I believe this is what they call a double drabble. Hm. I'm not sure how I want to warn you. Well, it's nothing too bad, I suppose. As long as you saw the rating level...I mean, Roy and Ed don't even kiss.
Yes, this is RoyEd. Why wouldn't it be?
200 words...exact.

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Edward Elric sat in the breakroom of Central, sipping hot chocolate.

Roy Mustang was in the room too, snapping his fingers occasionally for a little heat.

"Goddamn. I wish they would heat this damn place." Roy muttered.

"Mm." Edward made the noise in agreement. Finishing his hot chocolate, he set the cup down.

"Um. Fullmetal? You...you've got a little..." Edward gave Roy a confused look. Roy tried again, "You...you...have some..."

Roy got up, intending to wipe the little bit of whipped cream off Edward's face. Once he was standing over Edward, though, he realized that he had gloves on both his hands and didn't really want to take them off, due to the cold. Also, there were no napkins in sight.

Taking a chance, he leaned over Edward and licked the whipped cream off Edward's lip. When he pulled back, Edward was bright red in the face. Then Ed shot out of the room.

Roy sighed. He knew he blew it, but at least he got to do something he'd always wanted to do.

Then he heard an odd sound.
Edward came back in to the room shaking a can of whipped cream.