December 19

Someone named Bartleby Hobbit was admitted to Holy Cross Hospital on Monday night after a car accident.

He was never released, but he did disappear the next morning.

He didn't turn up in our original investigation because we were looking for either a John Doe or Shawn Spencer. It didn't occur to me until today to check under the name Bartleby Hobbit.

So, he's alive.

And he didn't bother to tell anyone.

He didn't bother to tell me.

The jerk.

Did I mention I hate him?

December 20

I hate him.

I really do.

When I came home tonight, there he was. Sitting on my couch, grinning like a moron. Like nothing in the world was wrong.

"Hey, Jules."

I didn't smile back.

"You're a jerk! I thought you were dead!"

"Then where are your mourning clothes? Where's the tight black skirt and stiletto heels? Not even a black armband? Come on, Jules! What kind of grief is that?"

"Stiletto heels?"

"Hey, I got hit by a car for you. Don't I even get one fantasy?"

God, I hate myself for this…but I actually laughed.

"Where the hell have you been?" I demanded, collapsing into a chair.

"Oh, you know. Around. Laying low."

"Laying low?"

He just shrugged.

"The dude did try to kill me. I figured it was a good time to take a vacation. You know."

"Then why are you here now?"

He tossed a box across the room and stood up to leave.

"I drew your name in the Secret Santa. Feel free to open it whenever. Except the little box inside. You have to wait until Christmas for that one."

He crossed to the door, then glanced behind him on his way out.

"Oh, and Gus wants Glory for his PSP."

Then he was gone.

I opened the first box. It was his "I Can Be Your Hero, Baby" T-shirt.

Attached to it was a note.

"Jules—you're totally my hero"

But what's in the little box?

December 21

Something weird happened.

Well, two weird things.

First, I went to give Gus his present.

Glory for his PSP.

He was as mad at Shawn as I was.

"Did he tell you where he was?" He asked.

"Yeah," I shook my head. "He's a jerk."

"Yeah, he is!" Gus snorted. "Nothing new there. But, come on! Like you needed him to follow you! Like you needed him to watch your back!"

"What?" I asked, not sure I heard him right.

But I knew I heard him right.

"He didn't tell you?"

"Tell me what?"

He started to backpedal quickly.

"Nothing. Never mind. I didn't say anything. Thanks for the movie. I….gotta go."

Weird, right?

But it doesn't stop there. Get this! Buzz gave me a present today.

He said he drew my name in the Secret Santa.

December 22

It's driving me crazy!

What is in the little box?

Three days until I can finally open it…

December 25

Juliet Spencer

Juliet O'Hara-Spencer

Juliet Spencer-O'Hara

Shawn O'Hara

Yeah…I think I like that one the best.