follow him." He looked around. "I'm not any happier with this than any of you. But right now…the only thing that stands between this planet and chaos is us. So it's time to shelve our battle so we can fight this one."

"What?" Luke Cage snorted. "Just ask the government pretty please to not arrest us so we can save their asses?"

"You were breaking the law, Luke," Ms. Marvel said.

"Oh, yeah, the law that said we had to be stooges to do our jobs? Fine, throw me in the Negative Zone and good luck with the Hulk."

"Luke," Cap said. "Stand down." He marched up to Tony, his eyes narrowed. "Call SHIELD, the President, whoever and tell them there's a cease-fire in effect as of now. Tell them if they want our help, they'll let that slide. And then, Tony…you and I are going to talk."

Tony Stark slowly nodded as he looked around the chaos of the street. The chaos he had made all these horrible decisions to try and stop. Then he looked up at the ship and wondered if one such decision was going to ruin all his dreams forever.


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